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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.11.

Kingdom rankVijayanagar
Primary culture
Kannada (Dravidian)

Capital province
Vijayanagar (541)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
IndianIndian technology group
Vijayanagar national ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+1 Possible advisors
+20% Religious unity

Trade power.png Promotion of Trade

+10% Global trade power

Cavalry power.png Arab Horses

+10% Cavalry combat ability

Stability cost modifier.png Harsh Penal Code

-10% Stability cost modifier

Tolerance heretic.png Tolerance

+1 Tolerance of heretics
+1 Tolerance of heathens

Prestige.png Carnatic Music

+1 Yearly prestige

Diplomat.png Adroit Diplomacy

+1 Diplomats

Discipline.png An Army for the City of Victory

+5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambitions:

+100% Available mercenaries

In 1444, Vijyanagar is a Hindu feudal monarchy in Southern India. It's in prime position to eventually unite the Indian subcontinent under its flag and declare the empire of Bharat.


Military power.png Reconquest of Pulicat

We cannot allow our eastern ports to remain in Orissan hands. We must strike now to reclaim what is ours!
Target provinces

Tondainadu (539).

Mission trigger.png
Acquisition conditions

Vijayanagar Vijayanagar:

  • is not a subject nation.
  • has a core in Tondainadu (539).
  • does not have the modifier “Inspiring Victory”.

Orissa Orissa:

  • owns Tondainadu (539).
  • is a neighbour of Vijayanagar.
  • is not a subject of Vijayanagar.
  • does not have an alliance with Vijayanagar.
Acquisition chance

Base weight: 3000

×2: Vijayanagar has an opinion of less than 0 towards Orissa.
×2: Vijayanagar has a ruler with a military skill of at least 4.
Success conditions

Vijayanagar owns the target province.

Failure conditions

Any of the following is true:

  • Orissa does not exist.
  • Vijayanagar is a subject nation.
  • The target province is owned by a third nation.

Mission effect.png

Vijayanagar gets the modifier “Military Victory” for 10 years, giving:

  • Prestige.png+1 Yearly prestige
  • Manpower recovery speed.png+10% Manpower recovery speed
Temporary effects
  • None


Vijayanagar can form Bharat as a Dravidian nation.

Execute decision.pngForm Bharat as Dravidian

Potential Requirements
  • Bharat does not exist
  • Country is not Mughals
  • Culture group is Dravidian
  • Religion is Dharmic
  • Technology group is not Nomad Group
  • If country is AI, it must have at least 15 cities
  • If country is AI, it must not be a former colonial nation
  • Country is not a subject nation
  • Culture group is Dravidian
  • Stability is 3
  • Country is at peace
  • Country owns and has cores on:
    • Raichur Doab, Kochin, Madurai, Venad, Kongu, Tondainadu, Coromandel, Vijayanagar, Golconda, Velanadu, Bastar, Kalingandhra, Mysore, Malabar and Kotte

  • Country changes to Bharat
  • If is a member of HRE and is not an elector, remove all province from HRE.
  • Become Empire rank
  • India:
    • Limited to:
      • Is not owned by our country
    • Adds claim to Bharat (Claim on all 'India' Region provinces)
  • GainPrestige.png10 Prestige


Main article: Vijayangari events

Vijayanagar's events are focused on its temples, poets and various interactions with its Tamil populace, including multiple uprisings.


Vijayanagar is in an enviable position: water on two sides, 3 OPMs on the west with the only real threats being from the North. In addition, their capital city is in one of the richest trade nodes on the planet (Ceylon) with the Bengal node just upstream- it is easily possible to dominate world trade.

Early game[edit]

The first order of business is to take care of the player's northern rival - Bahmanis. Build the army up to the forcelimit (14), then attack them and get as much land as possible, this means conquer provinces, then release vassal from them to feed with cores from Muslim enemies. If the player waits, Bahmanis will ally with Gujarat and build a bigger army, slowing down expansion. In the meanwhile, vassalize one of the three OPMs to the west, conquer the other two and sell provinces an appropriate vassal.

Celyon rarely builds an army bigger than 5k and almost never has allies, so can be conquered later. Orissa often ends at war against Bengal and its Muslim allies, so if the player times their war against Orissa wisely it will be easy to get Vijayanagari cores.


Now, after having integrated the players western vassal, the player has water on three sides with Orissa and Gujarat to the North. The players NIs and starting position mean that he is destined to be a trade leader with tons of gold and large mercenary armies, at least initially. It is advisable to hire mercenaries if the player keeps attacking those two, since frequent wars will be a major drain on manpower.

It's advisable to return cores to vassals or other countries rather than directly conquer provinces. This allows the player to save up Admin points, and not fall behind as well as reducing overextension and Aggressive Expansion, avoiding coalitions against the player.


By now, the player should be leading the world in Trade and probably be in the top bracket income wise. Continually build trade ships and move power down from Bengal while keeping enough ships to keep 80-90% power in Ceylon. The remaining nations of India will most probably hate Vijayanagar, but the player should be able to fight them off without much difficulty. Making use of the navy to speed up sieges in coastal provinces is advisable. Rival and slowly destroy big blobs forming on the subcontinent. It might be good idea to rival and embargo Oman if they are taking a lot of trade action in Ceylon.


Generally, the player is never far behind in technology, as Vijayanagar has a high income and can afford level 3 advisers. But if, for whatever reason, the player wants to westernize, just place a colony in Africa next to Spain or Portugal once they get there. This means the player must take the Exploration idea group- also allowing the player to get a foothold in Indonesia, Australia, Polynesia, and Philippines.

Forming Bharat as Vijayanagar[edit]

This strategy focuses specifically on how to form Bharat, and the needed steps to do so. (For Patch 1.13)


As of patch 1.12 onwards, only countries with Dharmic religion group can form Bharat. As Vijayanagar, the play is in a prime position to form Bharat. They begin as the largest Dharmic Indian kingdom, closest to the richer trade nodes in the Indian subcontinent. Vijayanagar is also very strategically positioned at the tip of the peninsular and is protected by water on the East, South and West, with only the North as a potential threat. Its position also means that all Aggressive Expansion gained is easier to deal with.

You have two fleets; 4 heavy ships and 10 transports, 6 light ships. Send the light ships to patrol Ceylon and mergethe heavy ships and the transports and mothball them. You have two armies; 19 stack, 1 stack. Disband the 1 stack and recruit a cavalry unit in the same province (Vijayanagar). Move the 19 stack towards Vijayanagar. Once they meet merge units and the split in half. Remember to swap your cavalry units to Indian Elephant Archers as they have better pips.

Rival Bahmanis, Gujarat and Bengal.

Early Game[edit]

Your main rival and immediate threat are the Bahmanis. You need to ally Orissa and Malabar, both of which will accept your alliance, and then declare war on the Bahmanis using the Reconquest of Raichur Doab as a Casus Belli immediately after with a day's delay. You should be able to call in allies such as Malabar, Orissa and Andhra. The Bahmanis being on the defensive will chose to ally with another Muslim kingdom, likely Jaunpur or Bengal, however, if you are lucky and quick enough you can defeat them before this. The objective of this first war is to break the Bahmanis and render them incapable of war for the rest of the century. Get the War Score to a 100 if you can manage to do so and then in the peace deal take Raichur Doab, Golconda and Warangal, release Berar, break all they allies, then if you still have warscore to spare take war reparations. Do not release Ahmednagar or Bijapur because they both will border you and will dislike you from the start, Bijapur will hate you even more so because they have cores in your territory.

Now begin to integrate Jaffna and fabricate claims on all the smaller Southern Kingdoms of Ceylon, Mysore, Madurai, Malabar, Venad and Kochi. In the north fabricate claims on Bastar, Velanadu and Kalingadhra. Declare war on Bastar depending on the strength of their alliance and vassalize them. Declare war of the Southern kingdoms one by one and take them out, try to save Malabar for the last as they can prove a useful ally in wiping out the others. Do not entire annex Orissa and Andhra and take only Kalingadhra and Velanadu from them respectively. You should have all cores to needed to form Bharat which will give you claims on the entire Indian subcontinent. Make sure you take Quantity as your first Idea Group and set the National Focus to Military Power. You second Idea Group has to be Economical to tackle the Inflation from the gold mine at Golconda. With the entire Southern tip of India in your control and Quantity Idea you'll easily be the strongest nation in the subcontinent and can even match the Timurids/Persians and the Ming Dynasty in sheer Manpower and Army Force Limit.

Old Guide[edit]

As Vijayanagar, the player is in a prime position to form Bharat. They begin as one of the largest Indian states, closest to the richer trade nodes in the game, and have good enough ideas. Their rivals can all be taken out with ease, and there is plenty of room for easy expansion.

To begin, the player should look to completely lock down the West side of their tip of India, mainly to secure the ports there (and thus the Ceylon node), and to get the provinces needed to form Bharat. This means either vassalizing or outright annexing the many small states there. Hopefully these provinces will give the player a larger edge over its rivals of Gujarat, Bahmanis and Orissa. If the player is worried about being attacked while at war, wait until the threat is at war before declaring.

Hopefully the player now has most of the western states annexed/vassalized. Building army and navy up to forcelimits is needed early on. The next step would be to focus on Orissa, and reclaiming the player's cores. As one of them is an important trading centre, taking these provinces is paramount. Orissa should be no match for Vijayanagar's army, even if they have some allies. If the player's aggressive expansion isn't too high, taking some other provinces (the important centre of trade ones, specifically) is a good idea.

Ceylon is now the prime target for annexation. They hold an important centre of trade, are isolated with few allies, and Buddhist. Nobody will care if they are annexed outright, and they have a very small army. Vijayanagar needs their capital to form Bharat anyway.

The player should now hold most of the provinces needed to form Bharat. The rest of them only require pushing into Bahmanis and Orissa territory, two states that Vijay's army should be able to beat quite easily. The only thing to look out for is coalitions forming. Releasing vassals and diplo-vassalizing them could be a good idea, if the player has too much aggressive expansion.

As the player can see, forming Bharat as Vijayanagar is only a matter of patience and not being sloppy with wars. Be cautious of Vijayanagar's events, though- some of them are quite nasty, such as increasing unrest in large parts of their territory and such. After forming Bharat, the player now has claims on all of India. Take advantage of this and push in every available direction- cut down blobs by releasing countries wherever possible, and gobble up all OPMs available. Focusing on Shia/Sunni countries could be a good idea, to cut down on any conversion the player might need to do.

If the player has reached this far, and conquered all of India, they are most definitely a world power. India has high base tax provinces and is in an excellent position to expand - the usually collapsing Timurids, the weak states to the East, or the out of date Hordes to the North.

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