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For the building, see Buildings. For the decision, see Indian Trade Company

A Subject tradecompany icon.pngtrade company is a collection of provinces in a trade company region. Provinces in the trade company produce less tax, manpower, and sailors, but more trade power, trade goods and naval force limit.

Trade companies may be formed by any nation in any of the 15 trade company regions throughout Africa and Asia. These entities differ from Subject colony icon.pngcolonial nations in the Americas in that they are not separate governments. Trade companies are listed in the subject nation panel. Nations may not form trade companies on the continent of their capital.

A trade company is created by adding a province in the corresponding trade company region to the trade company. Provinces may be selectively added and freely removed. Provinces belonging to a trade company must be part of a territory and must be overseas. Any province that is part of a state is automatically removed from the trade company. It is also possible to add all province in a given trade node at once to a company by selecting the button while viewing the node.

Removing a province from a trade company gives the "Left Trade Company" modifier for 5 years, preventing it from being added as well as giving a -200% Local goods produced modifier Local Goods Produced Modifier

Trade company regions

Effects of trade companies[edit]

Provinces in a trade company are subject to the following modifiers:[1]

Local trade power.png +100% Local trade power
Naval forcelimit.png +0.5 Naval force limit
Local manpower modifier.png −100% Local manpower modifier
Local sailors modifier.png −100% Local sailors modifier
Local tax modifier.png −100% Local tax modifier
Local missionary strength.png −200% Local missionary strength
Local institution spread.png +10% Institution spread

Additionally, trade company provinces:

When a trade company controls 51%[2] of all the provincial trade power in its node, it grants +1Merchants.png merchant.[3]

The Common Sense DLC allows one subject interaction for trade companies. A trade company's trade power may be increased by 50% at the cost of +0.03 inflation to its owner per year. This interaction may be toggled on and off at will.

All provinces controlled by other nations in the trade company region get a bonus to Local goods produced goods produced equal to how large a proportion of the region's trade power the trade company controls. (The value of trade in a node depends on the value of the goods produced, so this benefits both the natives and the traders). Note that light ships do not contribute to this, and can thus in certain cases cause the nation to earn less from trade as fewer goods will be produced. This bonus doesn't overlap with a merchant republic's similar bonus to goods produced.

List of trade company regions[edit]


Continent Trade company region Colour Trade Node Key provinces
Africa West African Charter Ivory Coast
  • Estuary: Cayor (1113), Benin (1147)
  • INH: Gold Coast (1139)
Africa South African Charter Cape of Good Hope INH: Cape (1177)
Africa East African Charter Zanzibar
  • CCOT: Zanzibar (1201), Mombasa (1202)
  • Estuary: Quelimane (1192)
Asia West Indian Charter Indus
  • CCOT: Ahmadabad (2054)
  • Estuary: Thatta (504)
Asia Konkan Charter Goa CCOT: Surat (517), Goa (2030)
Asia Coromandel Charter Ceylon
  • CCOT: Malabar (534), Tondainadu (539), Coromandel (540), Kotte (574)
  • Estuary: Velanadu (534), Konaseema (5084)
Asia East Indian Charter Bengal
  • CCOT: Chittagong (568)
  • Estuary: Bengal Delta (561), Dhaka (564), Pegu (586), Pathein (1815)
Asia North Indian Charter Doab ICOT: Delhi (522), Central Doab (524)
Asia Indonesian Charter Malacca CCOT: Malacca (596), Brunei (636), Pasai (2673)
Asia Indochinese Charter Siam
  • CCOT: Ayutthaya (600)
  • Estuary: Prek Russey (2376)
Asia Philippine Charter Philippines INH: Manila (656)
Asia Moluccan Charter The Moluccas CCOT: Kalapa (630), Makassar (541)
Asia South Chinese Charter Canton
  • CCOT: Canton (667)
  • Estuary: Canton (667), Hai Phong (2372)
Asia East Chinese Charter Hangzhou
  • CCOT: Hangzhou (684)
  • Estuary: Suzhou (1822), Huai'an (2142)
Asia North Chinese Charter Beijing CCOT: Beijing (1816)


The most important provinces to add to a trade company are those with a provincial bonus to trade power, as an Estuary.pngestuary or a Province trade power value.pngcenter of trade, visible in the trade map mode. Controlling just these provinces is generally sufficient for the trade company to get the majority of provincial trade power and grant a bonus merchant. Constructing trade buildings and increasing mercantilism will also help.


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