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This article is not considered accurate for the current version of the game. Its status was last updated for 1.4.

Primary culture
Russian (East Slavic cultural union)

Capital province
Moskva (295)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Tech group
Ideas and traditions

Notes: Russia will use Novgorod's Ideas instead if formed by them.

Traditions.png Traditions:

National manpower modifier: +25%
Infantry cost: -20%

Core creation.png Sudebnik:

Core-creation cost: -15%

Land forcelimit.png The Streltsy:

Land forcelimits modifier: +50%

Manpower recovery speed.png Opprichina:

Manpower recovery speed: +10%
Infantry cost: -30%

Production efficiency.png Abolishment of Mestnichestvo:

Production efficiency +10%

Auto explore adjacent to colony.png Siberian Frontier:

Auto-exploration of all territory adjacent to owned home territory.
Colonists +1

Army tradition.png Table of Ranks:

Yearly army tradition: +0.5

Technology cost.png Curriculum of the Cadet Corps:

Technology cost: -10%

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

National manpower modifier: +50%

Russia does not exist at the beginning of the Grand Campaign, it is a formable country. In the historical campaign, Russia is formed by Muscovy on the 1st April 1503, and Muscovy will also form Russia in most player's campaigns. It is also possible (but more challenging) to form Russia as Novgorod.[1]

Anyone fighting them should be aware of the vast amounts of manpower and very cheap foot soldiers they have. If the player starts moving the troops onto Russian territory, the winter attrition poses yet another challenge. All in all this leads to a daunting war every single time you fight them.

Russia in 1508

Formation requirements[edit]

The decision to form Russia can be found in RussianNation.txt.

Owned provinces[edit]

  • Moskva[C]
  • Novgorod[C]
  • Tver or Yaroslavl[C][O]
  • Ryazan or Smolensk[C][O]
  • Nizhny Novgorod and Vladimir[C][O]

[C] - requires to be a core province
[O] - either one of these should be met

Provinces in red are required to be owned and cored to form Russia. One green, one purple and one turquoise province is required to be owned and cored. Provinces in yellow are in the Russian region.


Formation effects[edit]

  • Changes tag to Russia (RUS), giving no penalties for all East Slavic cultures:
    • Russian
    • Byelorussian
    • Ruthenian
  • Gains +25Prestige.png prestige.
  • Adds claim on all provinces in Russian region.
  • Russia gets the modifier "Increased centralization" for 20 years, giving the following effects:
    • +10%Tax income.png tax
    • +1Global revolt risk.png revolt risk


These missions can be found in Russian_Missions.txt.

  • Conquer Finland

Gives claims on all Finnish provinces when taken. On success: Add adm power 100

  • Subjugate Tver

All these missions give 5 prestige and 1 basetax and manpower to the capital of the country in question. The exception is Ryazan which does this for Ryazan and Tula. They also grant a claim on all provinces owned by the target country when taken. If you cancel the CB goes away but the mission can re-occur later until you fully complete it once. All the military missions require you to have a border with that country first.

  • Annex Yaroslavl
  • Annex Ryazan
  • Annex The Qasim Khanate
  • Annex Novgorod
  • Subjugate Novgorod - This is the only subjugate mission which actually gives a subjugation CB.
  • Subjugate Crimea - These do not increase basetax. They all grant 5 prestige.
  • Subjugate Kazan
  • Subjugate The Siberian Khanate
  • Subjugate Astrakhan

  • Access To The Baltic Sea

Requirement is don’t own Neva (aka St Petersburg) or Ingermanland. Win by taking either of them or another Baltic province with a port that neighbours one of your counties. On success: Add navy tradition 25

  • Defend Russia Against The Mongols

Requirement: Golden Horde owns any Russian province. You must take it off them. On success: add_prestige = 5 and add army tradition 5

  • Cross The Mongol Border Province – take a Golden Horde Province

On success: add adm power province 50 and a random province you own with a Golden Horde Core gets +1 basetax and manpower.

  • Russia Partitions Poland

Requirements: Is year province 1700 and Russia is neighbour of Poland Poland owns province 276 # Minsk owns province 278 # Pinsk owns province 281 # Podolia is neighbor of province PRU # Prussia – Note this has to be Prussia not the Teutonic Order. is neighbor of province HAB # Austria

Effect: Mission requires you to own the 3 listed provinces but gives no CB it appears and only 10 prestige.

  • Russia Discovers Western Siberia - The colony missions should be self-explanatory

On success: Add treasury 100

  • Russian Colony In West Siberia

On success: add prestige 10

  • Russia Discovers Eastern Siberia Province

On success: add prestige 5 and add adm power 50

  • Russian Colony In East Siberia

On success: add_prestige = 10


Russia has a rich and interesting history, represented by several dynamic historical events. The unique events for Russia can be found in FlavorRus.txt.

The Pomjestija Reform[edit]

Russia shares 'The Pomjestija Reform' event with Muscovy, an event that grants reduced technology cost for 10 years.

Time of Troubles[edit]

Russia runs the risk of running into their Time of Troubles at any point between 1550 and 1650 if its stability is below 2. This event series gives neighbors opportunities to back pretenders to the Russian throne, which will further extend Russia's internal chaos.

To bring an end to the Time of Troubles, Russia (or Muscovy) must not be at war, have a war exhaustion less than 3, no revolts going on, positive stability and not have the Usurper on the Throne modifier. Once all these conditions have been met, the mean time for the End of the Time of Troubles event to fire is 24 months.

The Grand Embassy[edit]

This event is modeled after Peter the Great's accomplishments in the late 17th century. If Russia has not westernized, its monarch has good stats, and the date is late enough it is possible for the monarch to travel around Europe, learning various things for his country and increasing relations with neutral nations.


Make St. Petersburg the Capital[edit]


  • Country is Russia
  • Owns Neva
  • Capital is not Neva
  • Doesn't have the country flag relocated_capital_st_petersburg


  • Has core on Neva
  • Is not at war
  • Technology group is Western


  • Sets the country flag relocated_capital_st_petersburg
  • Modifies treasury by -1 years worth of income
  • Sets capital to Neva
  • Gives 100 prestige
  • Neva:
    • Changes province name to St. Petersburg
    • Changes province capital name to St. Petersburg
    • Gains 6 base tax
    • Adds 3 province manpower
    • Changes culture to Russian

Establish Russian Patriarchate[edit]


  • Country is Russia
  • Does not have the country modifier "Russian Patriarchate"
  • Follows the Orthodox religion


  • Is not at war
  • Constantinople:
    • Is not owned by Byzantium
  • 2 prestige
  • Has less than 3 Innovative ideas


  • Adds the modifier "Russian Patriarchate" for the rest of the campaign:
    • -20% war exhaustion cost


Russian winter military strategy[edit]

In most games, Russia, once formed, will own by far the most northern provinces where winter might start already in October and last till April. The majority of Russia's provinces will be affected by severe winter This allows the 'Russian winter' strategy of letting enemy armies come into the country and forcing them to take massive loses due to attrition. If the enemy has a superior number of troops, the Russian armies can retreat and avoid combat. If the enemy then keeps his regiments stacked together, the losses suffered due to attrition will be massive. If he instead splits up detachments to siege a province, the Russian armies can destroy them with superior numbers one by one.

In real history, Russia defeated the armies of Napoleon and Hitler using this strategy; this is why they say: never start a land war in Russia! In-game, this strategy is not only useful against western European nations, but also against the Ottomans, should they evolve into a major military power.

This strategy benefits greatly from the +33% bonus to fort defence and additional attrition provided by the respective defensive ideas. The +25% defensiveness bonus provided by the Novogorod national ideas is also helpful (in case Russia was formed by Novgorod).


  1. Theoretically, any other of the small Russian nations in Eastern Europe (Ryazan, Tver, Pskov, Yaroslavl) could also form Russia, but since these are extremely weak, this is almost impossible.