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Res Publica cover art

The Res Publica expansion DLC was announced on 2014-06-17[1]. It was released on 2014-07-16 alongside Patch 1.7.[2] It introduced new systems of governance and trade to the game, including an all-new government type and several new Idea Groups for ambitious strategists to explore.


The following features were unveiled in the announcement.

  • Republic Affairs: Grow your influence with the Merchant Republic faction to create new trade posts and reap bonuses, or exploit the inner power struggles of the Dutch Republic and their unique election events
  • Meet the New Boss: Try the all-new Republican Dictatorship government type, and decide between increases in power or Republic Tradition in new in-game opportunities and events.
    • A midpoint between republics and monarchies
  • Don’t Fight the Power: Retain power for the ruling family by backing heirs in Elective Monarchies; boost your growth with the National Focus bonus and spend your points on Administrative, Diplomatic, or Military Power
  • Improvements to the Dutch republic, including an Orangist (monarchist/military) vs. Statist (republican/economic) slider
  • National Focus: Any nation can boost a specific monarch power by +2/month while at the same reducing base gain in other monarch powers by -1/month; National Focus can be changed every 25 years.[3]
    • Note that players with Common Sense also have access to this feature, even if they do not also own Res Publica.
  • Trade Posts: Merchant Republics will have the option to create a Trade Post in provinces they own for 50 administrative power; trade posts gives the province +15 trade power and +1 naval forcelimits; Merchant Republic can only have a single Trade Post in each node and cannot create Trade Posts in their home node.
  • New action for Elective Monarchy to support their own noble for the throne.
  • Lots of new events for Dutch Republics, Merchant Republic Factions, Elective Monarchies & Dictatorships.

Free features[edit]

The following features have been announced as free in the patch. Note that this does not mean that every feature released above isn't free.

  • Merchant Republic factions.
  • More idea groups.
  • Removed monarch powers penalties for all technology groups.
  • Bonuses for nations ahead of time in diplomatic and administrative technologies.
  • Increased neighbor technology bonus.
  • Truce length now scales[4].
  • Lots of bug fixes and game balances at the change log.

Dev diaries[edit]

A list of all Res Publica developer diaries.


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