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Duchy rankPueblo
Primary culture
Pueblo (Sonoran)

Capital province
Pueblo (880)

Native CouncilGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
North AmericanNorth American technology group
Pueblo ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+25% National garrison growth
−15% Advisor cost

Hostile core-creation cost on us.png Ancient Pueblo Legacy

+25% Hostile core-creation cost on us

Construction cost.png Adobe Architecture

−10% Construction cost

Fort defense.png Mesa Settlements

+15% Fort defense

Trade efficiency.png Cotton Weaving

+10% Trade efficiency

Stability cost modifier.png Kachina Dolls

−10% Stability cost modifier

Tolerance own.png Clown Societies

+2 Tolerance of the True Faith
+10% Religious unity

Prestige.png Legend of Cibola

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Pueblo is a tribe in central North America. They start surrounded by land on all sides, and bordering two smaller nations Flag of Navajo Navajo and Flag of Pima Pima.


This strategy is written in assumption, that the player owns both El Dorado.png El Dorado and Conquest of Paradise.png Conquest of Paradise dlcs.

Overview of starting position[edit]

Flag of Pueblo Pueblo has the Native Council government type, and it receives random ruler at the start of campaign – the player can therefore maximize their starting position, by restarting until a highly skilled one is present. Country begins in a relatively safe position, as the strongest nation in the region. At the beginning, it is possible to rival Flag of Navajo Navajo and Flag of Pima Pima, and ally Flag of Apache Apache. War fought between those two factions shouldn't be to hard, but since no casus belli is available, the player would need to enjoy the results of Aggressive expansion impact.png unprovoked aggression. However, after dealing with those 3 nations the player will face very limited possibilities of further expansion due to no other targets in the close region. Moreover, the colonisation is not an appealing option, since there is only single province of Province icon.png Jicarilla in the neighbourhood, that can be colonized before reaching 3rd Diplomatic tech.png diplomatic technology – other have the Arid climate, which provides them with -10 Local colonial growth.png local settler increase. In order to overcome this situation, the player may either start unprovoked wars with far away located tribes, or sell their provinces to a vassal and begin a Migration cooldown.png migration. To maximise profit from the migration, the player may wish to move their capital to a different province, in order to sell, and later regain Pueblo (880), which has an important center of trade.

The first option would allow the player to vassalize, and later diplomatically annex, any North American technology group North American nation. After annexing such country, the player will be possible to colonize new areas. The -2 Icon stability.png stability hit when declaring a non casus belli war will be easily neglected by many Stability cost modifier.png stability cost modifiers.

Nahuatl conversion[edit]

The second option, while not exclusive with the first one, provide a player with additional profits. First one are the monarch points gained through the migration mechanism. The other is an interesting option to convert to Nahuatl.png Nahuatl religion. To do this, the player would need to migrate their country to any province bordering Nahuatl country – the best options would be Tamaulipas (858) or yet unexplored Gauchichil (857). As upon migrating to a province all bordering provinces are automatically explored, when the player reach their goal they would have the ability to declare war on Flag of Totonac Totonac. It would be a good idea to diplomatically annex the main vassal right now, as future migration wouldn't be possible. Other thing needed to be taken into consideration is finishing the native ideas. This is however a tricky issue at the moment, as after the conversion those ideas are not automatically removed, however they will vanish after loading the game. So if the player wishes to have a longer run, they would even be possible to finish a Western technology group westernisation process with a -100% Technology cost.png technology cost, making technologies almost free. In order to convert, the player will need to take Province icon.png Cholula (2644) province, originally owned by Flag of Tlaxcala Tlaxcala. Fighting with Mesoamerican technology group Mesoamerican countries may be hard, especially if they manage to reach 2nd Military tech.png military technology. The first military native idea will only neglect the generic Nahuatl.png Nahuatl religion +10 Morale of armies.png morale bonus. Ideally situation would be attacking those enemies, when they are already fighting between themselves. After the conquest, Msg event.png The Temple City of Cholula event should fire in about a year. Taking the second option would change Pueblos religion and government form to a new one. Now the player should work hard on passing religious reforms – they have an easier work than other Nahuatl countries, as the player can vassalise all the smallest tribes in the North America.

An ideal first Idea unlock idea group for Pueblo is Exploration idea group.png, as it provides them with +2 Colonists.png colonists (stacking up to +4 with religion reform and native diplomatic idea bonuses), +20 Local colonial growth.png settler increase, and casus belli on all natives, sparing not-so-expensive Pueblan stability. It is not advised to go above 5th Administrative tech.png administrative (for idea group), 3rd Diplomatic tech.png diplomatic (for settlers increase), and any needed Military tech.png military technology, as the player will get free technologies after a final religion reform. Remaining monarch points may be spent on development, and after passing the reform on new unlocked idea groups. It is a good idea to save them for westernisation as well.


Cities of Cibola icon
Cities of Cibola
As Pueblo, own at least seven provinces with 10 development each.
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