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Power Projection is a concept which is based on acting aggressively toward your Rivals. It encourages nations to have long-lasting feuds and to work against worthy adversaries. Aggressive acts include embargoing, declaring war, taking provinces, subsidizing enemies of rivals, and sending privateers. Its value is capped at +100.


Power Projection.png Power projection is gained through static effects that last until cancelled and event modifiers whose values decay over time. All event modifiers decay at a rate of -1/+1 power projection per year and are counted for each rival separately (Insulting a rival is the only notable exception here). Event modifiers do stack, but are capped at a maximum value. Everything exceeding this value is lost.

Example: You still have 17 power projection left from the last time you humiliated your rival. Humiliating them again would add another 30 power projection, resulting in 17 + 30 = 47 power projection. The value is capped at 30, so 17 power projection is lost and the value is set to 30, decaying at the normal rate of -1 power projection per year.

  • Static Effects
    • Keeping the same rival for a year provides +1 power projection per year, up to a maximum of +5 for each one.
    • Embargoing a rival gives +(1–10) power projection, depending on how much the embargo affects the rival's trade [exact formula?] to a maximum of 10
    • Giving subsidies to a war opponent of a rival gives +0.5 power projection for each percentage of total income given, as long as the war lasts
    • Privateering in a trade node where a rival has trade power gives from +1 up to +10 power projection, depending on the trade power of the privateers, the value of the node and the percentage of the rival's power in the node.
    • Being a great power gives varying power projection - from +10 at 8th place to +25 at 1st place (requires Rights of Man.png Rights of Man DLC).
  • Event Modifiers
    • Declaring a war against a rival gives +10 power projection. The rival must be the war leader. Maximum: +20
    • Joining a war against a rival gives +10 power projection. The rival must be the war leader. Maximum: +20
    • Taking provinces from a rival or giving rival's provinces to a vassal gives +0.5 power projection per province development [verification needed]. Maximum: +100
    • Removing provinces from a rival (e.g. cancel vassal, return core) gives +(1-5) power projection. The power gain depends on the relative strength of the rival and the base tax[verification needed] of the provinces released. Maximum: +100
    • Vassalizing a rival gives +(1) power projection per base tax[verification needed]. Note that vassals aren't eligible to be rivals so a new rival must be selected. Maximum: +100
    • Insulting a rival you don't have a truce with gives +5 power projection. Maximum: +5 for all rivals (not counted for each rival separately)
    • Humiliating/Show strength to a rival in a peace treaty gives you +30 power projection. Maximum: +30
    • Eclipsing your rival, i.e. becoming relatively too strong for it to be a valid rival, gives +10 power projection. Maximum: +20

Power projection Power Projection.png is lost in the following ways:

  • Having an empty rival slot costs -1 power projection per year. There is no penalty if one chooses at least one rival or there are no possible rivals at all. If one of these conditions is fulfilled, the penalty vanishes completely. Maximum: -20
  • Refusing to join a war against a rival gives -20 power projection. Maximum: -20
  • Losing provinces to a rival gives -0.5 power projection per province development. Maximum: -100
  • Being humiliated/shown strength gives -30 power projection. Maximum: -30

If a rival is replaced, completely conquered or ceases to be an acceptable rival, all static effects gained against that rival will be lost; the eclipsing mechanic is here to rebalance the loss. Power projection resulting from event modifiers is not lost, and continues to decay normally.


Bonuses are gained for having positive power projection. There is no penalty for having negative power projection; it would simply be indicated as 0. For each point, the following bonuses are given:[1]

Fort defense.png +0.1% Fort defense
Trade power.png +0.2% Global trade power
Prestige.png +0.005 Yearly prestige
Morale of armies.png +0.1% Morale of armies
Morale of navies.png +0.1% Morale of navies
Legitimacy.png +0.005 Yearly legitimacy
Republican tradition.png +0.002 Yearly republican tradition
Devotion.png +0.005 Yearly devotion
Horde unity +0.005 Yearly horde unity

Having at least 25 power projection gives:[2]

Leader(s) without upkeep.png +1 Leader(s) without upkeep

Having at least +50 power projection gives +1Administrative power.png, +1Diplomatic power.png and +1Military power.png monthly.


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  2. See in /Europa Universalis IV/common/static_modifiers/00_static_modifiers.txt (Static modifiers#At least 25 power projection).
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