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Patch 1.4

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Patch 1.4 was released on 2014-01-14.[1]

New features[edit]

  • New diplomatic dependency called 'Protectorate'.
    • If a nation is of too low a technology group compared to you, they will become a protectorate instead of a vassal.
    • Protectorates give 50% of their trade power to their overlord, but get -25% technology cost for it.
    • If a protectorate westernizes, they automatically become independent again. You can also trace trade range from your protectorates.
  • Climate Overhaul:
    • Map mode showing climate zones, and different climates now have more specific effects.
    • Winter & Climate Icons are also shown in province view.
    • Winter only affects hostile attrition now.
    • Climate now has impact on colonization.
  • Succession Wars are no longer automatic.
    • When a country have the chance to form a union with each other, the strongest of the new overlords rivals and/or nations with a royal marriage or same dynasty, have the opportunity to challenge them in a succession war.
  • Tariffs
    • Old system for tariffs completely gone.
    • Colonial nations now give a percentage of ALL their income as tariffs, starting at 10%.
    • Increasing tariffs is done per colony, for 25 admin power for +2.5% Tariffs and +5% liberty desire in the colony.
  • Liberty Desire
    • Colonial subjects can declare war on their overlords at 50% liberty desire, and will do it automatically at 100%.
    • If Liberty Desire is lower than Tariff Percentage, they increase by 1% each year.
    • Liberty Desire grants more manpower and cheaper maintenance for the colonial subject.
  • Added new option to 'Abandon Colony', for when you want to give up on a province.
  • Westernization changed
    • Westernization no longer requires non-negative stability.
    • While westernizing, you no longer get +200% stability costs, but instead +5RR.
    • Westernization no longer depends on stability, but instead progress +10 from each power each month if possible.. When progress hits 5000, modified by techgroup, its finished.
    • Westernization events are now "bad effect" or "give up 4 months progress".
    • You can now see more details about effect of westernization and estimated finish date in the interface.
    • When westernization is finished, it will be truly finished, and no rebels can change that fact.
  • Added 5 new achievements:
    • In The Name of the Father - Get 100% Patriarch authority.
    • The Rising Sun - Conquer all of Japan Japan as a European nation.
    • The Five Colonies - Have five colonial subjects.
    • The Re-Reconquista - Own all of Iberia as Granada Granada.
    • Turn the Table - Swap to one of your colonial subject from a 1444 start and vassalize your former overlord.
  • Added four new map modes, for climate, trade goods, winter & federations.
  • A new interface has been added, where you can view all your current subjects, and view their benefits to your nation.
  • Added a new loading screen to game.
  • Added a generic idea group for those with native mechanics.
  • Added idea group for colonial nations.
  • Added idea groups for Huron Huron, Iroquois Iroquois, Chickasaw Chickasaw, Cherokee Cherokee, Pueblo Pueblo, Shawnee Shawnee & Creek Creek.
  • Added cocoa trade good.
  • Added lots of new countries in Eastern Africa & Northern America.
  • Added new pagan religion Totemism for North American Natives.

Game balance[edit]

Trade Nodes[edit]

  • Added new trade node Western Europe, leading to Sevilla, Bordeaux, Antwerpen & London
  • Caribbean no longer leads to Sevilla & Bordeaux, but instead to Western Europe.
  • Moved Chesapeake connection from London & Bordeaux to Western Europe.
  • Mauritanian coast now leads to Western Europe instead of Sevilla.
  • California now also feeds Mississippi.
  • Mississippi now also feeds St Lawrence.
  • Basra now also feeds Persia.
  • Genoa now feeds into Bordeaux.
  • Malacca now feeds into Zanzibar.
  • Indus now feeds into Samarkand.
  • Trade nodes are now repaired if older save-games are loaded.
  • Removed kashmir-indus link
  • Sevilla is now an end-node.
  • Venice and Sevilla are now determined as proper end nodes for power propagation chains, just as Antwerp is.


  • Reworked some prices on trade goods, boosting some under performing trade-goods.
  • Trade power now propagate upstream into empty trade nodes.
  • Capitals now propagate power upstream.
  • Trade power below 2 is not propagated upstream.
  • Upstream propagation is now split between all incoming links where valid.
  • A trading nation is no longer counted as having no presence if it only has transferred trade power (also fixes the ever growing trade piechart)
  • Removed trade power malus from lesser governments.
  • Now possible to trade in your home node even if its out of range
  • Colonial & Protector overlords now get power in all trade nodes their subjects have power as well.
  • Merchants now have a proper travel time again.



  • Score rank & ratings are now saved in save-game files.
  • Score increase increases faster closer to the end of the game, and gives far less at the start of the game.
  • Annexed countries is still in the score-list now, if they had accumulated points.
  • Quality of leaders now impact score-rank instead of just +1 for each leader, and is now capped at +5 for leaders.
  • Protectorates give less score than other dependencies.
  • Below 50 republican tradition or legitimacy is now negative on score.
  • Score for fleets now depend on amount of cannons, not amount of ships.
  • Being occupied is a severe drawback to your administrative score.
  • War-exhaustion reduces your military score now.
  • Negative war score now have an impact on score calculation for diplomacy.
  • Strong ally bonus on dip score now depends on those with stronger military power, not those with at least 50% of your income.


  • Techs costs are now reduced by about 5% for each full idea group of that category. Each idea reduces by 0.7%.
  • Techs now slowly increase in cost over time (20% for late-game techs).
  • American tech groups now start at level 1.


  • Exiled units will no longer cause natives to spawn.
  • Armies at ships no longer reinforce at all.
  • Armies at ships now always take 1% attrition, and not depending on naval supply limits.
  • Re-balanced some recruitment speed modifiers.
  • When a unit goes to board transports, all attached units will now be detached


  • Pirates only spawn outside coasts of those that can build ships.
  • Naval leaders no longer get unused bonus siege values.
  • Removed the "not-patrolled" modifier from the game.
  • Not possible to give move order for more than one province into Terra incognita.
  • Dependency relations now allow each other to repair their ships in each ports.

Force Limits[edit]

  • Colonial States now provide basic naval force limit from their ports. (i.e., not buildings)
  • Vassals & Colonial states now provide land force limits to their overlords.


  • Tweaked terrain penalties on combat width and attacker a bit down.
  • Units now take 10% more morale damage in combat.
  • Each day, every unit in a combat now loses 0.01 morale.
  • Native ferocity now also reduce damage taken.
  • Shattered retreat now have a cap of no longer than 10 provinces.
  • A unit retreating shattered will now stop retreating when it reaches maximum morale.
  • The prestige from naval/land combat modifier now increases the cap of how much you can get from a combat as well.


  • Overseas provinces now give production income again, but with a -100% local production efficiency.
  • Colonial Nations are now formed if you own more than 5 provinces in the same colonial region in the New World, and you lose core on these provinces.
  • Colonial nations have a 10% penalty on their colonists giving a boost & only get 25% growth in their colonies.
  • Colonies now properly autocore when they become a city.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between displayed and actual settler growth.
  • You can now colonize adjacent to colonial subjects.
  • No Adjacent Controlled penalty on colonial growth is not applied adjacent to your colonial subjects.


  • The cores of annexed nations now take twice as long to disappear.
  • Reduced core decay time for same culture group to 100 years from 150.
  • Colonial conquest outside of region for a colony to core is 75% cost and 25% inside their colonial region.
  • Fixed an issue with cores not disappearing on the correct dates.


  • Comet Sighted is a bit more rare now.
  • Having the Scottish national idea "Comets" now properly reduces the chance of Comet Sighted significantly.
  • Comet Sighted now have another option for those who like choice.


  • Cancelling vassalization will now create a truce with the released state
  • Cancelling vassalization now only results in losing 25 prestige (no stability hit)
  • Royal marriages will not break if a regent dies.
  • Subjects no longer get expansion cb's.
  • Subjects to a player can not become lucky nations.
  • Subject nations can no longer sell provinces


  • Fixed broken opinion modifiers for vassal states
  • Added opinion bonuses for having union, colonial or protectorate dependency.
  • Large countries no longer get any additional AE for being large when gaining AE.
  • AE reduction for giving away provinces is now applied to the country giving up the provinces.
  • Some cases where AE was not scaling over the world, now scales properly.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the AE system caused by leftover code from the old BB system

War & Peace[edit]

  • If you send a stabhitting peaceoffer, your callforpeace penalty is reset.
  • Scripting separate badboy_factor and prestige_factor for defender in wargoal now works
  • Re-scripted all wargoals that use separate attacker/defender settings
  • Wargoals are now applied at all cases in peacescore calculations.
  • Release Nation and Annex now deducts provinces ceded properly when calculating final peacescore.
  • CORECLAIM_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION in two separate cost reductions
  • CORE_PEACE_COST_DIP_FRACTION now gives 20% reduction
  • Not possible to call to arms if they are already called
  • If you are a daimyo and force another daimyo to release another daimyo, then that daimyo will become a proper vassal of Japan now.
  • Making a country a protectorate will now break all their alliances


  • Religious conversion of pagans is now +2% instead of +10%.
  • Pagans no longer have a penalty on defensiveness, but get a -1 rr.
  • Nerfed pagan religions.

Holy Roman Empire[edit]

  • Leaving the empire at Revoking the Privilegia also removes electorateship.
  • Emperor now gets claim on all provinces previously in the empire when someone leaves it.
  • Electors no longer have a -50 to vassalization when the empire is inheritable.
  • Having less electors than desired is now an actual penalty on the imperial authority.


  • Removed obsolete colonial type rebels.
  • Governments that cannot use royal marriages will now get a random ruler on startup if they have a Regency.
  • Inflation from gold income now checks versus ALL monthly income types.
  • Mecca and Rome are now religious centers, which are practically impossible to convert.


Strategic AI[edit]

  • AI: Added proper logic for raising tariffs.
  • AI: Will not launch any overseas invasions if they are a colonial nation.
  • AI: Will no longer desire a province simply because it contains a strait.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would be hostile to countries it had no interest in conquering or vassalizing.
  • Improved AI army strength evaluation logic when planning a war.
  • AI: More consistent about which countries it wants to conquer versus which countries it wants to vassalize/make protectorate.
  • AI: Better at using multiple colonists at once.
  • AI: Migrants will not bother with buildings unless they have a large amount of cash.
  • AI: Will no longer create more generals than it needs.
  • AI: Smarter about where to assign their best leaders.
  • AI: Will no longer hold up peace to chase down scattered colonial holdings when it has won a crushing victory.
  • AI: Should no longer select colonies as rivals unless they are a colonial country under a different overlord.
  • AI: Should no longer select vassals as rivals under most circumstances.
  • AI: Colonial nations will now only colonize territory that is either adjacent or in their own colonial region.
  • AI: Will now prefer to focus on a single colonial region at a time when colonizing.
  • AI: Less likely to pick the 'Threatened' attitude over 'Outraged' against countries with high AE.
  • AI: Will now never move its capital to an isolated province.
  • AI: More prio on making protectorates out of countries that are impeding bringing trade home.

Decision & Event AI[edit]

  • AI better at taking blasphemy_act, act_of_uniformity, sunday_school, conventicle_act and test_act
  • 80% chance of AI picking option A in event 874 "Tensions between nobles and clergy"

Diplomatic AI[edit]

  • AI: Will no longer insult countries just for having a high opinion of them unless it is planning a war with them.
  • AI: Less willing to be vassalized by a non-HRE state if they are an HRE state.
  • AI: Will no longer make protectorates out of primitives unless they too are primitives.
  • AI: Now slightly less willing to make peace if it is a separate peace.
  • AI: Will now cancel treaties of military access and fleet basing rights it is granting to countries if relations with those countries deteriorate.
  • Colonial nations are now much more interested in buying provinces in their colonial region.
  • AI: Will no longer care about annulling treaties that do not contain an alliance.

Trade AI[edit]

  • AI: Will no longer send merchants to a node that has no trade value.
  • AI: Will now make more use of embargoes.
  • AI: Now takes into account other countries' steering when determining what node to steer trade to.
  • AI: Better at determining when collecting in capital is worth it over other options.
  • Tweaked financial AI to make it better at assigning trade fleets for maximum income.
  • Trade AI now also weights in potential incoming trade when evaluating a node.
  • When the AI request a new trade fleet it will now NOT receive damaged units.

Army AI[edit]

  • AI: Now takes into account nomad shock bonus for the purposes of estimating strength of armies.
  • AI: Now pays more attention to supply limits when deciding to attach to friendly armies.
  • AI: Will no longer attach to units that are boarding transports.
  • AI: Fixed some issues with army AI incorrectly weighting odds against enemy units at low levels of morale.
  • AI: Improved army AI logic for determining when an ally needs assistance in battle.
  • AI: Now factors in effect of terrain when determining whether to stay put and face an incoming enemy.
  • AI: Will no longer always attempt to retreat 1 day ahead of an incoming enemy.
  • AI: More likely to walk home instead of using ships when exiled in territories close to home.
  • Fixed a bug where AI units would keep moving to attack a province and then abort because they wrongly calculated on support from nearby friendly units.
  • Fixed an issue in army AI that was causing AI to 'dance' between targets.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lock up AI armies by repeatedly moving into and then cancelling movement into their province.

Navy AI[edit]

  • AI: Will no longer care about invading unimportant enemy islands unless they have nothing better to do.

AI bug fixes[edit]

  • Fixed a bug where AI armies would stand around doing nothing next to enemy armies due to low manpower.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI checked military access desire instead of vassal desire.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would lift sieges because a friendly army passing through was mistaken as wanting to take over the siege.
  • Fixed some issues with countries incorrectly getting the vassal attitude towards other countries who were not their overlord.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would continually start and abort invasions on heavily defended targets.
  • Fixed a bug that was breaking the Suggest Offer option when the enemy had low warscore.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to make very odd picks for rivals.
  • Fixed a bug where exiled AI armies would not return home because of nearby rebel armies.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would maintain rivalries with countries long after those countries ceased to be relevant to them.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would win an independence war but not demand independence because they preferred core provinces.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI could demand vassalage on behalf of an ally even when not war leader.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the AI to overpriorizie collecting downstream from capital.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would be extremely unwilling to make peace due to having more max manpower than current manpower.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in the AE system caused by leftover code from the old BB system.


  • Made some optimizations with the AI, distance calculations and diplomatic actions.
  • AI Personalities are now visible in the interface
  • Interregnums after game start will now correctly show up as such
  • Optimized diplomatic AI.


  • Fixed one hotjoin-oos by always saving ColonySize and NativeSizeBeforeMigration in savegame.
  • Fixed the error code N_0_2.
  • Fixed bug where options got stuck in MP if Ironman was enabled in SP before.
  • Dynamic dynasties assigned ingame to historical monarchs now gets reset on resign (potential OOS fix)
  • Removed 50mb limit to transferred savegames in MP
  • Hotjoin: _nMilitaryRatingCache are now saved in savegame.
  • Server no longer gets a popup and pauses the game if a player tries to hotjoin a non-hotjoin MP-game.
  • Clients no longer gets banned for quitting the game.
  • It's now possible to open and use the regular ingame chat during the hotjoin process.
  • The "Paused by server"-message no longer gets stuck after hotjoin.
  • It's now possible to open and use the regular ingame chat during the hotjoin process.
  • Hotjoin: Trust is now always saved in savegame.
  • Hotjoin: SupplyRangeCache is now loaded correctly.
  • The "Paused by server"-message no longer gets stuck after hotjoin.
  • The "Server lost"-message is now displayed correctly if the host has disconnected.
  • Host server interface no longer clears server name when closing and opening the interface
  • When playing coop, the economy sliders now updates correctly for both players.
  • Game setup: Fixed chat log being cleared when clicking "historical start"

Interface Improvements[edit]


  • Can now change province capital names
  • Can now toggle whether you want others to be able to attach to your units or not
  • Added alert_high_liberty_desire
  • Terra Incognita is now shown when loading save games
  • Possible to right-click through on map combat interface
  • Tutorial selection: Display chapter title and description correctly if going back after selection
  • Fixed army size tooltip
  • City sprawl now visible again in the lobby (base size on base tax)
  • Added some interface information about Republics in Regencies getting randomly generated rulers on game start
  • Added missing GFX_combat_terrain_coastline
  • Added missing GFX_combat_terrain_woods
  • Fixed missing combat terrain GFX_combat_terrain_forest
  • Minimap: Generate based on topology
  • Minimap: Hide areas that are in TI
  • The player names are now updated properly on map in player mapmode in game setup.
  • Incompatible savegames now has an icon.
  • The correct tooltip for build cost are now shown for mercenaries.
  • The Fort Defense value in the siege interface are now correctly updated when sieging back provinces from rebels.
  • The log is now cleared when loading savegame ingame.
  • Countries may now have a separate mapcolor (political mapmode etc.) and countrycolor
  • Alert for troops in foreign territory is no longer shown for any type of subject provinces.
  • Over diplomatic relations alert now lists all relations in the delayed tooltip.
  • Changed order which relations are checked for the purpose of coloring the on-map unitinterfaces
  • DIPLO_HAS_SUBJECTS will no longer be shown if the country isn't independent
  • Trade interface: Disabled trade node connection buttons for undiscovered locations


  • It is now clearer that religious unity also includes modifiers and not only provinces.
  • Updated local income tooltip to include yearly income from provinces
  • Fixed mismatch between the war exhaustion value in defender of the faith-tooltip and the value in stability view.
  • Extended the box that shows accepted cultures.
  • Added AI personality icon in the diplomacy view.
  • Better explanation for yearly increase in tooltip for advisor-cost in economy view.

Map modes[edit]

  • Opinion and coalition map mode no longer gives tooltips for sea provinces.
  • Fixed better tooltips in HRE map mode.
  • Occupied provinces no longer gets stripes in trade map mode.
  • Added a color to continents
  • Changed the hideous color of Germany Germany


  • Enemy of Enemy opinion modifier tooltip displays monthly ticks
  • Fixed a bunch of missing cancel descriptions for diplomatic actions
  • Updated tooltip for Excommunication to reflect the actual CB
  • Added country name to annexation/integration tooltip
  • Display prestige loss in summary text when conceding defeat
  • It is now clearer which country becomes vassal or protectorate
  • Added estimated completion date to Improve Relation tooltip
  • Leader and "war leader may not demand peace" icon tooltips no longer overlaps.


  • Fixed better tooltip for tax in province view. (It's now explained that it's the yearly income)
  • Terrain picture now shown in province view if the resolution is high enough.
  • Rebel-controlled provinces will no longer say "noreligion of rebels" as state religion
  • The province history view are now properly updated when changing province while looking at it.


  • Added a ledger page for possible colonies.
  • Added a ledger page for income type comparisons between countries.
  • Culture piecharts in ledger now shows the same values as being used to determine when cultures become accepted or not


  • Can now see personality of another country's new ruler in new monarch message
  • Added go to button to 20+ messages
  • Shields in popups now work again
  • End of Combat message: Fixed misaligned OK button
  • End of Combat message: Siege icon no longer visible for naval combat
  • End of Combat message: Fixed missing maneuver tooltip
  • We guarantee other is no longer a message pop-up by default.

User Modding[edit]


  • Added console command: add_liberty_desire
  • Added console commands for add and remove claims
  • Added console command: "form_union"
  • Added fps-info to the debug_info-command.


  • Added an add_tariff_value effect
  • Added add_liberty_desire effect
  • form_coalition_against effect now works properly.
  • create_colony effect now takes the actual number of settlers
  • Added effect scopes random_subject_country and every_subject_country
  • Added effect multiply_variable
  • Added effect divide_variable
  • All variable effects can now take a second variable as an argument
  • Added a 'create_protectorate' effect.
  • added a 'add_yearly_manpower' effect.


  • Added triggers num_of_protectorates & num_of_colonial_subjects
  • Renamed the trigger tariff_efficiency to tariff_value
  • Added trigger scopes any_subject_country and all_subject_country
  • Added trigger num_of_diplomatic_relations
  • Added trigger num_of_free_diplomatic_relations
  • Added custom_trigger_tooltip trigger
  • Added trigger has_new_dynasty
  • Added trigger has_conlonial_parent
  • Added real_month_of_year, real_day_of_year triggers. True if value highter or equal to date. not valid in MP
  • Check_variable trigger now works the same way as variable effects
  • added an 'is_protectorate' trigger.
  • Added liberty desire trigger
  • Added colonial region trigger
  • Added is_colonial_nation_of trigger
  • Added is_colonial_nation trigger
  • Added is_former_colonial_nation trigger


  • Added a local_hostile_attrition modifier.
  • Removed overseas income modifier.
  • Removed colonial_time modifiers as they were not relevant anymore.


  • All variable effects and triggers can now take a scope as an argument
  • Added event scope colonial_parent
  • You can now force provinces to be viewed as coastal. don't use on non-sea.
  • Added GetDateText, GetDate, GetYear and GetMonth to eventscopetext.cpp
  • Added disallow_random_new_world that can be used for mods
  • Added colonial_region context scope
  • Added GetWomanMan to monarchtext

Achievements & Ironman[edit]

  • Fixed a bug which caused the It's All About Luck achievement to not fire.
  • Najd Najd now has +5 missionary strength at start, and hanbali schools give an additional missionary.
  • achievement_ruina_imperii no longer completes if united by HLR, Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire.
  • Jihad, World conquest and 3 mountains achievement now works if remaining nations are your subjects as well.
  • "Jihad" achievement now requires 500 provinces, and full religious unity.
  • Ironman saves should now always look like iron man saves in gamesetup.
  • Show ironman indicator on local games.
  • Game setup: Disable ironman checkbox when steam is not available.

Events & Decisions[edit]


  • Added in the forum contest events.
  • Fixed a missing modifier in event colonial_nation.199
  • Added event for spawning the nation of Funj in empty provinces in Sudan.
  • Funj now gets an event to convert to Islam after they have formed.
  • Event The Act of Supremacy now requires 15% Protestant provinces
  • Events 3076 and 3079 now gives modifier with duration 730 instead of 50
  • Event flavor_rus.1106 "flavor_rus.1106" kills off any remaining her
  • Event flavor_rus.1109 "False Dimitri Overthrown" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event flavor_rus.1110 "End of the Time of Troubles" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event flavor_boh.1 "Hussites march on Prague" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event flavor_dan.4 "Support monarch or pretender?" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event flavor_fra.3148 "Napoléon Bonaparte" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event flavor_mam.4 "Cyprus response" kills off any remaining heir
  • Event muslim_piety.20 "Iqta: Underage ruler is replaced" kills off remaining heir
  • Option C in event flavor_rus.3413 now gives -1 stab instead of +1
  • Fixed a broken advisor trigger in an Trade Company event.
  • Events flavor_tur.108 and flavor_tur.109 now removes the modifier increased_janissary_recruitment
  • Upped MTTH for event Colonial Ventures to 600
  • Event Colonial Ventures will no longer fire if you already have one of the modifiers
  • tweaked some empire events.
  • Fixed triggers for events Excellent Viceroys and Corrupt Viceroys
  • Event "Saint Performs Miracle" now gives 25 papal influence instead of 5
  • Rebalanced 'levying additional taxes" flavor event for Japan.
  • Event "The End of the Hundred Years War" now ignores the province of Calais
  • Event colonial_nation.4 "Freedom Fighter or Rebel?" now spawns events for colonial parent
  • Fixed missing province flag in event flavor_spa.3560
  • Event usa_dlc.10 now check for modifier articles_of_confederation instead of flag
  • Event 9010 now check for modifier jap_red_ship_timer instead of flag
  • Event flavor_pol.3481 now checks for flag librium_veto and not liberum_veto
  • Manchu will no longer appear to lose their ideas when reforming out of Tribal government
  • Events flavor_tur.108 and flavor_tur.109 now removes the modifier increased_janissary_recruitment
  • Upped MTTH for event Colonial Ventures to 600
  • Event Colonial Ventures will no longer fire if you already have one of the modifiers
  • Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" now has a MTTH of 10000 and AI will never take option B
  • Event 9462 "Scheming Bureaucracy" will no longer fire for nations that are not independent
  • Fixed triggers for events Excellent Viceroys and Corrupt Viceroys
  • Added missing script flag to event civil_war.5
  • Colonial election events now only give -5 prestige hit and only +/- 1 liberty desire
  • Russian Grand Embassy event series now targets a western tech country
  • New flagship event is now more fun.
  • Event ideagroups.1407 "Timber Surplus" only triggers if owning a port
  • usa_dlc.5 can now fire as soon as USA is formed
  • usa_dlc.5 will not fire if already has the usa_declaration_independence_flag
  • Tolerance convert events will no longer target province with the religious_zeal_at_conv modifier
  • Fixed events flavor_lit.1 and flavor_lit.2 "Wave of Protestantism" / "Wave of Calvinism"
  • usa_dlc.41 now discovers great_plains and northwestern_america instead
  • Option B in event flavor_lit.12 now cost 25 adm power
  • The Braveheart event is now a proper province event again
  • Event 1061 "Aspiration for liberty" now gets a modifier instead of direkt rr in every province
  • Event 3077 no longer checks for 4 and 5 star advisors
  • Event 5090 "Noble Family Requests Aid" will no longer fire for non-monarchies
  • Event 724 "Clergy condemns philosopher as heretic!" won't trigger if already have the modifiers
  • Removed the stab hit from event flavor_eng.9121
  • Military Divided event no longer reduces stability, but reduces mil power by 25.
  • Statute in Restrain of Appeals decreases MTTH for Spread of Protestantism/Calvinism
  • EVTNAME851 now reads "The House of DYNASTY is shaken"


  • Tweaked lots of triggers for decisions to fit eu4 better.
  • Added nation forming decisions for all old colonial nations
  • Decision move_capital_to_warsawa now available for PLC
  • enforce_sakoku_law now requires either 75 prestige or republican tradition
  • Decisions for formable colonial nations now visible even after someone has formed them
  • importation act no long nerfs tech.
  • East India Trade Company is now valid for any westernised nation not in Asia.
  • Tweaked triggers for naval_convoy_system
  • restore_byzantine_empire now changes government to imperial_government
  • Restoring the Byzantine Empire now gives Byzantine national ideas
  • Ottomans can no longer rename to Byzantine Empire.
  • The Anti Piracy Act and Hire Privateers are no longer mutually exclusive
  • Removed province 548 West Berar from requirement of hindustan_nation_eastern_aryan decision
  • Swedish military reforms are now less potent.
  • Manchu will no longer appear to lose their ideas when reforming out of Tribal government
  • Modifier hsa_military_reform no longer gives negative army and navy tradition



  • Reworked map of Eastern Africa.
  • Reworked map of North America.
  • Boosted basetax in Brazil, La Plata, Spanish main, Mexico & Central America
  • Added river estuary modifiers to Stadacona, Manhattan and Swampy Cree
  • Removed Center of Trade modifier from Stadacona and Manhattan
  • Mombasa now have a trade centre modifier.
  • Lappland, Kola and Karelia now starts as cities
  • African units now have cavalry
  • Asian level 4 now have correct cavalry


  • Moved some provinces from Asia to Europe
  • Revised a lot of province cultures in South America
  • Fixed a few amount of scope bugs in various events
  • Fixed a scope bug with ROOT/FROM in wargoals
  • Fixed a scope bug with Russian Grand Embassy event series
  • Fixed bad from-scope when evaluating missions.
  • Changed trade goods to naval_supplies in 137 Ragusa
  • Changed basetax and manpower to 5 and 3 for 137 Ragusa
  • Updated some province history for 137 Ragusa
  • Mission monopolize_japanese_cot can only trigger once
  • Fixed some bugs to Indian alliances
  • Oran, Mellila, Tangiers & Ceuta are now slightly larger so its possible to click on them
  • Renamed Swahili to Kilwa
  • Sofala is worth less tax, Mombasa & Lamu worth more.
  • 481 - Bermuda now belongs to colonial_eastern_america
  • Removed the_spanish_main from fur trade good
  • kashgar is now in kashmir tradenode.
  • ogaden is now in gulf of aden tradenode, like all other adjacent to it.
  • Renamed the capital of Malta to Mdina
  • SAV_ideas are now valid for Sardinia-Piedmont as well
  • al_misr_arabic is now Egyptian
  • al_suryah_arabic is now Syrian
  • al_iraqiya_arabic is now Mashriqi
  • maghreb_arabic is now Maghrebi
  • Bedouin Arabic is now Bedouin
  • Added native values to all settled provinces in North America
  • Moved guajiro to the Caribbean culture group
  • Split South American culture group into Andean, Je-Tupi and Chonan groups
  • insult_rival mission no longer trigger if you already have a cb_insult or a truce
  • Fixed and tweaked country history files for ENG and GBR
  • Split off South Georgia form Falklands
  • Hunyad and Maros are no longer occupied by on-existent Transylvania Transylvania in 1507
  • Mission subjugate_algiers no longer fires unless Algiers Algiers exists
  • Fixed a missing modifier in event colonial_nation.199
  • Fixed wrong independence date for Nipmuc and Munsee
  • Removed legacy nationalism flags from country history files
  • Removed Japanese occupation of 1015 in history due to no war
  • Removed French occupation of 102 in history due to no war
  • Changed province name Ajuraan to Ajuuraan, same as the country
  • Renamed province 2023 from Lenape to Munsee
  • Mission reclaim_jerusalem is now for Europe only
  • Mission restore_holy_see is now for Europe only
  • Mission keep_rival_out_of_italy is now for Europe only
  • Mission italian_ambition is now for Europe only
  • establish_canada_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
  • establish_usa_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
  • establish_carribean_colony will no longer fire if colonial vassal has presence
  • Fixed the history file for 612 Thang Long
  • Lorraine Lorraine is now part of the Hundred Years' War
  • Replace comanche culture with shoshone
  • Russian annex missions will no longer trigger for subject nations
  • Pisa loses its University.
  • Placed the remaining North American cultures into correct culture groups
  • Remowed SWE-NOR alliace of 1814
  • England England now discovers Powhatan Powhatan in 1584.
  • Recently formed republics are less shaky when starting at later bookmarkes.
  • Ambrosian republic can now be forceconverted away.
  • Updated African alliances to include new protectorate mechanic
  • Removed Japanese occupation of 1015 in history due to no war
  • Removed French occupation of 102 in history due to no war
  • Powhatan Powhatan is now northeastern American region, not eastern.
  • finish_reconquista now only succeeds if the mission country owns all targeted provinces
  • Switched names between units tags african_dragoon and african_hussar
  • Added mesoamerican_spearmen as the mesoamerican base unit
  • Updated historical_units for meso- and South American countries
  • royal_marriage_threat now checks for num_of_free_diplomatic_relations = 1
  • royal_marriage_mission now checks for num_of_free_diplomatic_relations = 1
  • Divided the new_world units into the three new groups
  • Added province history files for seven wasteland provinces
  • Macau is now in the correct place
  • Less chance of English_colony_in_the_carribean mission if it has a colony in the region
  • The usa_declaration_independence_flag is now set in the USA country history file
  • Interregnums after game start will now correctly show up as such

Stability & Performance[edit]

  • Fixed CTD when running a save game from 1.1.
  • Fixed CTD when loading a save game from in-game.
  • Fixed CTD in sell province diplomatic action.
  • Fixed CTD when quiting the game.
  • Fixed CTD when "on_peace_actor" was triggered.
  • Fixed CTD when listing many cloud save games.
  • Fixed CTD related to removed factions.
  • Fixed CTD when reading production_leader_tag from save game.
  • Fixed a potential CTD with non-owned provinces being regarded as cities.
  • Added safety code for if we fail to read a file from the Steam cloud.
  • Optimized handling of large amount of country tags (checks against currently active countries instead of all of them).
  • Multi-threaded new save game zips.
  • Optimized the start-up slightly (no longer do unnecessary opinion calculations when the history is being read).

Major Bugfixes[edit]

  • Fixed issues with downloading large mods on Linux and OSX
  • Found a major bug with how missions are saved
  • Pending events now gets the correct scope when loaded from savegame.
  • Pending events now saved as namespace names
  • Pending events that is broken, (unlikeley) will be dropped
  • Tagchange should no longer leave leftover merchants of the previous tag

Minor Bugfixes[edit]

  • Fixed bug where all opinioncache-values was inited to -10.
  • Fixed some broken localisation.
  • Fixed some problems with trade ship logic and the Western Europe trade node
  • Fixed a bug that was causing cores to instantly disappear when a country was annexed in the late game
  • Fixed French localisation issues regarding historical scores and achievements
  • Modifiers Primas Germaniae and Legatus Natus are no longer lost after a month
  • Now possible to trade in your homenode even if its out of range
  • Fixed an exploit where you could move out of Celestial Empire government without losing factions
  • Removed unused script flag from several events.
  • Fixed spelling, typos & grammar errors where discovered.
  • Fixed a bug with trade fleets aborting their missions due to bad supply range calcs
  • Fixed a bug where trade fleets could be assigned to nodes where they could not patrol by right-clicking the node
  • Lithuania will no longer steal Kazimierz as a leader after the union.
  • Ignore height elevation when calculating if on map icon should be visible
  • Fixed fleet icons being stuck at edges of screen
  • Fixed missing combat terrain GFX_combat_terrain_forest
  • Don't send Merchant arrived/canceled messages for undiscovered countries
  • Fixed cursor when moving into TI
  • Fixed bug where the macrobuildinterface showed wrong naval units.
  • Fixed a bug where union leaders sometimes ended up in junior partners armies after a reload.
  • coring time is now properly set at reload of a savegame.
  • Fixed mismatch in combat between first participating country and first unit
  • Annexing in peace now costs the correct amount of DIP power
  • fixed a bug which caused you to sometimes get higher legitimacy penalty when accepting a royal marriage.
  • Fixed bug where the macrobuildinterface showed wrong naval units.
  • Fixed bug where hire merc-button was disabled.
  • Fixed a bug with set age in define_heir effect
  • Fixed a bug where fleets would retreat into provinces where they could not repair
  • Fixed bug where countries could complete conquer-missions when another country conquers the target.
  • Fixed a bug where union leaders sometimes ended up in junior partners armies after a reload.
  • Fixed a bug with rebel hunting units where they would constantly move back and forth between two provinces due to nearby enemy armies
  • Custom province names now gets reset when resetting gamestate.
  • Vassals who are in a coalition against their overlord because of being forcevassalized by their coalition target in a war will now have their coalition membership cleared the next day
  • hre_strip_glow is now following the hre-button, wherever it is.
  • integrate is now properly blocked when a target capital is occupied, not overlords.


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