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Primary culture
Turkish (Oghuz)

Capital province
Edirne (149)

Despotic MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
AnatolianAnatolian technology group
Ottoman ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+5% Discipline
+3 Tolerance of heathens

Core-creation cost.png Millets

-33% Core-creation cost
-15% Accepted culture threshold

Manpower recovery speed.png Ghazi

+20% Manpower recovery speed

Cavalry power.png Timariot System

+15% Cavalry combat ability

War exhaustion cost.png Autonomous Pashas

-10% Cost of reducing war exhaustion

National tax modifier.png The Law code of Suleiman

+10% National tax modifier

Trade efficiency.png Tulip Period

+10% Trade efficiency

Global ship cost.png Found the Imperial School of Naval Engineering

-10% Ship costs

Idea bonus.png Ambitions:

+33% Land force limit modifier

EU IV starts on 11 November 1444, the day after the Ottoman victory over the Christian alliance at Varna.


Main article: Technology

The Ottomans begin the game in 1444 in the Anatolian technology group at Tech level 3 for Administration, Diplomacy and Military. This is the highest starting technology level.


  • +25% cost to all technology. This means technology is more expensive for the Ottomans than Western nations, but cheaper than other Muslims. Ottoman rulers tend to be very good, so westernizing may be unnecessary.
  • 50% Cavalry Ratio. Cavalry numbers may be up to 50% of a total army size, excluding artillery, before the Insufficient Support penalty is incurred. Same as Western, less than Muslim.
  • Anatolian units: see Lands units § Anatolian. Early game Anatolian units (up to military tech 15) are superior to Western by 1 pip. Notably, Janissaries (infantry at military tech 9) have 1 offensive fire pip; the only other tech groups to get fire pips this early are Indian and Chinese, who have a much worse tech cost penalty. Conversely, Anatolian cavalry has no fire pips until tech 18, compared to 10 for Western.


Main article: Ottoman missions

Practically all of the Ottoman missions revolve around expanding their borders. In the early stages of the game, many of the missions revolve around reclaiming the lands of Anatolia, as well as the iconic mission to conquer the City of the World's Desire: Constantinople. Further missions will request the Ottoman Empire to expand and conquer the regions of North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, as well as individual provinces - all to increase trading power in the Spice Trade and to unite Sunni lands against Christendom.


Main article: Ottoman events

Since the Ottoman Empire spanned over a huge area for many years, and experienced intense reforms and changes in governing an empire not seen before in history, it's no wonder that the Ottomans have many dynamic historical events. Many of those historical events are the conclusive aftermath of the expansion and government reforms of the Ottoman Empire - such events can revolve around the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the trade state of Venice, the left-over Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, enacting reforms that might not be popular with everyone, or suppressing nationalistic rebels. The Ottomans' dynamic historical events show that to lead an impressive empire, impressive decisions must be made.


Execute decision.pngMake Constantinople Capital

The glorious city we have recently conquered will make a splendid capital for our nation. Constantinople is the greatest city on earth, and our government would make it so much stronger.

Potential Requirements
  • Ottomans:
    • Own Constantinople (151)
    • Capital is not Constantinople
    • Have not enacted this decision before
  • Is not at war
  • Primary culture is Turkish
  • Follows the Sunni religion
  • Ruler's administrative skill is at least 3
  • Controls the province Constantinople
  • Owns Edirne (149), Kocaeli (316), Hüdavendigar (317) and Burgas (1764)

  • Gain 1 stability
  • Constantinople:
    • Becomes core
    • Becomes capital
    • Changes culture to Turkish
    • Changes religion to Sunni
    • Changes province capital name to Kostantiniyye
  • If does not have the global flag constantinople_restored
    • Constantinople:
      • GainsTax Base Icon.png4 base tax
      • GainsProduction.png4 production
      • GainsManpower.png3 province base manpower
    • Sets the global flag constantinople_restored
  • Government rank of Ottomans becomes Empire

Execute decision.pngAdopt the Provincial Government System

Appointing provincial governors, or 'Beys' can certainly improve administration of taxes and such but with less direct control over our provinces there is also the possibility of ambitious governors spending most of their time caught up in intrigues and internal feuds.

Potential Requirements
  • Ottomans have not enacted this decision before
  • Administrative technology is at least 5
  • Ruler's administrative skill is at least 4
  • Has at least 50 administrative power

  • LoseAdministrative power.png-50 administrative power
  • Ottomans gain the modifier "Provincial Government System" for the rest of the campaign:
    • National tax modifier.png+10% National tax modifier
    • National unrest.png+1 National unrest

Execute decision.pngAdopt the Devshirme System

By adopting the Devshirme System we have increased the efficiency of our recruitment process considerably.

Potential Requirements
  • Ottomans have not enacted this decision before
  • Ruler's military skill is at least 4
  • Has at least 100 military power

  • LoseMilitary power.png-100 military power
  • Ottomans gain the modifier "Devshirme System" for the rest of the campaign:
    • National manpower modifier.png+10% National manpower modifier

Execute decision.pngDisband the Janissaries

In 1622, the 17-year-old Sultan Osman II, decided to curb the Janissary excesses. The year before he had been defeated by the Poles during the 'Moldavian Magnate Wars', which he mainly blamed the cowardice of the Janissaries for. He was also outraged over being 'subject to his own slaves.' Rumors about the Sultan preparing to disband them soon reached the Janissaries who revolted and imprisoned Osman. Shortly after he was strangled to death.

Potential Requirements
  • Has the country modifier "The Janissaries"
  • Has the disaster "Janissary Decadence"

  • Removes the country modifier "The Janissaries"
  • Ends the disaster "Janissary Decadence"


Starting situation[edit]

The Ottomans begin owning most of Anatolia and the southern Balkans. The early game will likely be focused on consolidating the country's position in those regions.

In the Balkans:

  • Constantinople and the Peloponnese are still in Byzantine hands, plus Athens is a vassal under them. An early mission gives a claim on Constantinople; once it is conquered, no admin points need be spent to core it because a decision moves the capital there, gives a free core, increases development and bumps the Ottomans' rank to empire. With all these benefits, conquering it is a no-brainer, and can be done immediately since no truce exists with Byzantium.
  • Albania is a core, and has no allies and no truce. Although not exactly an important province, it's worth noting that Venice also has a core on it, and in all cases when competing with Venice it is important to move quickly. Since they have only five regiments and Ottomans begin with a great general and 5% discipline, winning the war is easy despite the mountainous terrain.
  • To the west, Ragusa is subject to a guarantee by the Ottomans. While this guarantee may seem worthless, bear in mind that as a centre of trade Venice is very interested in conquering it. Again, suppressing Venetian ambitions will help the Ottomans gain and maintain hegemony in the eastern Mediterranean. Vassalizing them is a distinct possibility and gives a nice vassal that can be fed Balkan provinces; to help with this, Zeta can be taken from Serbia without bloodshed (after the truce expires) by simply demanding it if you have The Cossacks.png The Cossacks.

Meanwhile, in Anatolia:

  • Candar, Dulkadir, Ramazan and Karaman are four Turkish beyliks in Anatolia. The Ottomans have cores on all their provinces, so annexing them ASAP should be a priority.
  • Aq Qoyunlu has also an Ottoman core, and they are weak and will easily capitulate if threatened. This is preferable to fighting in the mountains whenever possible. Afterwards, warning them will discourage them from fighting the Turks' pet beyliks.
  • Qara Qoyunlu also has an Ottoman core. They are unfortunately too strong to capitulate to threats and any war with them is likely to be gruelling in terms of manpower, due to all the mountains biasing battles in their favour and the extra defensiveness making sieges take that much longer.
  • Trebizond is a lone Orthodox holdout in a sea of Muslims. Their alliances are invariably insignificant - perhaps Georgia or Circassia, but Qara Qoyunlu and (with the player's help) Crimea, respectively, usually vassalize them, so they are left with only the puny Theodoro, also usually annexed early by Crimea.
  • Cyprus is guaranteed by the Ottomans' historical rival the Mamluks. The Mamluk navy is not insignificant, but it should be possible to prevent it from landing troops anywhere near the Ottoman armies. Early on all naval power should be invested in galleys; light ships may provide extra trade income, but that is not so important in the early game as raw naval might. Two cogs are surplus to requirements and can be sold, probably to an Anatolian vassal. Once more Venice is a rival for the same ambitions, with a mission that gives a claim, and the player must move quickly to secure it if desired, since Venice's navy is more than adequate for the task.

First Moves[edit]

  • Annex Albania: Probably the most important since Venice would go after Albania if the player doesn't act quickly.
  • Annex Byzantium: This should be smooth and easy and also quite important in order to strengthen the player's army.
  • Annex Anatolian Beyliks: Player should probably declare war on Beyliks allied to other Beyliks as that would allow both Beyliks to be annexed in one war.

Optional First Moves[edit]

  • Convert to Orthodox: (needs guide).
  • Annex Theodoro: This prevents Crimea from taking it so that the player can later take over Crimea.

After First Moves Options[edit]

The player has plenty of options for expansion. However, the player must pay attention to AE when dealing with Catholics (and Russia). Other than that, many paths of expansion are quite easy. The first Ottoman Idea "Millets" is very useful to the player so the player might want to unlock this idea ASAP.

Paths of expansion:

  • Mamluks: One of Ottoman's biggest historical rival, the Mamluks reside in Egypt and Levant. Assuming the player followed the first moves, the player should have well over twice the army size of that the Mamluks. On top of that, because of reduced tech cost for the player, the player would have a technological superiority over the Mamluks. If the player invades the Mamluks before "Millets" is unlocked. The player might want to create Syria as a vassal to conserve ADM points.
  • QQ: The player should be careful when dealing with QQ as early in the game, they usually declare war on neighboring weaklings and vassalize them, giving them more troops if they ever need it. The best way to deal with them is to rush military tech as QQ has nomadic tech group, the player might want to annex potential targets for QQ to prevent those minors from turning against the player.
  • Hungary and Balkans: Balkan minors such as Serbia should be relatively easy to deal with, especially the Orthodox religion ones since annexing them doesn't incur AE penalty with the Catholics. Hungary may be a problem since they're usually allied to Austria but securing an alliance with either Hungary's or Austria's rival could fix this. Alternatively, the player may declare war on one of Hungary's allies not allied to Austria and annex Hungarian provinces.
  • Crimea: The player may want to take care of Crimea before Poland forms the Commonwealth to prevent the Commonwealth from making Crimea a possible way of expanding. If the player is lucky, Genoa and Austria aren't allied. After Genoa leaves the HRE, the player may declare war on Genoa for their Crimean provinces.
  • Italy: If the player is lucky, Naples would either be independent if Castile gets a PU over Aragon, or Castile chooses not to get a PU over Aragon. In both cases, expansion into southern Italy would be relatively easy as long as Naples isn't allied to a superpower such as France or Austria or even Castile or Spain.

Potential Allies:

  • Tunis: Though the player would probably eventually break alliance with them, securing alliance with them would prevent the possibility of the Mamluks expanding there and becoming powerful.
  • Russia: This alliance is hard to achieve but an alliance with them could potentially help the player deal with the Commonwealth.
  • France: Usually rivals Austria, France can be useful to deal with Austria, don't let them become too powerful though, they are called the BBB for a good reason.
  • Spain: An unlikely but possible alliance, a player who secures an alliance with Spain may find colonization of the New World easier.


The following DLC affect the Ottomans.



  • Conquest of Constantinople - Adds three songs for Byzantium Byzantium and the Ottomans Ottomans.


  • Horsemen of the Crescent - Adds 12 new Cavalry unit models for Muslims.
  • Muslim Advisor Portraits - Adds new, unique Advisor portraits for the Muslim cultures.
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