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Primary culture
Norwegian (Scandinavian)

Capital province
Akershus (17)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Norwegian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+25% National sailors modifier
+10% Ship durability

Morale of navies.png Natural Seamanship

+20% Morale of navies

May explore.png Call of Our Forefathers

Can recruit Explorers and Conquistadors
+33% Colonial range

Colonists.png Pioneer Spirit

+1 Colonists

Global ship cost.png Military Shipbuilding

−10% Ship costs

Trade power.png Seize the Opportunity

+10% Global trade power

Production efficiency.png Encouraged Fishing

+10% Production efficiency

Prestige.png Write new Sagas

+1 Yearly prestige
+2.5% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambitions:

+20% Trade steering

Norway is a country that nearly touches the top of the Earth. Although Norway starts as a lesser partner in the Kalmar Union under Denmark, they control Iceland, a perfect stepping stone for colonizing Greenland and thus the New World. Although it will likely never manage to compete with its eastern neighbour Sweden, Norway can become an economic and trading power in its own right.


Execute decision.pngEmbrace Icelandic Identity

Circumstances have conspired to make our Icelandic holdings the foremost part of our country. Let us embrace this new identity as an Icelandic country and strengthen the local institutions, entrenching our own rule over the island.

Potential Requirements

Iceland does not exist.
This country:

If AI-controlled further:

  • has 4 cities.
  • is not a former colonial nation

This country:

  • has a maximum of 4 cities.


This country:

  • changes country to Iceland Iceland.
  • if capital is not in the Province icon.png subartic islands area:
    • Set Capital.png capital to Reykjavik
  • if primary culture is not Norwegian, set primary culture to the culture in the capital.
  • lose Autonomy.png-100% local autonomy in:
    • Reykjavik (370)
    • Akureyri (371)
    • Hjaltland (1978)
    • Faeroyene (1979)
  • Gain Tax Base Icon.png 1 base tax in Reykjavik.
  • Gain Production.png 1 base production in Reykjavik.
  • Gain Tax Base Icon.png 1 base tax in Akureyri.
  • Gain Production.png 1 base production in Akureyri.

Execute decision.pngForm Scandinavian Nation

For untold centuries the Kingdoms of the North have been divided and locked in internecine power struggles. Previous attempts at Union have ultimately failed, to the delight of their European neighbors. Even so, the vision of a lasting union remains a tantalizing possibility...

Potential Requirements

Scandinavia does not exist.
This country:

If AI-controlled further:

  • has at least 10 cities.
  • is not a former colonial nation

This country:


This country:

  • changes country to Scandinavia Scandinavia.
  • gains Prestige.png10 prestige.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png−0.05 Monthly autonomy change
    • National unrest.png+1 National unrest
  • gains permanent claims on all provinces of the Scandinavia (region).
  • changes government rank to Kingdom rank if it’s a duchy.

If Scandinavia is not an elector of the Holy Roman Empire, all own provinces are removed from the HRE.


Msg event.pngBohus Fortress

The final construction of the fortress in Bagahus, Bohuslän is done. A river forms a natural moat around the fortress as it commands its surroundings from a cliff 40 meters high. It serves as the main defense against Sweden with its four rectangular corner towers and the three meters thick wall which surrounds it.

Trigger conditions
  • Year is before 1470
  • Bohuslän:
    • Is owned & controlled by Norway
    • Fort level is 2 & not 3
Mean time to happen
  • 200 Months

Event button 547.png
  • Bohuslän gains the modifier "Bohus Fortress" until the end of the campaign:
    • Local manpower modifier.png+10% Manpower modifier

Msg event.pngNils Henriksson

The son of National Counselor Henrik Jensson, Nils Henriksson, has recently married Ingerd Ottesdatter and consolidated his possession of the Austrått estates. He is now one of Norway's largest landowners, with properties in Bergen, Vardøhus, Hålogaland, Fosen, Frosta, Stjørdal, Sunnmøre, Romsdal, Edøy, Selbu and Herjedalen. He has been suggested to the post of National Counselor.

Trigger conditions
  • Year is between 1475 and 1523
  • The ruler of Norway has at least 4 diplomatic skill
Mean time to happen
  • 2000 Months

Event button 547.png
Let him become an advisor
  • Gain Diplomatic power.png25 diplomatic power
  • Gain Prestige.png10 prestige
  • A discounted skill level 2 Statesman named "Nils Henriksson" arrives at the Norwegian court

Msg event.pngSigurd Jonsson

The Norwegian nobleman and knight, Sigurd Jonsson, is a former drottsete, a man who could rule the country in the King's name, and regent of Norway. He is a direct descendant of the old Norwegian royal family and the commander of Akershus Fortress from 1440 to 1445. Sigurd Jonsson is one of the leading proponents of the anti-Hanseatic policies in Norway.

Trigger conditions
  • Year is before 1452
  • The ruler of Norway has at least 4 administrative skill
Mean time to happen
  • 2000 Months

Event button 547.png
He could be of use to the realm
  • Gain Military power.png25 military power
  • Gain Prestige.png10 prestige
  • A discounted skill level 2 Military Engineer named "Sigurd Jonsson" arrives at the Norwegian court

Msg event.pngVardøhus Fortress

The first fortification in Vardø Municipality in Finnmark county was built in 1306 and was called Varghøya. The second fortification was built in Østervågen, erected between 1450 and 1500, a rectangular fortification with two corner bastions.

Trigger conditions
  • Year is before 1500
  • Finnmark is owned, controlled by Norway and has fort level 1
Mean time to happen
  • 200 Months

Event button 547.png
Fortify the fortress further
  • Lose back25 ducats
  • Gain the province modifier local_fortress in Finnmark until the end of the campaign
Event button 547.png
Increase defenses in the whole of Norway
  • Lose -0.5 a year's worth of income
  • Gain Military power.png50 military power
  • Gain 5 months worth of manpower
Event button 547.png
Do nothing
  • Lose Prestige.png1 prestige


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Norwegian Wood icon
Norwegian Wood
Own or have a subject own all naval supplies provinces as Norway.

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