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Primary culture
Mossi (Mande)

Capital province
Wagadugu (1137)

Tribal MonarchyGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
Sub-SaharanSub-Saharan technology group
Mossi ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−1 National unrest
+10% Cavalry combat ability

Legitimacy.png Riale and Yennenga

+1 Yearly legitimacy

Cavalry flanking ability.png Cavalry Raids

+50% Cavalry flanking ability

Max promoted cultures.png Nyonnyonse Vassals

+1 Max promoted cultures

Autonomy.png Nakomse

−0.05 Monthly autonomy change

Fort defense.png Land of the Ancestors

+15% Fort defense

Tolerance own.png Honoring the Masks

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Stability cost modifier.png Friday Court

−10% Stability cost modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Diplomatic relations

Mossi is a Tribal Monarchy and regional power in the middle of West africa, bordered by Flag of Jenné Jenné, Flag of Macina Macina, Flag of Mali Mali and Flag of Kong Kong to the West, Flag of Songhai Songhai to the North, Flag of Zazzau Zazzau to the East and Flag of Bonoman Bonoman, Flag of Dagbon Dagbon and Flag of Oyo Oyo to the South.


Opening moves[edit]

Mossi is the strongest Fetishist state in Western Africa, which doesn't mean much. They are usually rivalled by their much stronger Sunni neighbours, who also usually ally amongst themselves. The trick to surviving as Mossi is going way over their diplomatic upkeep limit and ally every Fetishist state they can reach. This will hopefully stop Flag of Mali Mali/Flag of Songhai Songhai from teaming up and declaring war on Mossi. Mossi is still not safe, however, and Mali or Songhai will eventually focus on Mossi.

Mossi should have a mission that allows them to take a mission to save a province owned by Flag of Macina Macina as they're Sunni and the province is fetishist. Every day counts as far as getting Macina to be unallied, or allied to some small states. In the main time the player could achieve all the alliances with the other fetishist states (about 6/7 in total). A trick to this, is to send alliance offers to the states least likely to offer it themselves. These are usually states with the lowest opinion of the player, or who are far away. Countries such as Flag of Oyo Oyo and Flag of Benin Benin are good examples. So, send them alliances and accept the rest, hopefully the player will get all alliances. It isn't a huge problem if Macina has a few allies- depending on the alliances, it could actually be a good thing. For instance, if they ally Flag of Kongo Kongo (out of a mutual hatred for Mossi), the player can fully annex Kongo for little aggressive expansion, as they're a Fetishist state, and the player is allied with most of the Fetishist states. This is very important, as Mossi's first wars should be about squeezing as much AE out of as many nations as possible without shattering their country, or causing a huge coalition. After the player achieves all possible alliances, start improving relations with Flag of Dagbon Dagbon- they are able to be diplo-vassalized, after the war with Macina.

Looking ahead[edit]

Once the player has at least beaten down Macina- take a few provinces, not enough to cause a coalition, but not far off the threshold. Now, the player needs to sit tight and core their lands. Again, this is hoping Mali and Songhai don't pounce on a slightly weakened Mossi- it's a gamble, but worth it in the long run, as when Mossi is finally up to full strength, they will be able to take on the strong Sunni states (with some clever political manoeuvring).

With a bit of luck, the player should now be in control of a slightly stronger Mossi, with a few extra Fetishist provinces and a new vassal, as well as a whole slew of minor Animist state allies. The hardest part should be behind Mossi now. The player can now begin to pick away at the Sunni state's Fetishist provinces, finding weak alliances and states and taking the advantage. The player should be able to take on Jenne and their allies, or even Mali/Songhai if they've very few allies. Now is the time to expand with Mossi's horde of Fetishist allies, and begin conquering Central Africa. Unless the player gets hit by a nasty two-front war, or causes a large coalition, they should be safe. Remember: Things will be a lot easier if Mossi gets forcefully converted to the Sunni religion. This is hard to set up, though, as the player must have more Sunni provinces than Fetishist provinces and then have Sunni zealots revolt. A good way of doing this is having a large Sunni vassal, and when the player is prepared to be weakened by the zealots, annex the vassal. They must plan a head accordingly of course- Flag of Timbuktu Timbuktu can act as a very good vassal, as they are a good size and in the position to take a lot of Songhai land.


As with all African nations, Mossi must westernise as early as possible if they wish to stand a chance against the colonizers. This usually means going exploration and colonizing a province nearby either Flag of Castile Castile or Flag of Portugal Portugal and then westernising off of them. Having a large and secure country is paramount before attempting to westernise, so having most of Central Africa and no real threats nearby, is important. This usually means taking either Humanism or Religious as an idea, before Exploration. Portugal or Castile could potentially colonize nearby Jolof, so the player may not even need Exploration, though it is a very good idea, especially for an African power.

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