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This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game.

For information on how to make mods, see modding

Mod is short for "modification", as in modification of game files to change the functionality of EU4. Mods can be added to the game by placing them in the mods folder, which can be found at /Users/<Username>/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod. Mods can also be downloaded from the Steam Workshop (by subscribing to them). In that case, they will be automagically added to the mods folder.

List of mods[edit]

Mod Author Category Updated to version Notes & links
1356 - A Timeline Extension Mod for EUIV DanJonMin Time Extension and Bookmarks 1.7 FORUM STEAM
Additional Trade Routes Zarine Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Balanced Asian Technology Marthandavarman Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Bellum Iustum Thundarr Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Better Advisors AlknicTeos Balance/Gameplay FORUM
Better Forts doulos05 Balance/Gameplay STEAM
Colonial Companies (Automated Colonization) jamaicam Balance/Gameplay 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
ConvPower v1.1: Administrative/Diplomatic/Military Power mutual conversion zyl910hero Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Culture & Religion Mod Mef Balance/Gameplay STEAM Currently offline
Dei Gratia dharper General overhaul 1.4 FORUM STEAM
Diplomacy and annexation quick fix (less blobbing, more nice pretty borders) takedown47 Balance/Gameplay FORUM

Use of the Additional Trade Routes mod

The Discworld caeppers Map overhaul 1.2 FORUM
Divided Continents Mini-Mod xcrissxcrossx Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Emporia: Straits, Rivers & Natural Harbours Xcapos Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Endonym mod Medibee General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.3 FORUM STEAM
Extended Vanilla Experience Daniel General Overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
From Darkness GAGA Extrem General Overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
HaREM: Heirs and Rulers Education Mod mate0815 Balance/Gameplay 1.3 FORUM STEAM
Historical Map Improvement jat85 Map Overhaul 1.5 FORUM
HPU: Historically Plausible Unions kiliopoli General Flavour/Multi-Regional Immersion 1.3 FORUM STEAM
Iaponia Universalis cckerberos Map Overhaul FORUM STEAM
Improve Monarch (Skills) sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
Improve Ruler Skills CaptRobau Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Indestructible buildings stilgar Balance/Gameplay STEAM
Keyboard Shortcuts Extended Various contributors Utilities 1.7.0 FORUM STEAM
MEIOU and Taxes Gigau and Lukew General overhaul 1.5.1 FORUMWiki
Monarch suicide and heir murder decisions Phelerox Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
More Realism Marthandavarman Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM
Mundus Non Sufficit Various contributors General overhaul 1.5.1 FORUM
New Economy pac General overhaul FORUM STEAM
Pax Sinica Various contributors Region/Nation-Specific 1.6 FORUM STEAM
Points exchange minimod DVolk Balance/Gameplay FORUM
Rebalanced Buildings sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM
Roleplaying AI Mod Mef Balance/Gameplay STEAM Currently offline
Ruler Traits - Enhancing Importance of Ruler bananamrs Balance/Gameplay 1.2 FORUM STEAM
Southamerican Nations Korosuke Region/Nation-Specific 1.5.1 STEAM
SuperStates Mod KeoniPhoenix Alternate History 1.6.2 FORUM STEAM
Terra Universalis II Camara Map overhaul FORUM
Trade Mod Mef Balance/Gameplay STEAM Currently offline
Trade + Roleplaying + Culture Mod Mef Balance/Gameplay FORUM STEAM Currently offline

Install this for playing Mef's MOD at the same time, they are not compatible with each other

Veritas et Fortitudo
(formerly Glory of Byzantium)
Penguintopia Complete Game Overhaul 1.6.1 FORUM STEAMWiki
Warmonger sinkingmist Balance/Gameplay 1.5.1 FORUM STEAM

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