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Primary culture
Mapuche (Araucanian)

Capital province
Huillimapu (784)

Native CouncilGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
South AmericanSouth American technology group
Mapuche ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% National manpower modifier
+1% Attrition for enemies

Fort defense.png Mapuche Pucaras

+15% Fort defense

Discipline.png Clava Clubs

+5% Discipline

Prestige from land battles.png Mapuche Tactics

+50% Army tradition from battles

Trade steering.png Mapuche Weaving

+20% Trade steering

National unrest.png Ngillatun

−1 National unrest

Diplomatic reputation.png Peace Parliaments

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Prestige.png Ruxafe

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Diplomat

Mapuche is a South American native country. It does not border any other countries in 1444. It is the primary nation for the Mapuche culture. Historically, the Mapuche fought the centuries-long Arauco War with Spain, as well as various previous encounters with the Inca.


Mapuche has 2 historical events (from /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorMPC.txt).

Msg event.pngToqui

The enemy's forces are growing, and we need to choose a 'toqui', a wartime chief, to lead our troops. Caupolicán is an extraordinarily strong man, but he has little experience with the enemy. Lautaro has served as an auxiliary to the enemy's cavalry and he knows much about fighting the conquistadors but he is not as strong as Caupolicán. No matter who the council chooses, you have the final say. Who shall be our toqui?

Trigger conditions

This event has not yet occurred. The country:

  • is Flag of Mapuche Mapuche.
  • is at war with a country that:
  • has its capital in Europe.
Mean time to happen

32 months

Event button 547.png
The strong Caupolicán!

Mapuche gets a general named “Caupolicán” with a skill of 3 shock, 2 fire, 2 manuever and 3 siege.

Event button 547.png
Lautaro with his insight in fighting the enemy.

Mapuche gets a general named “Lautaro” with a skill of 2 shock, 3 fire, 3 manuever and 2 siege.

Msg event.pngState Organization

The battle between us and troops of the Inca Empire occurred between the Maule River and the Itata River. Their borders are though far from us and there is a chance that we will escape Inca rule. We have for the first time met people with a clear state organization and it has opened our eyes. The battles between us and the Inca have given us an awareness of the difference between them and us, what distinguishes us and the invaders. We have realized that it is time to unite and form something that will protect us from the Incas and other invaders.

Trigger conditions

This event has not yet occurred. The country:

  • is Flag of Mapuche Mapuche.
  • has knowledge of, has a truce with or is at war with Flag of Inca Inca.
Mean time to happen

32 months

Event button 547.png
One nation under our gods...

If Mapuche has a stability of less than 3,

  • then it gains Icon stability.png1 stability,
  • else it gains Administrative power.png50 administrative power.
Event button 547.png
Fear and interest will unite men.

Mapuche gains Prestige.png5 prestige.


Getting somewhere[edit]

Mapuche starts as a migratory OPM that is incredibly isolated from the rest of South America. It is recommended to migrate closer to other native tribes to allow easier expansion through conquest and diplomacy. The player can either migrate north towards the Andes or north-east towards the Atlantic coast.

Taking the north-eastern route will bring the player closer to other OPM tribes along the coast of the South Atlantic ocean. The low number and relative isolation of these tribes will allow for uninterrupted conquest. After the short expansion period the player can turn their focus to rapid reform and then westernization as the first wave of European explorers will arrive. Taking the northern route will bring the player closer to the Andean kingdoms where a high number of small-sized native nations reside. Settling here would require the player to seek allies before starting any wars as it is most then likely that by the time the player will reach the area each nation will have one or two allies. Out of the two, going to the Andes is the safest bet in the long term. An early fast westernization will leave the player exposed to the more powerful Flag of Spain Spain or Flag of Portugal Portugal. Doing so after uniting the Andes will give a bigger power base and a better chance against the Europeans.

Either route the player takes it is best to settle down in the richest possible province adjacent to the biggest cluster of neighbors for coring purposes. Further guidelines while still in the migration process would be to avoid buildings (unless necessary for war), invest in the early native ideas while the migration cooldown is in effect (especially the reduction on migration cooldown) and keep forces to minimum when possible. Vassalization of far away OPMs should be avoided while the player is still migrating (thus small) due to high negative opinion modifier from enforced vassalage and relative force size resulting in high liberty desire. The player should stock on points to raise stability as Mapuche cannot fabricate claims with their initial government type, so barring any missions every war will be a no-CB war.

Opportunistic Orange[edit]

As the title suggests, Mapuche need to be very opportunistic in engaging with new neighbours. They're much larger and richer than Mapuche and have a much better technology. Make friends, make allies, and adapt to changing situations. Flag of Cusco Cusco is often a nation that blobs hard and early, so be on good terms with them. See if Mapuche can use diplomacy to sneak up and gang up on another nation. The administrative native ideas are important for shoring up the tiny Mapuche economy, where the military ones can tip the scales in Mapuche's favour. The diplomatic ideas are relatively unimportant at this stage. The unique tribal buildings are key to victory. The Fortified House will allow Mapuche to outnumber their opponents with a +10 to forcelimits, (a bonus the monarchies to the north don't get), the Sweat Lodge to make new friends easier, and the Ceremonial Fire Pit will really help out on monarch points. Get them all as soon as possible after settling down. Getting the -20% build cost from administrative ideas is a good way to save money in the long run as these cheap buildings native are a great way to consolidate power. Build an army, pick a target, and take their land.

War drums fade[edit]

After Mapuche have taken some land from a neighbour, the player is going to have teething problems, likely with non-accepted culture. If Mapuche take enough land of their culture it will become accepted soon. Keep blobbing, don't stop collecting military points to advancing through technology. Keep Cusco happy, answer any calls to war, leave a diplomat there to smooth over relations. Mapuche is still in a precarious position. Cusco will likely form the Flag of Inca Inca, and when that happens a Peasant's War is likely, and this is a good time to strike and take the biggest threat in South America down a few pegs. Use the ledger to check their strength periodically, and set alerts for when Cusco enters and leaves wars. With new land and the Fortified House, the forcelimits should overpower Cusco if the declaration is timely. The only issue is military tech. Mapuche need to have a heavy focus on catching Cusco.

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