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Kingdom rankManchu
Primary culture
Manchu (Evenki)

Capital province
Huncun (2108)

Steppe NomadsGovernment steppe horde.png

State religion

Technology group
NomadicNomadic technology group
Manchu ideas

For Haixi, Jianzhou and Yeren, as well as Manchu and Qing if formed.

Traditions.png Traditions:

+1 Land leader shock
−10% Land maintenance modifier

National manpower modifier.png United Three Jurchens

+10% National manpower modifier
−20% Core-creation cost

Technology cost.png Manchu Alphabet

−10% Technology cost

Possible Manchu banners.png The Eight Banners

+25% Possible Manchu banners

Cavalry combat ability.png Link with the Mongol Dynasty

+15% Cavalry combat ability

Manpower recovery speed.png The Green Standard Army

+20% Manpower recovery speed

National unrest.png Pigtail or Death

−2 National unrest

Stability cost modifier.png The Chinese Laws

−10% Stability cost modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+1 Land leader shock

Manchu is a formable nation, able to be created by Flag of Haixi Haixi, Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou and Flag of Yeren Yeren. When Manchu is formed uniting the former 3 countries, it borders Flag of Ming Ming and Flag of Korea Korea in the south and Flag of Korchin Korchin and Flag of Buryatia Buryatia in the west.


Any country with Manchu as its primary culture can take the decision to form Manchu.[1]

Execute decision.pngUnite Jurchen Tribes

With the three capitals of the ancient Jurchen tribes firmly in our hands, it is now time to proclaim our people's unification and let the entire world know that Manchurians are now one.
Potential Requirements

Flag of Manchu Manchu does not exist.
The country:

  • Primary Culture icon.png culture is Manchu.

If this country is AI-controlled, then it:

  • can not be a custom nation.

The country:

  • One of the following must be true:
    • Is not a subject nation.
    • Is a Tributary state.
  • is not at war.
  • owns its core provinces:
    • Girin (730), Hinggan (1053) and Huncun (2108).


The country:


Military power.png Unite the Manchu tribes

We must once and for all unite the Manchu peoples, several are allied to the Chinese and have sought shelter in the shadow of their great wall. We must send our banner south and liberate them from bondage.
Target provinces

All provinces of:

  • Chengde (703), Ningyuan (704), Xilin Gol (723), Shenyang (726), Jirem (722), Andong (2112), Gaizhou (2113) and Chahar (2115)

that are not owned by Manchu, one of its allies or war opponents.

Mission trigger.png
Acquisition conditions

This country:

  • is Flag of Manchu Manchu.
  • is not the lesser partner in a union.
  • is not at war with Ming.
  • is not allied with Ming.
  • is not the overlord of Ming.
  • does not own all of the following provinces:
    • Chengde (703), Ningyuan (704), Xilin Gol (723), Shenyang (726), Jirem (722), Andong (2112), Gaizhou (2113) and Chahar (2115).
  • does not have the modifier “Inspiring Victory”.
Acquisition chance

Base weight: 5000


Manchu has a ruler with a military skill of at least 4: ×2.0

Success conditions


  • is not at war with Ming.
  • owns all target provinces.
Failure conditions

Any of the following:

Mission effect.png

Manchu gets the modifier “Inspiring Victory” for 10 years with the following effects:

  • Prestige.png+1 yearly prestige,
  • Manpower recovery speed.png+10% manpower recovery speed.
Temporary effects

Manchu gains a claim on all target provinces.


Manchu shares many events with Qing and Jianzhou.

Main article: Manchurian events


Execute decision.pngConstruct the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City will be a glorious national monument, increasing our prestige and promoting stability.

Potential Requirements

This country:

  • is Flag of Manchu Manchu, Flag of Ming Ming or Flag of Qing Qing
  • has its capital in Beijing (1816) or Nanjing (1821).
  • does not have the modifier “The Forbidden City”.

If AI, is not playing a custom nation


This country:

  • is not at war
  • has a level 3 Advisor Statesman.png statesman as advisor or a ruler with an administrative skill of at least 3.
  • has either the faction system is disabled or the Bureaucrats faction is in power.
  • has a Icon stability.png stability of at least +3.
  • has at least Gold Icon.png 1 year's worth of income.
  • has at least Administrative power.png 50 administrative power.


This country:

  • loses Gold Icon.png ducats equal to 1 year of income
  • loses Administrative power.png 50 administrative power
  • gets the modifier “The Forbidden City” for the rest of the campaign with the following effects:
    • Stability cost modifier.png −10% stability cost modifier,
    • Prestige.png +0.5 yearly prestige.

AI will not take this decision with less than Gold Icon.png 1.5 years' worth of income in the treasury or less than Administrative power.png 100 administrative power.

Execute decision.pngQing Dynasty

We have taken the Northern Capital and destroyed the false emperors. Once more the middle kingdom has been united and we are the true dynasty.
Potential Requirements

Flag of Qing Qing does not exist.
The country:

  • is Flag of Manchu Manchu.
  • has not yet enacted this decision.

If this country is AI-controlled, then it:

  • can not be a custom nation.
  • must have at least 5 cities.

The country:

  • owns Ningyuan (704), Xilin Gol (723), Shenyang (726) and Beijing (1816).
  • is not at war.
  • is not a subject nation other than a tributary state.
  • does not have the modifier “Tribal Succession Crisis”.


The country:

  • becomes Flag of Qing Qing.
  • changes its government rank to Empire rank empire.
  • gets a permanent claim on every province of China that it does not own.
  • gains Prestige.png10 prestige.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png −0.05 monthly autonomy change,
    • National unrest.png +1 national unrest.

If the country:

  • has Nomadic technology group
    • then it changes to Chinese technology group Chinese technology group and unit type.
  • is not Confucian
    • then it becomes Confucianism Confucian and harmonizes with Tengri.
  • has steppe nomads government type

Beijing (1816):

  • becomes the Capital.png capital of Qing.
  • changes culture to the primary culture of Qing.
  • becomes a core province of Qing.

Execute decision.pngCreate Green Standard Army

Enlist disgruntled soldiers and officers from the Ming army and establish the Green Standard Army.

Potential Requirements
  • Can only be taken once
  • Is Flag of Manchu Manchu or Flag of Qing Qing
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Ruler is a general
  • Has unlocked 5th Manchu national idea: "Green Standard Army"
  • Owns Cicigar (725)
  • Is at war with Flag of Ming Ming
  • Ming has any of the following:

  • Set country flag "green_standard_army"
  • Prestige.png+10 prestige
  • Ming gains -100 opinion of Manchu for 20 years
  • Ming loses Manpower.png8000 manpower
  • Spawn 4 units of infantry in Cicigar
  • Spawn 4 units of cavalry in Cicigar

Execute decision.pngCreate the Eight Banners

Establish a more centralized military force by establishing the Eight Banners.

Potential Requirements
  • Can only be taken once
  • Is Flag of Manchu Manchu or Flag of Qing Qing
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Ruler is a general
  • Has unlocked the 3rd Manchu national idea: "The Eight Banners"
  • Has 1 stability

  • Spawn 4 units of infantry in the capital
  • Spawn 4 units of cavalry in the capital


Although they start small and are in the technologically backwards Nomad group, the Manchu tribes have some of the greatest potential among all nations in the game. They have strong national ideas on par with major world powers, and their location is uniquely situated to take advantage of the opportunities in Asia. By playing aggressively and skillfully, a Manchu player could rise to become the ruler of an impressive empire.

The Jurchen Tribes[edit]

At the start of the campaign in 1444, there are three main Jurchen (Manchu) tribes vying for supremacy.

Flag of Yeren Yeren is the northernmost tribe (green) and has the most provinces. Yeren has borders with Flag of Korchin Korchin, Flag of Buryatia Buryatia, Flag of Haixi Haixi and Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou.

Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou is the southeastern tribe (dark red-brown) and has the most development. Historically, Jianzhou was the tribe that successfully formed Manchu. Jianzhou has borders with Flag of Haixi Haixi, Flag of Yeren Yeren, Flag of Korea Korea and Flag of Ming Ming.

Flag of Haixi Haixi is the southwestern tribe (light grey) and has the least provinces, though in terms of development they are equal to Yeren. Haixi has borders with Flag of Yeren Yeren, Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou, Flag of Korchin Korchin and Flag of Ming Ming.

All three tribes have Government steppe horde.pngSteppe Nomad governments and are in the Nomad Technology Group. This government type is one of the strongest for early game warfare.

All three tribes are TengriTengri. Flag of Haixi Haixi and Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou are syncretic with ConfucianismConfucian by default, giving them Stability cost modifier.png-10% Stability Cost Modifier and Administrative technology cost -10% Administrative Technology Cost. This can be good because both bonuses will preserve Administrative Points for coring, and also because the player will be likely be taking land from Flag of Ming Ming and Flag of Korea Korea which will be Confucian. Alternatively, you can return to the default Tengri bonuses of National unrest.png-2 National unrest and Regiment cost.png-10% Regiment costs at the hefty cost of Prestige.png-50 Prestige, which can help pay for the player's standing army as well as keep revolts to a minimum.

Flag of Haixi Haixi also has the option of choosing Vajrayana.pngVajrayana Buddhism, due to bordering a province in Flag of Korchin Korchin of that faith, which will grant Tolerance own.png+1 Tolerance of the True Faith and Horde unity+0.25 Yearly Horde Unity, which may be an option if the player must remain at peace for extended periods.

Flag of Yeren Yeren is not syncretic with any faith at game start, and so has the default Tengri bonuses. Note that Yeren has the option of becoming syncretic with Animism Animist, since they own a single Animist province, but this is not recommended.

All three nations have identical (Manchu) ideas. Their traditions give them Land maintenance modifier.png -10% Land Maintenance Modifier and Icon shock.png +1 Land Leader Shock.

All three nations have similar initial militaries. Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou and Flag of Yeren Yeren also start with navies; it is recommended that these are immediately disbanded to save money as they contain few light ships, and because naval warfare will not be a factor for the near future. Player should be able to easily sell out all the ships to Japan and its daimyos (single cog for 10 ducats and pair of galleys for 10 ducats). Optionally the navy could be effectively used (with choosing the right moment of declaring war and good tactic) to destroy the opponents navy and blockade its ports and e.g. sell out once the opponent has no ports.

As with any nation, each tribe's starting luck between different playthroughs may vary, but all three are capable of coming out on top and forming Manchu.

The Tribes Estate[edit]

As with most nations, the Jurchen Tribes have Estates that the player must keep appeased in order to maintain stability in their realm. For Steppe Hordes, the only estate is the Tribes, which must be granted a significant portion of the nation's total territory. After conquering new territory, the player must distribute some of it to the Tribes or accept taking the penalties for a disloyal estate. Beware that as the player's nation grows, the percentage of total land the Tribes demand will increase as well!

In nearly all cases, the player should grant the Tribes the minimum amount of land they can. This means granting many low development provinces instead of a few high development provinces. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, if the player must grant or revoke provinces due to influence levels, the impact on Tribe loyalty is lower and the player can 'fine-tune' the adjustments in order to add or revoke the minimum provinces possible, while keeping Estate Influence at manageable levels. Secondly, since developing a province is cheaper the less development it has, if a player chooses to develop a province instead in order to maintain Influence levels, it will be cheaper. If the player is willing to spend the extra time, they should ideally grant provinces with cheap Trade Goods and higher Manpower development, as the Tribes grant a bonus to Manpower.

The special functions for Tribes can be very powerful, but should always be used with caution. Most useful of the options is the ability to Raise Host, which grants five Cavalry units for no initial cost (though they will still cost ducats to maintain) and a general generated with 20 Military Tradition, which is significantly higher than the starting Military Tradition of any of the tribes. Another useful option is the ability to ask the Tribes to Contribute Warriors, which will instantly grant 25% of the country's total Manpower into the pool. However, this option must usually be followed with a monetary donation via Support Tribes, or Estate Loyalty levels will suffer.

Initial Moves: Unite the Jurchens[edit]

No matter which Jurchen tribe is being played, in the average game the remaining two tribes will Rival the player at game start. As well, they will often take the mission "Unite the Jurchen Tribes" which will automatically give claims on land in the other nations. The player's third rival will always be Flag of Korchin Korchin, Flag of Buryatia Buryatia or Flag of Korea Korea, depending on which nations share a border with the player. This often leaves alliances and expansion opportunities quite clear-cut at the game start.

If the player intends to call in allies, they must either wait for favours to accumulate, or promise their ally territory. Selecting an alliance with this in mind is important, as AI nations will not accept calls to arms for territory if they could not core land in the target country. Of course, the player does not necessarily have to follow through on this promise, especially since their former ally is very likely to rival them once the initial war target has been annexed, due to the lack of other options in Manchuria. A local ally may help gain a crucial advantage over the other Jurchen Tribes, even if you betray them later.

Another recommended approach is to immediately send a marriage proposal to the Flag of Oirat Oirat. The Oirat usually starts friendly and have a low possibility of rivaling Flag of Korchin Korchin. They are the largest power in the northeastern steppes, with Flag of Mongolia Mongolia as a strong vassal, and, unlike the Flag of Ming Ming, they aren't too big to look down on an alliance with a Jurchen tribe. An alliance with the Oirat will provide strong protection from offensive wars. Furthermore, Oirat wages war almost exclusively in the west, which means being called to war offensively is unlikely.

Forge the alliance with Flag of Oirat Oirat as soon as possible, while bringing the army to its force limit. In order to save military power, the player may consider turning their Ruler or their Heir into a general, as Steppe Nomad governments cannot have Regency Councils. No Child Can Be Khan! indeed. Remember that Icon shock.pngShock is the most important stat for a Nomad general in this period.

As soon as Oirat signs an alliance, the player can consider war; Horde Unity is ticking down for every year at peace, so a suitable target must be found sooner rather than later.

Flag of Yeren Yeren players have the most options as they can attack Korchin, Buryatia, Haixi or Jianzhou.

Flag of Haixi Haixi players can reasonably choose Korchin, Jianzhou or Yeren, as Ming is far beyond the player's capabilities at this time.

Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou players are very likely limited to their local Jurchen tribes, as Korea starts friendly to Ming and may quickly gain an alliance with them.

The initial fight is the important one. Once (or if) the player is victorious, chase down the enemy army if needed and destroy it, as none of the target nations have forts. Afterwards, spread the regiments out and carpet siege the entire enemy nation. Even if a regiment doesn't have enough troops to actually siege the province, the presence of a unit will prevent the enemy nation from building more troops. Keep in mind that the player do not have to grant territory to any allies called in, and in this case, most likely should not, as the alliance will dissolve shortly after the war ends regardless. Having a well-developed spy network in the target nation can be very useful, as the bonus to Siege Ability can be used to quickly siege down the enemy capital fort, which will provide significant warscore.

In general, it is best to fully annex the war target. Even going slightly over 100% overextension is acceptable, because the player will be using the Razing function. This will reduce the development of all provinces razed, making them cheaper to core, and granting Monarch Points depending on what kinds of development were removed. This will reduce Overextension below 100% again, and will likely grant enough Administrative Points to core the new provinces as well. In nearly all cases, the provinces taken will be of the correct religion, and provinces taken from other Jurchens will be of the correct culture as well, so unrest should remain low. Razing will also grant ducats from the loot bar of the province and will raise Horde Unity as well. If necessary, don't forget to assign more provinces to the Tribes. At the player's option, they may release the recently annexed nation as a vassal after razing, though this is not recommended when annexing a fellow Jurchen tribe as all three contain provinces needed to form Manchu.

Once the first target has been annexed, any remaining alliances the player might have (aside from Flag of Oirat Oirat) will likely dissolve due to new rivalries being set. However, with luck, another nation in the area has declared war and the player may step in to pick up the remains of one or both sides. If not, the player can declare war alone on a remaining isolated target. If possible, a good choice is Flag of Buryatia Buryatia due to their gold mine. Once two nations have been absorbed by the player, the remaining horde targets will not be able to stand against the player's increased Force Limit and will be easily defeated in separate wars. Remember to give the nation time to recover if necessary.

Here are some specific examples of how the early game might proceed, as experienced by players:

Example 1: Start as Flag of Haixi Haixi. Rival Jianzhou, Yeren and Korchin. Ally Oirat. Attack Flag of Korchin Korchin, fully annex them, raze their provinces and (at the player's option) release them as a vassal. If possible, ally Flag of Buryatia Buryatia if attacking Flag of Yeren Yeren, or Flag of Korea Korea if attacking Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou and call them into the war by promising territory. Fully annex the war target, betraying your ally, and raze and core the provinces. When ready, invade the remaining Jurchen nation and finally Buryatia.

Example 2: Start as Flag of Yeren Yeren. Rival Jianzhou, Haixi and Buryatia. Ally Oirat and Korchin. Attack Flag of Haixi Haixi and call in Korchin by promising territory. Fully annex, betraying your ally, raze and core. Attack Flag of Buryatia Buryatia, fully annex them, raze and core, followed by Flag of Jianzhou Jianzhou, leaving Flag of Korchin Korchin for after forming Manchu.

At the end of this process, the player nation should own most of the Manchuria region aside from the Flag of Ming Ming holdings in the south. Most importantly, they should own the provinces of Girin, Huncan and Hinggan, which allows the player to take the "Unite the Jurchen Tribes" decision and form Manchu.

A United Manchuria[edit]

Once Flag of Manchu Manchu is formed, the player can begin to consider their goals moving forward into the mid-game. Among other decisions, the choice of the nation's first Idea Group, at Administrative Technology 5, can strongly define how the player proceeds. In any case, this is a good period to consolidate the nation and build up ducats and manpower.

Manchu's list of potential targets may grow short at this stage. Flag of Ming Ming holds the necessary provinces to form Flag of Qing Qing, but unless they have collapsed due to the loss of the Mandate of Heaven, their strength will still be considerable. Flag of Korea Korea is nearly always allied with Ming, and so may not be an option either. Regardless of who they attack, the player should remember to take as many provinces directly as they can, so they can be razed for Monarch Points. Especially with low development provinces, the Administrative Point gains from razing may nearly equal the cost to core the province, and Diplomatic and Military Points can be obtained as well. Keep in mind that as Manchu advances in Military Technology, the rewards from Razing Territory will decrease by 4% per tech level above 3. Lagging behind in Military technology is not recommended, so over time the costs (in development) of razing territory may outweigh the monarch point benefits.

Flag of Oirat Oirat and their vassal Flag of Mongolia Mongolia have been likely been good defensive allies, but if Oirat is doing poorly, it might be best to sever the alliance and then attack Mongolia, whom the player will not have a truce with due to breaking alliance. In the peace deal, make sure to seize Xilan Gol, a province necessary to form Qing. A more long term, but potentially safer solution, is to break the alliance and then support Mongolia's independence when the truce expires, giving the player assistance in the war if need be. The alliance with Mongolia can be broken after they are freed, and then they can be annexed in a few years with little effort. However, it is often best to keep Oirat as an ally for an attack (or potentially a defense) against Ming.

There is a potential opportunity to attack Flag of Ming Ming early and seize Beijing, needed for the Qing Dynasty decision, as well as boost income through the Beijing trade node, but only if conditions are ideal. Manchu will need at least 15-20 cavalry regiments and abundant manpower, as well as a good general and equal/better military technology than Ming, and Ming will need to lack Military Technology 6. If the Ming have lost the Mandate of Heaven, this is even better.

This opportunity arises because despite Ming's size and wealth, Manchu holds a decisive combat advantage thanks to the Nomad technology groups's powerful starting cavalry and its high maximum cavalry ratio (100%). Chinese tech cavalry won't catch up until military tech 6, and even then, they are limited by the 50% ratio from the Chinese tech group. By taking advantage of this and bundling the entire Manchu cavalry force into a single fist, the Manchu have more than enough military power to crush the Ming armies one by one near the border, buying enough time and warscore to seize and annex Beijing and any ethnically Manchu provinces in the north.

Remember that Nomads fighting in plains-like terrain deal a bonus Icon shock.png +25% Shock Damage. Do not campaign deep into Flag of Ming Ming territory as it could offer them an opportunity to bring several armies to bear at once, crushing the much smaller Manchu army with an overwhelming numerical advantage. As well, be sure to call in the Flag of Oirat Oirat (even by promising them territory if necessary), especially if Flag of Korea Korea will join the war on Ming's side. Also beware that Hordes suffer a Icon shock.png -25% Shock Damage penalty when they are not fighting on flat ground, (such as in Forests, Hills or Mountains). Keep in mind that Ming will have forts on the Manchurian border as well as a level 3 fort in Beijing, so a developed spy network can provide the necessary boost to take these provinces quickly.

If Flag of Ming Ming and Flag of Korea Korea remain too strong to attack, Manchu may begin to stagnate and Horde Unity will drop rapidly. A final option for early expansion is Flag of Japan Japan. The player can obtain a Conquest CB by Fabricating Claims as the province of Yaran shares a sea zone with the northern coast of Japan. Daimyos will occasionally attempt to take control of the Shogunate and can be full annexed and razed if the player is watching for these opportunities. Alternatively, wars for control of the Shogunate will often distract the other nations on the island and allow the player to strike; 10 transport ships and military access or an alliance with a distant Daimyo can bring the Manchu army to Japan in relative safety.

After the annexation and razing of Japanese land, it is recommended to release a Daimyo as a vassal and grant them the provinces, as Shinto can be difficult or impossible to convert early on. With this foothold, the player can continue to attack Japanese Daimyos and follow this method while waiting for an opportunity to attack Ming. Alternatively, the player can simply return the land to the Daimyo in question (if they still exist) after razing, with the intention to retake and raze the land again in a subsequent war; Steppe Hordes take no Prestige loss from selling or returning territory.

Eventually, Flag of Ming Ming will need to be dealt with. If the player has conquered Flag of Japan Japan and has still seen no good opportunity to strike at Ming, then the player may be forced to declare war alongside Flag of Oirat Oirat and hope they can push Flag of Korea Korea out of the war early on. There is no reason to be greedy if Ming is strong; to form Flag of Qing Qing, only the Ming-owned provinces of Ningyuan, Beijing and Shenyang are necessary, and Beijing is the Ming capital, so a successful siege will provide significant warscore.

Looking Forward: Ideas and Targets[edit]

The player's first idea group selected will define how the game is played. While most Steppe Nomads have to pick Innovative, Economic, or Administrative to reform the government, the Manchu can skip this step by forming the Qing dynasty. One must nevertheless choose between several options:

Humanist: Humanist ideas are ideal if the player plans to expand westward, through the Tengri Flag of Oirat Oirat and into the Sunni lands of nations like Flag of Yarkand Yarkand, and Flag of Uzbek Uzbek, and perhaps eventually to face off against Flag of Muscovy Muscovy or Flag of Russia Russia. Humanist also heavily synergizes with Confucianism, which the player is converted to once forming Qing.

Humanist's reduction to Unrest and Years of Separatism, as well as increased Tolerance of Heathens and Heretics will allow Manchu (and eventually Qing) to expand quickly without worrying about revolts, and the reduced cost for Ideas is quite useful as Manchu traditions already provide reduced Technology costs as well. Rather than just containing Russia, the player can replace them with a Manchu colossus stretching across Eurasia.

Aristocratic: The aristocratic idea group is a good pick for the player's second idea when following this strategy. The bonuses to Cavalry Combat Ability and Manpower Modifier stack with Manchu's National Ideas, and reduction in Military Technology cost and Army Tradition decay assist in fighting more advanced foes as the player heads west.

Exploration: This is the ideal choice if a player that wishes to expand but does not want to (or cannot) fight Flag of Ming Ming or Flag of Oirat Oirat. It will allow for expansion northward into Siberia, or even colonization along the West Coast of the Americas if so desired.

Though Manchu can colonize the rich provinces in Indonesia if the player wants to, it is impossible to pull Trade Value from this area back to Beijing. However, most provinces in Indonesia are quite rich and produce valuable Trade Goods, so the player may find it is worthwhile to create States in this area, if available.

In the Historical World, the only overseas territories that can generate Trade Income for Manchu (with a Trade Center in Beijing) are those in the California, Rio Grande, and Mexico trade nodes. Therefore, the Manchu player should focus colonization efforts on creating Colonial Nations in Alaska, California, and Mexico. In a generated Random New World, it is possible that many more overseas territories connect to the Girin or Japan trade nodes, but it is also possible for them to only connect to Philippines, Moluccas, or even Australia, which makes generating Trade Income impossible with a Trade Centre in Beijing. If the player choose to move their Centre of Trade, it should be to Malacca, but they will be giving up all Trade Income in the Beijing and Xian nodes, so the player should ensure they can properly take advantage of this before moving trade ports.

As it has been since time immemorial, Expansion is a straightforward choice for the player's second idea when playing the Colonization game.

Administrative or Influence: These two idea groups are useful for a player who wants to conquer southwards into China proper. The decision to form Flag of Qing Qing now gives permanent claims on all of the North China, South China, and Xinan regions. Since Qing is also a cultural union of the Chinese culture group, this means that nearly all provinces in these regions will be both the correct religion and correct culture. However, these provinces will be very high development, and so the reduction to Coring Cost from Administrative ideas will help immensely. Alternatively, the reduction in Diplomatic Annexation cost and Aggressive Expansion, as well as the increase in Diplomatic Reputation, will help if the player choose to release (and then annex) some of the many potential vassals in China in order to preserve Administrative Points.

The decision to form the Qing Dynasty warrants a special note, because the timing of it is critical. In addition to relocating the capital to Beijing and switching its culture to Manchu, enacting this decision will automatically reform Manchu's government to Despotic Monarchy, change the state religion to Confucian, and change its tech group and units to Chinese. Beware that this is not necessarily a good thing early on, due to the loss of Nomad technology group's powerful early game army, Steppe Nomad government bonuses, the ability to Raze, and the excellent Tribal Conquest/Tribal Feud CBs. Furthermore, religious unrest may become a problem (unless the player has completed Humanist ideas), as much of Manchuria will still be Tengri.

The greatest benefit of this decision is the free permanent claims it give throughout China; therefore, it is best to avoid taking this decision until the Manchu are prepared to begin a massive conquest of China. As well, the advantages of the Steppe Horde government begin to lose some of their appeal in the late game, as Razing gets less effective for every Military Technology over 3, Horde Unity begins to drop even more rapidly, and the Tribes ask for progressively more land the larger the nations gets.

When following this strategy, the second idea the player takes should probably be the idea the player passed on the first time; Influence if they took Administrative and vice versa.

Recommended Achievements[edit]

A Manchurian Candidate icon
A Manchurian Candidate
Start as one of the Jurchen Tribes and form Qing.

Easily achieved through the process of playing a Jurchen Tribe. You can make Ming crumble by being a 300 development horde that is not a tributary or an ally of Ming, then using your banners and copious amounts of loans to topple them. Use the Mandate of Heaven CB for cheaper warscore provinces (and an arguably easier wargoal).

Pyramid of Skulls icon
Pyramid of Skulls
As a Steppe Horde, raze a province with at least 30 development.

Beijing starts at 33 development; the player may raze it when they conquer it in order to form Flag of Qing Qing.

Blood for the Sky God icon
Blood for the Sky God
As a Tengri nation, have Nahuatl as your syncretic faith.

This is quite straightforward to complete as a Manchu nation that takes Exploration ideas, as long as the player does not form Qing. The player can colony-hop to the northeast through Kamchatka and Alaska, directly east through Guam and Hawaii, or southwards through Australia and the South Pacific islands. Having a completed colony adjacent to a Nahuatl nation should be sufficient to select Nahuatl as a Syncretic Faith.

Qing of China icon
Qing of China
Become Chinese Emperor as Qing.

As you cannibalise more and more of Ming you can easily take their Mandate of Heaven.

These Banners need a Saga icon
These Banners need a Saga
Have 100 regiments as Banners raised at the same time.

Probably need to culture convert stuff to Manchu for more banners.

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Muslim technology group Muslim.png Arabia.png Arabia Hejaz.png Hejaz Khiva.png Khiva Mughals.png Mughals Oman.png Oman Persia.png Persia Shammar.png Shammar
Indian technology group Indian.png Assam.png Assam Bahmanis.png Bahmanis Bengal.png Bengal Ceylon.png Ceylon Gujarat.png Gujarat Jaunpur.png Jaunpur Orissa.png Orissa Vijayanagar.png Vijayanagar
Chinese technology group Chinese.png Bali.png Bali Brunei.png Brunei Dai Viet.png Dai Viet Japan.png Japan Khmer.png Khmer Korea.png Korea Lan Xang.png Lan Xang Majapahit.png Majapahit Malaya.png Malaya Pagarruyung.png Pagarruyung Pasai.png Pasai Qing.png Qing Sulu.png Sulu Sunda.png Sunda
Nomadic technology group Nomadic.png Jianzhou.png Jianzhou Manchu.png Manchu Qara Qoyunlu.png Qara Qoyunlu Timurids.png Timurids Uzbek.png Uzbek

Central African technology group Central African.png Mutapa.png Mutapa
East African technology group East African.png Kilwa.png Kilwa
Muslim technology group Muslim.png The Mamluks.png MamluksTunis.png Tunis
West African technology group West African.png Mali.png Mali Mossi.png Mossi

Western technology group Western.png United States.png United States
Mesoamerican technology group Mesoamerican.png Maya.png Maya
North American technology group North American.png Cherokee.png Cherokee Creek.png Creek Huron.png Huron Iroquois.png Iroquois Pueblo.png Pueblo

Andean technology group Andean.png Cusco.png Cusco Muisca.png Muisca
South American technology group South American.png Mapuche.png Mapuche

  1. For the script code of the decision see in /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/ManchuDecisions.txt.