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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.4.

Ideas and traditions

Traditions.png Traditions:

National trade power modifier: +20%
Better relations over time: +50%

Stability cost modifier.png Not a Geographical Construct

Stability cost modifier: -10%

Infantry power.png The Tradition of the Legion

Infantry combat ability: +15%

Galley power.png Mare Nostrum

Galley cost: -15%
Galley combat ability: +20%

Global manpower modifier.png The Office of Censor

National manpower modifier: +33%

Global tax modifier.png Italian Tax Reform

National tax income modifier: +15%

Imperial authority.png Heir to the Empire

Imperial authority: +25%

Core creation.png Path to Citizenship

Core-creation cost: -25%

Idea bonus.png Bonus:

Fort defense: +20%

Italy is one of the formable countries in EU4 that can be formed by any country with the Lombard (Latin) culture group, most likely Tuscany, Savoy, Milan, and Venice. Only the Papal State can't form Italy.

Formation requirements[edit]

The formations required to from Italy are the following; the nation must own the provinces of Roma, Firenze, Siena, Ancona and Lombardia, the culture must be the Latin culture union, must not be a minor nation (subject nation) in an personal union, and must not be at war (at peace).

Provinces in red are required to be owned and cored to form Italy, provinces in yellow are in the Italian region

NOTE: Forming Italy will replace your present nation's unique ideas with Italy's unique ideas. This means that it may be better to remain Venice, for example, than become Italy, depending on your idea preferences. Forming Italy also changes your government to a despotic monarchy, gives you claims over the whole Italian Region, and gives you the temporary modifier "increased centralization" (+10% tax, +1 revolt risk). The player's capital is also moved to Roma.

[C] - requires to be a core province


For more, see Italy.
  • The player has the option to play as Italy, starting in 29th of June of 1797, or by forming it through any Latin culture nation, except for The Papal State.


Tuscany is in many ways an ideal option for forming Italy, as its position within The Holy Roman Empire protects it from it's southern neighbors. In addition, Tuscany is located quite well, at the HRE's most southern border. This means it has the possibility of expanding into Romagna, which is held by The Papal State, which is not a member of HRE. They also hold Firenze, which is required to form Italy. Expanding into Papal lands should be the player's top priority, as The Papal State will gain powerful allies quite early, which may hinder your expansion plans over its lands. If Naples breaks its personal union with Aragon, they will also turn into a rival to contend with and grab land from. Regarding Tuscany's northern borders it is quite tempting just to annex these, and while this will hasten the creation of Italy it will also result in annoying Demands of Unlawful Territory from the Emperor. Instead they should be vassalised whenever possible, either diplomatically or militarily. After this they will serve as an excellent suplement for income and troops, making it easy to attack your southern rival, Naples (provided they are no longer under a personal union under Aragon). Whenever you've been an overlord of a vassal for 10 years or more and also have 190 relations or more with them, you can begin their annexation. When this is completed you have the possibility of forming Italy (Following this guides can let the player achieve a formed Italy by 1550). This said the biggest downside about forming Italy as Tuscany is that Tuscany is a Noble Republic, and therefore when it reforms into a despotic monarchy the rulers legitimacy is 0. Notable also are the differences in National Ideas between Tuscany and Italy. It may be preferable to remain as Tuscany, however becoming Italy will give you strong militaristic boosts as well as claims on the rest of the Italian area.


Naples is a bit more challenging choice for forming Italy because it is not a part of the Holy Roman Empire, which means you can`t attack its members, unless you have strong allies, like France or Emperor himself. Becoming a prince of the HRE is also an option. Secondly, you start under Personal Union with Aragon, so you need to break free from it first. Aragon usually allies with Austria and Portugal and in order to take them down you should make strong allies too. Castille, Hungary and Venice will be a good choice. Ask them to Support your Indepedence, then choose a right moment and declare a war on Aragon. As soon as you`re free, you need to start your expansion to The Papal State. Try to avoid gaining too much AE or you will face to some pesky coalitions. Don`t forget to conquest Sardinia and Corsica and reclaim your cores in Sicily from Aragon. The next step will be the conquest of Lombardia region. If you have already become a part of the HRE, don`t worry about the Emperor (usually Austria). If you haven`t, you need to make friends with France or Austria. France is more preferable due to it`s not part of the Empire, so it won`t hold a grudge on you for annexing the HRE`s princes. Expand into Venice and Austria first in order to keep good relations with the French. Then take Milan`s and Savoie`s lands and form Italy.