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Primary culture
Huron (Iroquoian)

Capital province
Huron (988)

Native CouncilGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
North AmericanNorth American technology group
Huron ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
+5% Trade efficiency

Merchants.png Great Lakes Trade

+1 Merchant

Mercenary maintenance.png Hire Allied Warriors

−25% Mercenary maintenance

Trade steering.png Birchbark Canoes

+20% Trade steering

National unrest.png Harsh Justice

−1 National unrest

Diplomatic reputation.png Missionary Welcome

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Stability cost modifier.png Feast of the Dead

−10% Stability cost modifier

Prestige.png Eldest Children

+1 Yearly prestige

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+15% Provincial trade power modifier

The Huron is a small nation in Eastern North America.



The Huron have the potential to be the Russia of America, a nation holding a massive chunk of land starting in the north. Starting as landlocked nation with improved trade and army traditions, bordering Potawatomi and Ottawa. It is possible to become allies with Ottawa and create a federation with them. From here, the Iroquois make for a tempting conquest target however generating casus belli (CB) is challenging as natives cannot fabricate claims. This means that missions and events are the primary means of gaining CBs. Missions are more likely to grant claims on rivals than other nations, so making sure to rival neighbouring nations may help. As missions are likely to be main method of gaining CBs, it is especially important to complete, or cancel them, so as to gain access to new missions.

Reforming the Government and Westernising[edit]

Understanding reforming the government and westernising will assist when playing Huron. See Reforming the government and Westernisation for more complete information on these topics.


The morale bonus granted for being the leader of a federation combines favorably with that due to the Huron national traditions. It is advisable to build on this further, and so consider idea groups offering morale bonuses, such as plutocratic and defensive ideas.


Remember to keep an eye on migrating countries. If the move close enough, it may be possible to attack them. One strategy, is to ally the Iroquois while conquering as many of the other, smaller, nations. While another option is to try and take down the Iroquis first. Then finally backstab Iroquis. It can be wise to form an alliance and or federation with whichever nation won the conflicts in the south that are likely to break out between the Creek, Cherokee, Chocktaw and Chickasaw. This is often the Creek, although sometimes Cherokee do well. It is advisable to concentrate on diplomatic points early, and work as quickly as possible towards the native reform granting a colonist. The colonist will allow extending borders towards other nations as well as colonisation of any important centres of trade, estuaries or the like, which are not taken by migrating nations. These provinces are valuable for increasing the national trade power and so increasing trade income. Be sure to check the Chickasaw forces in the ledger before attacking them, although they may appear small they hold a larger army than might otherwise be expected because of their national traditions.

Once the Europeans finally get a holding on North America, reforming off of them can be wise, as it may provide a free technology boost. However, it also opens up possibility of being attacked. Exploration and expansion idea groups should be strongly considered, for the colonising power they will provide. It is possible to grow the nation considerably without conflict by means of peacefully colonizing into the rest of North America.

Consider saving up monarch points, as well as having high manpower, and stability before westernising. Having 100 prestige can also be useful, as can hiring generals before westernising, as some of the westernisation events reduce army tradition. When westernising, events will probably occur relating to changing to a new religion. This can have both positives and negatives. Converting will negatively effect religious unity, and cause significant unrest, which in combination with the unrest from westernising, can pose a challenge. The low religious unity will also be economically costly because of the increase in corruption that low religious unity causes. However, converting to the same religion as the Western nations will help foster positive relationships with them. Consider raising autonomy during westernising, especially if also converting religions, to prevent widespread rebellions. Once westernizing is complete the Huron should be in a good position to be the dominant native power in the Americas.

From here ensuring the nation is sufficiently strong to discourage Western nations from attacking is advised, both all means possible; military expansion, colonisation, and developing alliances with western nations where possible. The large area of land that would need to be defended in the event of conflict with a European power can challenging, however, the player should have the local numerical superiority, as only relatively small groups of troops will be able to be transported over from Europa at a time. Take advantage of this, and try to crush each wave of troops before the next arrive, if multiple loads of troops gather together, it will only get more and more difficult to overcome them. In addition to local numerical superiority, a strong navy can help intercept troop transports.


Expansion and exploration should be considered for the ability to colonise, expanding peacefully. The opportunity to get plutocratic before reforming the government into a monarchy is worth considering, but may require slow investiture in ideas; when taking a military idea group as the first idea group, the player runs the risk of falling behind in military technology if they invested those ideas too heavily and too quickly, which is strongly advised against. Plutoratic provides a morale boost, which combines favorably with that provided by the Huron national tradition as well as helping maintain high manpower, as well as to have the income to use that manpower by increasing trade income though extra caravan power and an additional merchant. The national unrest reduction can also assist to keep the nation stable while westernising. Maritime ideas can should be considered for expanding both the martial and trade navies, helping to keep the Western nations from dropping of troops as well as prevent them from pulling too much trade value out of America. The moral boost from Defensive ideas will be especially effective in combination with the Huron national tradition which also raises morale, however quantity, quality and offensive groups are also effective options.

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