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Kingdom rankGreece
Primary culture
Greek (Byzantine)

Capital province
Athens (146)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
EasternEastern technology group
Greek ideas

For countries with Greek as primary culture.

Traditions.png Traditions:

−20% Galley cost
−10% Sailor maintenance

Tolerance own.png Greek Orthodox Faith

+2 Tolerance of the true faith

Navy tradition.png Maritime Heritage

+1 Yearly navy tradition

Infantry combat ability.png Klephtic Recruitment

+10% Infantry combat ability

Advisor cost.png Greek Diaspora

−10% Advisor cost

Trade efficiency.png Control the Mediterranean Trade

+10% Trade efficiency

Diplomatic reputation.png Philhellenism

+1 Diplomatic reputation
+1 Diplomatic relations

Idea cost.png Greek Enlightenment

−10% Idea cost

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

−10% Core-creation cost

Greece is a formable nation in the Balkans.


The following event[1] fires only if neither Flag of Greece Greece nor Flag of Byzantium Byzantium exists. It removes all Byzantine core provinces and instead it adds cores for Greece in Morea, Northern Greece and Macedonia. (Note: Displayed is only the working part of the event. It is bugged.[2])

Msg event.pngGreek Separatism

With the Byzantine Empire reduced to a distant memory most Greeks have come to lead their lives under foreign rulers. Some have left their old home region altogether as merchants or to serve in the various courts of Europe while most remain in Greece, leading lives in the countryside similar to before the fall of the Empire. Others even thrive under their new rulers. The independent Greek identity has however remained strong, and will in time make itself even more known among the unruly mountain Klephts or by the patriot dreams of intellectuals in foreign lands.
While restoration of the Byzantine Empire remains an unattainable dream many have come to yearn to be free of the rule foreign tax collectors and hope for a new Greek state centered on the ancient homeland of their people.

Trigger conditions

The country:

Flag of Greece Greece and Flag of Byzantium Byzantium do not exist.
This event fires only once during a campaign.

Mean time to happen

120 months

Event button 547.png

Every province in Morea, Northern Greece and Macedonia becomes a core province of Flag of Greece Greece.
If Kastoria (1853) does not have Greek culture:

  • then it gets Greek culture.

If the owner of Kastoria (1853) does not have Greek or Pontic as primary culture

  • then Kastoria (1853) gets Local unrest.png4 local unrest.

Flag of Byzantium Byzantium loses all its core provinces.


All nations (except the Holy Roman Empire, the Papal State, the Ottomans and Byzantium) with Greek as primary culture can form Greece.[3]

Execute decision.pngForm Greece

For years Hellas has been divided among several kingdoms or occupied by foreigners at the pleasing of our common enemies. To unite the Greek lands under a sole flag and one ruler, is our only way to greatness.
Potential Requirements

The country:

If this country is AI-controlled, then it:

  • can not be a former colonial nation.
  • must have at least 3 cities.

Byzantium and Greece do not exist.


The country:


The country:

If the country:

  • is a member of the HRE and not an elector or the emperor
    • then all its provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • is a duchy
    • then it becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom.
  • does not have Greek ideas and is not a custom nation
  • does not have its capital in Morea, Northern Greece or Macedonia
    • then Athens (146) becomes the capital.

A random owned province with Greek culture

  • gains Tax Base Icon.png1 base tax.


Greece as Morea[edit]

The player could start by playing as Flag of Morea Morea. The player can do that by selecting Flag of Byzantium Byzantium and creating Morea as a vassal. (Note that this will make most achievements unattainable.) It is suggested to play as Morea rather than Achaea because Achaea starts with only one province, whereas Morea has two. It is possible to start in 1453, and not have to deal with the Byzantine Empire because Morea is an independent nation. The player begins with the three issues, no monarchy points, no army and no navy, but the player will have 50 ducats.

One early goal is to declare independence from Byzantium, which the player will have to prepare for. The player and Byzantium will have a 5-year truce that occurred when Morea were released as a vassal, and the player can't declare war on them before the truce ends without incurring a massive war exhaustion penalty. Five years is plenty of time to prepare. Byzantium usually allies with Flag of Serbia Serbia. So, when the player declares war, Serbia is likely be part of it. That can work to the player's advantage. A recommended start is an army of 6 infantry and 2 cavalry. That will fend off the Serbians, who may have access through the Ottomans. Byzantium will be restricted to seaborne attacks and they'll be easy to fend off. The player will siege Athens, as soon as the war starts. Just make sure to keep enough troops in reserve to fend off any Serbians. After sieging Athens, the player should try to make their way up to the Serbians. Getting access through the Ottomans may require some relations improvement. The war goal with the Serbians is to vassalize them whilst annexing Zeta (or better Ragusa, if the Serbians have conquered it already) so that Morea will have a province from which to fabricate claims in the Balkans and along the Adriatic.

The Ottomans may warn Morea as soon as independence is declared. Their warning means that Morea will have to watch to see if the Ottomans are at war before declaring war in the future.

Also, while preparing for the war of independence, Morea should be cultivating relationships with Poland and Muscovy. Muscovy is an especially important long-term ally. Muscovy is important for long-term expansion. Poland is good in the immediate term and it's very important to secure an alliance with them as soon as possible also. The player will probably ally with Poland before Muscovy, which is fine. Morea may lose the alliance with Poland later in the game.

So, assuming Morea has vassalized Serbia and annexed one of their sea provinces, Morea can go after Bosnia and Wallachia, before the Ottomans get to them. Morea can fabricate a claim on Bosnia, go to war with Bosnia and their (likely) ally, Wallachia, and vassalize both of them in one shot. Morea will get some aggressive expansion, but it will probably not be enough to spawn a nasty coalition.

Having acquired new territories, Morea should be able to form alliances with Poland and Muscovy. To form Greece, Morea will have to wrestle some provinces away from Venice and the Ottomans, and that's a difficult task with the latter. Crete and Naxos may be taken from Venice by supporting rebels and watching for an opening, if they break free and form their own countries, for example (although Crete isn't necessary for forming Greece, it's an easy grab if it becomes independent). Getting Epirus and Athens from the Ottomans is tough, so Morea will need to strengthen themselves by taking other provinces first. It is impossible to form Greece until Admin Technology is 10. Having a strong Western ally such as Austria will give the Western Arms Trade bonus of 10% and selecting the Innovative ideas will give a further 5% discount. Other idea groups give further discounts on technology.

Greece as Venice[edit]

The player can also form Greece as Flag of Venice Venice by accepting a cultural shift. This strategy works much better as of Patch 1.12 because the Ottomans do not start in a war with Albania and are less likely to take over Byzantium immediately.

Starting off, the player should immediately ally with Flag of Poland Poland and seek a defensive alliance with either France or Castile to defend against Austria. The player should then declare war on Albania due to Venice starting with a core on Albania. If the Ottomans haven't already annexed Achea, Morea or Athens then the player should fabricate claims and take any provinces that Byzantium still owns. The player can also vassalize Flag of The Knights The Knights if need be. Once Poland has a personal union over Lithuania the player should then declare war on the Ottomans and take the provinces needed to form Greece. If Poland doesn't have a personal union over Lithuania the player should also ally with Lithuania. Having a substantial navy is important for this war because the player will need to blockade Constantinople to prevent any Ottoman troops from crossing into Europe.

Once the player has all the provinces converted and cored the player should move their capital to a province with Greek culture to be able to do the Accept Cultural Shift decision. If the decision does not appear than the player must either raise the base tax in provinces with Greek culture or take more Greek provinces. Once the player has formed Greece, expansion from that point on is completely up to the player, but most advisably the player should either force the Ottomans out of Europe or expand into the Asia Minor Coast.

Greece as the Knights[edit]

Alternatively, there is also another strategy for forming Greece that is less luck based than Morea is as it is possible to form Greece as Flag of The Knights The Knights.

The premise of this strategy is an early alliance with Venice and a quick war with Byzantium to annex Constantinople, Morea and Athens. Venice is extremely unlikely to accept an alliance at the start of the game, but after conquering Byzantium the player is stronger and Venice hopefully more accepting. The player needs to beware of rebels rising in Constantinople post conquest though and either lower the unrest significantly or have an army large enough to defeat the rebels stationed in the province when revolt breaks out. The player should make sure to trigger the Rhodians and other Greeks in the Order event to get Greeks as an accepted culture as soon as possible. Once this is completed follow a strategy similar to Byzantium with the addition of the Venetian navy to aid the player. From here on, drive the Ottomans out of Europe and then change culture to form Greece.


It's All Greek To Me icon
It's All Greek To Me
Form Greece and own and have cores on Zeta, Thatta, Lamba, and Roh.


  1. For the script code of the event see in /Europa Universalis IV/events/falvorGRE.txt.
  2. See: 'Greek Separatism' event (flavor_gre.1) does't work as intended.
  3. For the script code of the formation decision see in /Europa Universalis IV/decisions/MiscCountryFormations.txt.
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