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The wiki ran a raffle for Conquest of Paradise, Europa Universalis 4, and Crusader Kings II. This contest ran for approximately two weeks, from 2013-11-15 to 2013-12-01.

Users could enter the contest by contributing to the wiki. Various actions gave raffle tickets; the more tickets one amassed, the more likely one was to win.


The winners were as follows:


  • All entrants must register an account on the wiki
  • The entrant must have access to the email address they've defined for their account, as prizes will be sent via email
  • Any vandalism will cause all raffle tickets earned by the entrant to be forfeit
  • The admin (Meneth) decides whether a raffle ticket has been earned based on the guidelines below
  • Entrants must read the style guidelines in order to ensure their edits are up to the wiki's standards
  • Administrators and halfops cannot enter the contest

Earning tickets[edit]

The following actions earned entrants a raffle ticket:

  1. Improving an article by such an extent that it is reassessed at a higher level. See Category:Articles by quality for information on how assessment works
  2. Significantly improving an A-class article
  3. Adding a strategy guide to a page in Category:Needs strategy guide. Note that the strategy guide must either be your own work, or another person's work used with permissions and significantly reworked to comply with the wiki's style guidelines
  4. Rewrite an existing strategy guide to conform with the style guidelines
  5. Correcting 10 spelling, grammar, or minor factual mistakes on the wiki. Note that British vs. American English does not count
  6. Replacing two 192x128 flags with 800x533 versions or above, to a max of 1000x666. Note that the replacement must not be upscaled, and must be similar to the in-game flag. Note that only flags that have emblems or similar will count, as simple geometric shapes do not see any real improvement from higher resolution
  7. Verifying two pieces of uncertain info in a page that needs verification. If the page only has one piece of uncertain info, verification will still give a full ticket
  8. Write a page about an important modding concept
  9. Other significant improvements to the wiki

Reporting completion[edit]

For most of the above, no report of the action was necessary. A descriptive edit summary was enough.

Correction of spelling/grammar mistakes had to be reported to Meneth with a link to each error fixed. This could be done at User talk:Meneth

If users believed they had made a significant contribution ("Other significant improvements to the wiki"), or that their ticket-earning contributions have been missed, this could be reported at User talk:Meneth.

All earned tickets are be listed below on a per-user basis. There was no need to notify Meneth that one was entering the contest (except for the specific contributions mentioned above); it was assumed everyone wanted to get the chance at winning a prize.

Earned tickets[edit]

User Tickets earned
Asdmaster 4
BBerger 2
Chronicdiscord 1
Conquistador803 1
DeciusR 5
Fiacha77 1
FlyingSpaghettiMan 8
Fraser 1
John69Doe 3
GeneralVonGelre 3
Golden Kumquat 1
Harvest277 2
HenryPouet 1
Hunter 3
Lundensaren 1
Madjar 1
Mailman9 1
Medibee 1
Mindcorrosive 1
Neanderthal 1
Noxvenator86 1
Strijdheld 2
Wdavidfrost‎ 3
Ys99116 1
Total 49


Winners will were selected using a random number generator. A single entrant could not win more than one prize. The prizes were drawn in the order listed below.