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Poster for ‘Mare Nostrum’.

The wiki ran a contest which started on 2016-04-05 when the Mare Nostrum expansion is released, and ended at 2016-04-16 at 2000 CET.


Users can enter the contest by contributing to the wiki during that time span. Various actions give raffle tickets; the more tickets one amassed, the more likely one is to win. Fixed prizes are also given out to the top three contributors by number of tickets

The three users with the most tickets will each get a discount voucher for the Paradox Web Store. This can be used for any combination of digital goods in a single transaction, but cannot be applied to physical goods:

  • 1st place gets a 90% off voucher - Won by Ghastrakun (367 tickets)
  • 2nd place gets a 75% off voucher - Won by SolSys (345 tickets)
  • 3rd place gets a 50% off voucher - Won by Rygel8472 (278 tickets)

Further winners will be selected using a random number generator. The prizes will be drawn in the order listed below. An entrant's chance of winning is proportional to the number of tickets they've obtained. The top three contributors by number of tickets are also entered in the raffle.

A total of 15 prizes will be raffled off:

  • 5 copies of the Crusader Kings II base game (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (367), SolSys (345), Charlesex (78), 123e55 (61), and Inei (8)
  • 5 copies of the Hearts of Iron 3 Collection (raffled individually) - Won by SolSys (345), Rygel8472 (278), Tre3qwerty (156), Indigo Blue (78), and TheProCoder (51)
  • 5 copies of the Victoria 2 Collection (raffled individually) - Won by Ghastrakun (367), SolSys (345), Rygel8472 (278), TheProCoder (51), and UserID (25)

It is not possible to win more than one copy of each game, but it is possible to win one of each.

Rules and guidelines

  • All entrants must register an account on the wiki; anonymous edits are not counted unless they can be clearly connected to a registered user (E.G., in cases where the user was accidentally logged out)
  • Only edits after the start of the contest count
  • The entrant must have access to the email address they've defined for their account, as prizes will be sent via email. Note that by default the Paradox Account email address is used
  • Any vandalism will cause all raffle tickets earned by the entrant to be forfeit
  • The Paradox Wikis administrator (Meneth) decides whether a raffle ticket has been earned based on the guidelines below. From the start of the contest until 23:59 Friday 8th April, the Paradox Wikis moderator (Dauth) will be awarding tickets.
  • Entrants should read the style guidelines in order to ensure their edits are up to the wiki's standards
  • Moderators cannot enter the contest, halfops are eligible to enter
  • To prevent a conflict of interest, halfops are discouraged from editing the contest page
  • Any action on the list undertaken between the release of Mare Nostrum and the end of the contest will earn tickets.

Earning tickets

A large variety of tasks will earn you tickets; everything from updating pages, to writing strategies, to modding information, to creating pages on new features. All tasks are listed below.

Anything that involves the creation of a new page or section assumes that the resulting page is rated B or above, and has no resulting ambox requests ({{rewrite}}, {{cleanup}}, {{copy edit}}, {{expand}} and {{stub}}).

Any task that gives "at minimum" a number of tickets can give more than that number if the quality and/or thoroughness of the writing is higher than expected.

The first three tasks give more tickets the more outdated the page/section/infobox is. The base ticket amount is multiplied according to the following table:

Version Multiplier
1.15 1
1.14 1
1.13 2
1.12 2
1.11 3
1.10 3
  • Ensure that pages are up to date. See outdated pages for a list of potentially outdated articles. If no changes are necessary for the page to be considered up to date, a justification must be written in the edit summary or on its Talk page. This gives a base amount of 1 ticket per page updated
  • Ensure that page sections are up to date. See outdated sections for a list of pages with potentially outdated sections. If no changes are necessary for the section to be considered up to date, a justification must be written in the edit summary or on the page's Talk page. This gives a base amount of 0.25 ticket per section updated. Note that when the section is up to date the section versioning should not be removed, but rather set to "1.16". This will make it stop displaying until 1.17 is released.
  • Ensure that infoboxes are up to date. See outdated infoboxes for a list of pages with potentially outdated infoboxes. If no changes are necessary for the infobox to be considered up to date, a justification must be written in the edit summary or on the page's Talk page. This gives a base amount of 1 ticket per 10 infoboxes updated. Note that when the infobox is up to date the versioning should not be removed, but rather set to "1.16". This will make it stop displaying until 1.17 is released.
  • Improving an article by such an extent that it is reassessed at a higher level. See Category:Articles by quality for information on how assessment works. This gives at minimum 2 tickets
  • Adding a strategy guide to a page in Category:Needs strategy guide. Note that the strategy guide must either be your own work, or another person's work used with permissions and significantly reworked to comply with the wiki's style guidelines. This gives at minimum 2 tickets
  • Write a page about an important modding concept. This gives at minimum 4 tickets
  • Other improvements to the wiki give tickets based on the judgement of the person assigning tickets. Content additions, structure improvements, and grammar improvements are prime examples of contributions that'd fall under this

Mechanics pages

Mechanics pages are worth thrice as much as regular pages to update, the changes and rewards are shown below.

Page (Version) Required changes Tickets
Diplomacy (1.11) Update to 1.16, 2 for sections, 1 for study technology expansion, 2 for detailing rivals, 3 for final update of page, trebled to 36
Holy Roman Empire (1.12) Update to 1.16, remove links from bold sections 8 for sections, 1 for style fixes, trebled to 27
Ideas (1.11) Update to 1.16, show new image of interface, link to events affected by ideas 5 for sections, 1 for new image, 2 for links, trebled to 24
Power projection (1.12) Update to 1.16 1 for sections, 2 for page, trebled to 9
Province (1.12) Update to 1.16, Update continents image 5 for sections, 1 for new image, 2 for page update, trebled to 36
Rebellion (1.10) Update to 1.16, fix style problems, update images 9 for sections, 6 for rewrite, 1 for image, trebled to 48
Religion (1.14) Update to 1.16 4 for sections, 2 for page, trebled to 18
Tax (1.12) Update to 1.16, 2 for sections, 2 for page, trebled to 12
Technology (1.15) Update to 1.16, change indented formulae to LaTeX mathematical versions (without indent), update technology groups image 3 for sections, 1 for image, 1 for formulae, 1 for page trebled to 18
Trade (1.10) Update to 1.16, style rewrite, 6 for sections, 8 for rewrite, 3 for page, trebled to 51

High value tasks

These tasks are of high importance to the wiki and as such are worth more than their components would be.

Mare Nostrum/1.16

A number of features are introduced or changed in patch 1.16. Having info on this is highly important to the wiki, and is thus highly rewarded compared to the effort involved:


1 tickets - Linking into the rest of the wiki, including proper category and links on other pages

Trade league:

5 tickets - More detail on trade leagues and proper linking within the wiki


5 tickets - Add in information requested on page

Style rewrites

There are several pages on the wiki which have been tagged as rewrites. This means the page has several issues which are against the style guide. The tickets below do not include bonuses for updating a page so an entrant will be awarded more tickets if they update the page too.

Page Reward Page Reward Page Reward
Ayutthaya 11 Je maintiendrai 8 Ruina Imperii 8
Burgundy 7 Jihad 10 Ryukyu 9
Castile 9 Ming 11 Teutonic Order 9
Ethiopia 5 Nepal 10 The Re-Reconquista 8
Genoa 11 Netherlands 7 This is Persia! 9
Holy Trinity 8 Norway 10 Timurids 10
Ideas Guy 7 Norwegian Wood 8 Trade strategy 5
Jaunpur 5 Romania 9 USA 7

Flag images

Some of the flags are low resolution and high resolution ones are desired. This is not the same as stretching the image (see the history of File:Apache.png for an example of what not to do). Each flag uploaded with correct copyright and category is worth 1 ticket.

New flags with patch 1.16:

Reporting completion

For most of the above, no report of the action is necessary. A descriptive edit summary is enough. Please only contact Meneth about tickets if you've got any complaints about the # of tickets given, if 72 or more hours after your actions you've yet to receive any tickets, or for the circumstances described below. Questions about anything else are welcome at any time and will be answered as soon as possible.

If you believe you have made a significant contribution ("Other significant improvements to the wiki"), or that your ticket-earning contributions have been missed, this can be reported at User talk:Meneth.

All earned tickets are be listed below on a per-user basis. There is no need to notify Meneth that one is entering the contest (except for the specific contributions mentioned above); it is assumed everyone wants a chance at winning a prize.

Earned tickets

Fractional tickets are only used for accounting progress towards an entrant's next ticket. In the raffle, ticket numbers are always rounded down.

User Tickets earned
Skauld 9
SolSys 345
Holomanga‎ 9
HisArmada 2
TheProCoder 51
Codename 539 1
CoolSquid 14
Philadelphus 36
Zraith 11
FrozenFeet 5
123e55 61
Muffinmurdurer 1
Phibs 3
Erthzeid‎ 8
Charlesex 78
Chrismen3 1
Silver Wizard 35
BloodshotPixel‎ 2
Christopholes‎ 1
Puchacz 12
Cragspyder 45
Dark Kain‎ 6
Zohtun 8
Moyang‎ 3
LordKvasir 3
Certh‎ 3
Mario5752 1
Ghastrakun 367
Rygel8472‎ 278
BillyThePoo‎ 5
Elisakar 2
Indigo Blue 78
Tre3qwerty 156
Illyrien 1
TeutonicVodka 1
Valdimar 1
ZazzauBramon 1
UserID 25
Eclaudius 2
GaryKogoyJR 2
Emil2205 2
SDzv 1
Vaan24 2
Inei 8
JohnnyAlpha 5
Guzjohnson 6
Iron Magus 2
Stigni Not participating
Total 1699