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Kingdom rankDenmark
Primary culture
Danish (Scandinavian)

Capital province
Sjælland (12)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Danish ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+1 Yearly legitimacy
+5% Ship durability

Manpower recovery speed.png Vornedskab

+10% Manpower recovery speed

Navy tradition.png Old Naval Traditions

+1 Yearly navy tradition

National tax modifier.png Found the Rentekammer

+10% National tax modifier

Naval maintenance modifier.png Reorganize the Klaedekammer

−10% Naval maintenance modifier
−10% Sailor maintenance

Naval force limit modifier.png Found the Copenhagen Dockyard

+50% Naval force limit modifier

National unrest.png Den Danske Lov

−1 National unrest

Tolerance own.png Religious Freedom is Atheism

+2 Tolerance of the true faith
+10% Church power

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+15% Light ship combat ability
For the area, see Denmark (area).

In 1444 Denmark starts as the leader of the Kalmar Union, the senior member of two personal unions; Flag of Sweden Sweden and Flag of Norway Norway. Flag of Holstein Holstein is Denmark's vassal; these circumstances give the player the chance to expand rapidly and peacefully early on. It is a good idea to annex Holstein first, as Denmark will need 15 provinces to integrate Flag of Norway Norway and at the start it only has 10, so the 2 additional provinces will be very welcome. Further on Denmark's goals are mainly keeping the two unions stable and eventually integrate their lands. Afterwards the possibilities for Denmark are plenty, including colonization, fighting Flag of Muscovy Muscovy/Flag of Russia Russia or dominating the North in general.


Main article: Danish missions

Denmark's missions are focused on controlling the Baltic and Scandinavia.


Main article: Danish events

Denmark's historical events revolve around the regencies during Christian VII's reign, various reforms, and a few other flavor events.


Execute decision.pngForm Scandinavian Nation

For untold centuries the Kingdoms of the North have been divided and locked in internecine power struggles. Previous attempts at Union have ultimately failed, to the delight of their European neighbors. Even so, the vision of a lasting union remains a tantalizing possibility...

Potential Requirements

Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia does not exist.

This country:

If AI-controlled further:

  • has at least 10 cities.
  • is not a former colonial nation

This country:


This country:

  • changes to Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia.
  • gains Prestige.png10 prestige.
  • gets the modifier “Increased Centralization” for 20 years with the following effects:
    • Autonomy.png−0.05 Monthly autonomy change
    • National unrest.png+1 National unrest
  • gets permanent claims on all provinces of the Scandinavia (region) that are not owned by Scandinavia.

If Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia:

  • is a member of the Holy Roman Empire and not an elector or the emperor
    • then all its provinces are removed from the HRE.
  • is a duchy
    • then it becomes a Kingdom rank kingdom.

It is not that hard to form Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia as Denmark, since Denmark indirectly controls all needed provinces starting in 1444. To get the Swedish and Norwegian ones, Denmark only needs to integrate the two lesser partners in the Kalmar Union, Flag of Sweden Sweden and Flag of Norway Norway.


Denmark is in an ideal position to form Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia, maybe even the best compared to Flag of Norway Norway and Flag of Sweden Sweden. Firstly, Denmark starts as the leader of two personal unions, over Flag of Sweden Sweden and Flag of Norway Norway. This, historically called Kalmar Union, union helps Denmark in forming Flag of Scandinavia Scandinavia peacefully and through diplomacy. On top of that, Flag of Holstein Holstein starts as Denmark's vassal as well.

Early years[edit]

One of the player's first goals should be to annex his vassal Flag of Holstein Holstein. Not only does this free up a diplomatic relation, but it also adds to Denmark's size. Therefore, It is recommended to send a diplomat to Flag of Holstein Holstein to start improve relations from day one. The next step should be to take care of the rebels that currently occupy the island of Gotland. Wait at wherever the rebels are locating to crush them. Denmark should have enough time to reach their destination, as relocation can take several months.

From there on, Denmark's first priority should be to integrate Flag of Norway Norway. Unfortunately, this is only possible if Denmark holds an equal number of provinces as Flag of Norway Norway. It is also only possible after 50 years, in 1494. Now, if Flag of Holstein Holstein has been annexed, Denmark has a total of 15 provinces, compared to the 18 of Flag of Norway Norway. The player still needs three more provinces to integrate Flag of Norway Norway. At this point, Denmark maybe can choose the mission to conquer Ösel. Use the combined navy to blockade the provinces of the Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order as well as units from crossing the straits to Ösel. In the meantime, Denmark may have wanted to find an ally, Flag of France France is always a good choice, but a little far away. Another option is allying with one of Northern Germany's middle-sized nations (e.g. Flag of Brandenburg Brandenburg) since they may also help Denmark against the Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order or other foes. Be sure to grab three provinces from the Flag of Livonian Order Livonian Order and as soon as possible start integrating Flag of Norway Norway. Always try to keep the relations high with Sweden and as soon as possible, integrate them as well. The Swedish start off as loyal but can soon become rebellious through events and low relation with them. Work to keep relations at +200 permanently by all means possible and keep the Swedes' liberty desire below 100% to spare troubles, as it takes 50 years of stability before one can integrate a lesser partner in a personal union. Flag of Novgorod Novgorod, Flag of Scotland Scotland, Flag of Pomerania Pomerania, and Flag of England England will often support Sweden's independence. Flag of Scotland Scotland won't make a big challenge, but Hansa and Flag of Pomerania Pomerania can make the war a two-front-war, which makes it significantly more difficult, and the English navy will bring a large fleet that is well equipped to not only destroy the player's navy, but land many troops onto Danish lands. If Sweden's liberty desire is managed correctly, they can stay loyal during the whole integration.

Going south[edit]

The next steps generally depend on how the other nearby countries are doing. One may try to vassalize Flag of Saxe-Lauenburg Saxe-Lauenburg, Flag of Mecklenburg Mecklenburg or any other minor state, but a very interesting and desirable province is Flag of Hamburg Hamburg. The allies of Flag of Hamburg Hamburg are quite strong normally, and if Denmark doesn't take care of them soon, they are likely to become a real threat for the player's expansion. However, waging war against HRE nations is tricky, as they are protected by the Emperor and the allies of the Emperor. So wait for the right time and attack. Pay attention to Danish aggressive expansion in the peace deal though, Denmark doesn't want to face a Northern German coalition. Taking Hamburg will also hurt The Hansa's influence on the Lübeck trade node, allowing for Danish supremacy in trade influence. Integrating Flag of Norway Norway will also grant Denmark territory in the North Sea trade node, so it may be desired to move one of the player's merchants located in the Baltic Sea over to the North Sea.

The future[edit]

Once Denmark reaches administrative technology level 20, the player may form Scandinavia. One possibility is to focus on colonization by taking the Exploration ideas. Denmark are in a very good position with Iceland only 2 sea tiles away from Greenland and Northern America. If the player is not as excited about the New World, they can rather focus on the British Isles, to which they can get access through Scotland, and perhaps go after The Iron Price achievement. Lastly, it is also an interesting option to try to drive the one-province minors of the Holy Roman Empire out of the Lübeck trade node and taking the Baltic sea under Danish rule.

HRE Strategy[edit]

If you have the 'Danish Trade' mission available, select it. Siphon income from Flag of Sweden Sweden and Flag of Norway Norway (you'll need the cash) and seize the province of Slesvig from Flag of Holstein Holstein. You need this province to induct yourself into the HRE. Immediately start improving relations with Flag of Austria Austria. Go to war with Novgorod and peace out immediately, surrendering Flag of Sweden Sweden. As soon as possible, declare war on Teutonic Order and give up Flag of Norway Norway and Flag of Holstein Holstein. Sell Lolland to Flag of Lübeck Lübeck to make them not a Free City so you can kill them easier and sell Bornholm to Flag of Pomerania Pomerania. Siege down Gotland and release it to Flag of Sweden Sweden. Use the money you got from siphoning income to buy opinion with Flag of Austria Austria until you can get yourself into the HRE. After this is done, you will be the third biggest nation in the HRE and ready to crush North German OPMs. The benefit of this strategy is that you can take control of the lucrative Lübeck trade node and get tons of money. Recommended first idea group is trade.


The Iron Price icon
Restore the Danelaw region to Danish rule, and make it Danish culture.
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