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For an overview of all missions in the game, see list of mission lists.
For an overview of all decisions in the game, see list of decisions.
‘Missions and Decisions’ tab of the country interface.


Missions allow a country to perform a task for a reward.

Selecting a mission[edit]

If a country has no mission selected, a panel will show three randomly selected missions. The chances of a certain mission appearing are determined by the mission's base weight chance and modified by various factors particular to the mission.

Ending a mission[edit]

If a country fulfils the objectives of their active mission, the mission is successful. The country gains the rewards of the mission and can select another mission immediately.

A country may cancel a mission; doing so prevents the country from selecting another mission for 1 year[1]. Claims and casus belli granted by a mission are lost immediately. There are no other negative consequences.

Under some conditions (hidden in-game) a country will fail a mission. However, there is no other penalty and another mission can be selected immediately.


Decisions are a set of choices a nation can make if certain conditions are met. Each decision has consequences, which can be both positive and negative. A nation never has to take a decision it is always at the players discretion whether to accept a decision or not. Some decisions are nation specific, some are religion specific and some are more generic.

The option to make a decision appears in the alerts zone of the main screen and when clicked opens up the Missions and Decisions interface. Some decisions have negative effects too and if they are judged to be too damaging a decision can be ignored by deselecting the circle to the left of the question mark in the interface.


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