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Kingdom rankCyprus
Primary culture
Francien (French)

Capital province
Cyprus (321)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Cypriot ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
−20% Galley cost
+4 Tolerance of heretics

Legitimacy.png King of Jerusalem

+0.5 Yearly legitimacy
−25% Cost to fabricate claims

Army tradition.png Frankish Crusaders

+1 Yearly army tradition

Production efficiency.png Commandaria Wine

+10% Production efficiency

Diplomatic reputation.png Lusignan Diplomacy

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Fort defense.png Cypriot Fortifications

+25% Fort defense

Galley combat ability.png Repel the Corsairs

+20% Galley combat ability

Embargo efficiency.png Raid Turkish Commerce

+10% Embargo efficiency
+15% Privateer efficiency

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+33% Naval force limit modifier

The Kingdom of Cyprus is a Crusader state in the Levant. At the 1444 start, their independence is guaranteed by the Flag of Mamluks Mamluks. Much like Flag of Naxos Naxos and Flag of Athens Athens, Cyprus has a different religion than its only province.


Players of Cyprus can form Flag of Jerusalem Jerusalem if they own and core al-Quds, Naablus and Ghazzah and are not emperor of Flag of Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire . Unlike other Catholic nations, Cyprus and Flag of The Knights The Knights will become Flag of Jerusalem Jerusalem instead of releasing it as a vassal. Upon enacting this decision Cyprus will become a Feudal Monarchy if the player had previously switched government type and may choose to switch to Jerusalem's Ideas.

Execute decision.pngReestablish The Kingdom of Jerusalem

Rejoice! Holy Jerusalem is again in Christian hands - our Christian hands. The Pope has informed us that if we were to reestablish The Kingdom of Jerusalem, our salvation would be assured.
Potential Requirements

Flag of Jerusalem Jerusalem does not exist.
It is either the Age of Discovery.png ‘Age of Discovery’ or the Age of Reformation.png ‘Age of Reformation’.
The country:

If the country is AI-controlled then it:


The country:


The AI will never enact this decision, not even as Cyprus or The Knights.


This is a list of all Flag of Cyprus Cyprus's events (from /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorCYP.txt).

Msg event.pngThe Question of Famagusta

In 1464, the Cypriotes evicted the Genoese from Famagusta, getting full control over the Island. However, it did not take long until the Venetians had taken control of it, in their attempt to secure control of the Mediterranean trade.

Trigger conditions
  • Fires only once
  • The year is at least 1460
  • Has at least 25Prestige.pngPrestige
  • Flag of Venice Venice exists
  • Flag of Genoa Genoa exists
  • Venice and Genoa have an active merchant in Alexandria
Mean time to happen
  • 32 months

Event button 547.png
It is ours!
  • Cyprus gains "Control of Famagusta" in the Alexandria trade node for 20 years worth +1 trade node power
  • Genoa:

This may mean war with Genoa.

Event button 547.png
Let Venice in now
  • Venice:
    • gains the opinion modifier "Famagusta given" towards Cyprus, worth +20 opinion for 20 years.
    • gets the event 'We can trade in Famagusta!' for Venice
  • Genoa:

This may mean war with Genoa.

Event button 547.png
The Genoese can stay
  • Genoa:
    • gains the opinion modifier "Famagusta given" towards Cyprus, worth +20 opinion for 20 years.
    • gets the event 'We can trade in Famagusta!' for Genoa.


Cyprus starts the game in a rather precarious position, as a one province minor on an island, with its home capital orthodox but its state religion catholic. Its direct neighbors are the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans and the Mamluks, and while the Mamluks start off guaranteeing this little island nation, both are a threat to its very survival. Cyprus also starts off with a weak army but large enough navy (for its size). Its economy is weak, and it may be best to immediately delete the fort in its capital and lower army maintenance to its minimum before unpausing. The king is average, but the heir is abysmal (1/0/0) and female, and would set back technological progress for the little nation if she becomes Queen. Apart from the Ottomans and the Mamluks, its direct neighbors are Flag of Karaman Karaman, Flag of Ramazan Ramazan, Flag of The Knights The Knights and Flag of Venice Venice. Ramazan has a force limit equal to Cyprus, Karaman's army is a little stronger, and The Knights start off being guaranteed by Venice, who is usually hostile towards Cyprus.

Early game[edit]

The ideal starting situation for Cyprus is when Flag of Poland Poland rivals the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans and also forms a personal union with Flag of Lithuania Lithuania, and Flag of Karaman Karaman rivals Flag of Ramazan Ramazan. If Poland does not form a personal union with Lithuania, it may be best to restart, as it will make the game a lot harder. Being catholic will allow the player to ally Poland relatively quickly, especially if they are threatened by Poland's rival (the attitude can also be set manually). If Flag of Austria Austria starts off not rivaling Poland, they will also make a useful ally during the inevitable wars against the Ottomans. If Flag of Naples Naples becomes independent, they may become a valuable ally as well.

Despite this making the capital harder to convert, the player should consider spending a few Administrative power.png and Diplomatic power.png in the beginning to improve their capital, in order to squeeze out a few more ducats to avoid going into debt too early. Cyprus starts off with a mission to improve relations with Flag of the Papal State the Papal State, and should probably take it. On top of that, it is best to improve relations with Flag of Poland Poland right away, in order to get that alliance as soon as possible. Since it is imperative to both grow quickly and prevent the Ottomans from growing too much, the third diplomat should be used to fabricate claims on Flag of Ramazan Ramazan and later Flag of Karaman Karaman and Flag of The Knights The Knights. In the meantime, the player should build the navy up to its force limit and possibly a little beyond, in order to have enough transports to move their whole army at once. Afterwards, the army should be built up to force limit. Idle diplomats are best spent improving relations with the Flag of Mamluks Mamluks and Flag of Austria Austria, and forging claims on the Mamluks, the Ottomans and Flag of The Knights The Knights.

The first expansion targets of the player, once its army and navy are up to full strength, will likely be either Flag of Ramazan Ramazan or Flag of The Knights The Knights. If Flag of Karaman Karaman rivals Ramazan, that provides the ideal starting situation as declaring war on Ramazan will then make Karaman grant military access to the player, despite their likely hostility towards Cyprus, allowing the player to attack Karaman from land. Otherwise, the player may need to rely on a naval invasion, which gives a significant malus to the attacking army. During the early game, the player may eventually have to take loans and build its army a little over its force limit to defeat some enemies.

Once Flag of Ramazan Ramazan is defeated, the player should attack Flag of Karaman Karaman quickly before the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans warn the player - which they are very likely to do, since all of these provinces are Ottoman cores. As all of these provinces are Sunni, ceding most of these to the Clergy and hiring an Inquisitor advisor may help both converting them and keeping unrest low. A Theologian advisor can also help reduce unrest.

If Flag of Venice Venice ends up in a war against a stronger foe, such as Flag of Austria Austria or the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans, the player should seize the opportunity to attack Flag of The Knights The Knights as soon as Venice is unwilling to join that war - after all, they have a much larger navy than the player, and can thwart a naval invasion of Rhodes easily. As this is a naval invasion, it is important to have a larger army than The Knights, and also take note that they have a level 3 fort, requiring at least 9,000 troops to be sieged successfully. Taking Rhodes will enable the player to fabricate claims on Flag of Byzantium Byzantium and many more Ottoman provinces in Greece - all of which, like Rhodes, are unlikely to revolt once autonomy is increased, due to Cyprus's high tolerance of heretics. And if the timing is right, once the Ottomans inevitably attack Byzantium, the player can seize the opportunity to annex Achea, Morea and Athens.

When the Ottomans eventually attack the Flag of Mamluks Mamluks, the player has, in essence, two strategic options: Either attack the Mamluks as well, taking as many provinces as possible, ideally including the provinces required to form Jerusalem, and cutting off the Ottomans from further direct expansion into this area. This will, of course, revoke the guarantee that the Mamluks have over Cyprus. Another option is to attack the Ottomans at the same time from the West with Poland-Lithuania and possibly other allies (such as Flag of Austria Austria or Flag of Hungary Hungary), which will also likely cut their war with the Mamluks short. Be sure to mark Greek territory - at least the coastline - as territory of interest, and take as much of it as possible. A focus during the first war should be to expand up the coastline towards Flag of Ragusa Ragusa, which will open up some more conquest opportunities. If the Ottomans annexed Flag of Serbia Serbia, the player may take 1-2 Serbian core provinces in the deal, and release Serbia as a vassal instead of coring the territory himself. Alternatively, they may take some Bulgarian core provinces and release Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria.

Note that if the poor heir becomes a Queen, one way to depose her is to lower legitimacy to the point where the civil war disaster fires, once the prerequisites are met. The pretender who rises will almost certainly have much better stats than the 1/0/0 the Queen has. In that case, it is best to stay out of the way of the pretender rebels, and let them take the capital (it is unlikely that the player has enough troops to deal with them, in any case).

The recommended first idea group for the player to take is Religious, as it will allow the player to convert the Sunni lands they will need to take. The Deus Vult casus belli can then also be used against the Sunni nations the player will need to attack to expand.

Further expansion[edit]

After securing a power base in both Anatolia and Greece (making sure to expand up the coast towards Flag of Ragusa Ragusa during the first war with the Flag of Ottomans Ottomans), the player can then further expand into the Balkans, annex and/or vassalize Flag of Ragusa Ragusa, Flag of Bosnia Bosnia, Flag of Serbia Serbia (if it still exists) and conquer more Greek Ottoman territory. All of these provinces are either orthodox - which the player tolerates - or catholic, and should, in general, produce little unrest once the separatism subsides. Many are even of the player's culture. The player can also expand into Italy if opportunity presents itself, and eventually into the HRE if so desired.

It is recommended to weaken the Ottomans whenever possible, declaring war on them with strong allies once the truce is up. The player should likely concentrate on taking the Greek orthodox lands first before expanding into Anatolia too much, as those provinces are likely to rebel eventually. And once the player is able to convert Sunni provinces, and has the army to deal with revolts, they should also expand into Mamlukean territory, to eventually form the Kingdom of Flag of Jerusalem Jerusalem. It should be noted that forming Jerusalem will remove the +4 tolerance of heretics modifier that Cyprus has and replace it with a +1 tolerance of heathens, so it may be best to wait until the orthodox lands are converted.

Mid to late game[edit]

Once a power base is secured that spans the Balkans, Anatolia and the Levant (Aleppo, Syria and Palestine), and the Kingdom of Jerusalem is established, further expansion is up to the player. They may become Emperor of the HRE or disband it; they can restore the former Empire of Rome by conquering Egypt and North Africa; they may also expand to the East and North-East and convert the Russian region and the Middle East to catholicism, or seek the riches that Africa has to offer.


King of Jerusalem icon
Form the Kingdom of Jerusalem as Cyprus or The Knights.

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