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Duchy rankCreek
Primary culture
Creek (Muskogean)

Capital province
Tuskegee (925)

Native CouncilGovernment tribal.png

State religion

Technology group
North AmericanNorth American technology group
Creek ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Foreign spy detection
−25% Unjustified demands

Construction cost.png Moundbuilders Legacy

−10% Construction cost

Stability cost modifier.png Creek Caste System

−10% Stability cost modifier

Production efficiency.png Green Corn Celebration

+10% Production efficiency

Prestige.png Four Mother Towns

+1 Yearly prestige

National manpower modifier.png Micos Leadership

+15% National manpower modifier

Diplomatic reputation.png Muscogee Neutrality

+1 Diplomatic reputation

Morale of armies.png Red Sticks

+10% Morale of armies

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% National tax modifier

Creek is a tribe in Eastern North America. Creek is located in the territory of modern-day Alabama and Georgia, just above Florida. Creek is a three province nation bordered by Choctaw to the west and Cherokee to the north.


At the start, the Creek's provinces are the richest in the area with high development. The Creek, as with the other native tribes, requires fast expansion to be able to withstand the Europeans. To start off, the Creek should ally with one, or possibly two, of the native tribes that are located on the opposite sides of the player's immediate enemies. The Shawnee and Caddo work well for this. It is a good idea for the player to take heir immediate enemies, vassalizing as often as possible because it is cheap and quick as long as the player is willing to wait the ten years. After taking over the Creek's initial enemies the path becomes more open and more choices are available.

It is recommended that the player take expansion or exploration ideas in order to obtain a colonist quickly. The Creek can then work on colonizing as much of the coast as possible to avoid leaving open areas for Europeans to land and colonize. If the player does not wish to take the coast, the Creek can either focus on colonizing around their immediate area, or they can travel abroad to wage war upon distant tribes.

After the Europeans arrive, it is a good idea to ally with one of the great powers. This will help the Creek in wars against other powers and allow the player to resist being overthrown. When at war with Europeans, avoid battles with their troops, instead it is recommended to travel along seizing colonies and besieging provinces. Even a small group of western units can cut through large numbers of native units, so if Creek must fight choose hills or marshes across rivers, etc.

The Creek are a challenging and difficult nation to play, but it is also rewarding and fun for the skilled and patient player.

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