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A claim on a province is an assertion that that province should be part of a nation, and can be gained in several ways. Claims exist in two versions: permanent and temporary.

Temporary claim[edit]

A temporary claim is a type of claim which can be acquired through the fabricate claim covert action, events and missions[1]. A temporary claim will disappear after Time Icon.png 25 years if the claimed province is not owned by the claimant country (note that the claim retains its original expiry date, thus disappearing immediately if it has expired and the claimant country no longer owns the province). If the claimant country is at war with the province owner at the original expiry date, the claim will not expire until the end of the war.

Beside generation of a conquest CB (towards the current owner of the province), claimed provinces also provide the following benefits when conquered:

  • Province warscore cost.png -10% Province warscore cost
  • Core-creation cost.png -10% Core-creation cost
  • Local autonomy.png -10% Local autonomy


A spy network can be used to fabricate a claim on a neighboring province or a province across a single sea zone as long as the claimant nation and the owner of the target province are at peace with each other.

A nation which has completed Exploration ideas may also fabricate claims in colonial regions, even without bordering that province. The same goes for a nation which has completed Expansion ideas, but in trade company regions. The Transfer Subject age ability during the Age of Exploration allows fabricating claims on provinces that border existing claims (requires Mandate of Heaven.png).

The base spy network size needed to fabricate a claim is 20[2] plus 5[3] for each preexisting claim the fabricator already has on the target's provinces. This cost can be affected by:

Ideas and policies:

Cost to fabricate claims.png Traditions Ideas Bonuses Policies
  • Naxian traditions
  • Espionage idea 5: Claim Fabrication
  • Chiba idea 3: Coalition with Kamakura Kubo
  • Cypriot idea 1: King of Jerusalem
  • Imagawa idea 1: Claim to the Shogunate
  • Isshiki idea 4: Reclaim Old Territories
  • Lorraine idea 3: Lotharingia
  • Northumbrian idea 2: The Memory of Northumbrian Hegemony
  • Papal idea 4: Donation of Constantine
  • Polotskian idea 1: Legacy of the Werewolf Prince
  • Provençal idea 1: Memory of Angevin Claims
  • Yaroslavlyian idea 1: Between Hammer and Anvil
  • Nizhny Novgorod ambition
  • Thomondian ambition
Decisions and events:
Cost to fabricate claims.png Event modifier Trigger Duration
−50% Limited Claim Fabrication Diplomatic ideas event: “Incompetent Diplomats
Option: ‘They are of noble blood though...’
for 10 years.

Permanent claim[edit]

An example of a permanent claim from an EUIV developer diary

A permanent claim is a special type of claim which can only be granted by nation formation decisions and certain national events. A permanent claim will never expire, and can only be revoked through war or events.

Having a permanent claim on a province provides:

  • The Conquest casus belli towards the current owner of the province.
  • Reduces core cost and core creation time by 25%.[4]
  • Reduces local autonomy after conquest by -10% for non-overseas provinces (from 50% to 40%)

AE generation reduction[edit]

Having claims (either permanent or temporary) on a province can reduce the aggressive expansion generated by taking the province if the correct casus belli was used to declare the war.

Casus Belli AE Modifier
Annexation War x0.50
Government Form War x0.75
Conquest x1.00
War for the Emperor x0.50
Annex Daimyo x0.50
Sengoku x0.50


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