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Duchy rankBurgundy
Primary culture
Burgundian (French)

Capital province
Bourgogne (192)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Burgundian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
+1 Diplomatic relations

Prestige.png The Order of the Golden Fleece

+1 Yearly prestige

Mercenary maintenance.png The Compagnies d'Ordonnance

−25% Mercenary maintenance

Available mercenaries.png Promote the Estates General

+50% Available mercenaries

Discipline.png Reform of the Feudal Army

+5% Discipline

Trade efficiency.png Integrate the Towns in the Estates General

+10% Trade efficiency

Tolerance heretic.png Allow Freedom of Worship

+2 Tolerance of heretics

National manpower modifier.png Create the Regimental System

+25% National manpower modifier

Idea bonus.png Ambition:

+10% Trade steering
For the area, see Burgundy (area).

At the start, Burgundy is a nation with two distinct areas. Situated in modern eastern and northeastern France, as well as most of modern-day Belgium, Burgundy is the biggest rival for the French King to unify and control the French region, but at the game's start it is still a feudal patchwork of royal lands (territory owned directly), vassals and independent states. Historically, Burgundy's French ambitions were terminated in the Hundred Years' War when they sided with the English king, but it still remains a great land power in its own right, with its potential economic, military and political power mainly situated in the Low Countries rather than the French lands from which it originally came. Burgundy is hence well positioned to colonize or even form the Flag of Netherlands Netherlands. Alternatively the imperial throne can be claimed, though actual eastward expansion can be slow and costly since German cultures are not usually accepted (Dutch and Flemish is accepted due to high province value in the beginning). Be mindful of the Channel, as although the English may purport to be allies, if they declare war on France within the first five years to force a union and win they may come after Burgundy next. This is no reason to fear, as a good Burgundy player can control, and defeat both the Germans and the French.


Flag of Burgundy Burgundy is the only non Dutch/Flemish nation that can form Flag of Netherlands Netherlands


Main article: Burgundian missions

Burgundy's missions are leftovers from Europa Universalis III, and are for the most part not relevant to the 1444 start. The only missions that have any relevance are Conquer Liege and Vassalize Lorraine.


Main article: Burgundian events

Burgundian events centre around the Low Countries and the Burgundian Succession.


There are multiple strategies with Burgundy.

Joining the HRE.[edit]

At game start, if Flag of Austria Austria is rivaled, it may be best to restart to avoid unlawful imperial territory later on. Provence, France, and England work best as rivals, to take land cheaper and with less ae.

To join the HRE, the player will have to obtain 200 (or more, depending on where the capital is being moved) administrative points. Then, while the game is paused, grant the province of Artois to Flag of Flanders Flanders and Charolais to Flag of Nevers Nevers (*). Then, the player will have to sell Picardy to Brittany and move their capital to Picardy and grant Bourgogne to Nevers. Then, the province will be sold to Brittany, forcing the players capital to be in the HRE. There may be problems with liberty desire, but as long as Burgundy keeps a large enough army, there shouldn't be any problems. At this point, the player can attack Flag of Liege Liege, England, and possibly Flag of France France when they are at war with a larger power (such as Flag of England England in the Hundred Years War). This is so the player can attack Flag of Provence Provence and peace out with France easier (since they will have high war exhaustion), annexing the eastern portion of Provence, along with Flag of Lorraine Lorraine, as they are Burgundy's primary culture. If Champagne and Nemours can be taken, that would be optimal, as they can bring the player closer to Paris and give the ability to fabricate more claims. However, Liege is a preferable first target so AE can decay over more years, while not having any problems from losing too many troops (leading to liberty desire being higher). England can be attacked next, since Calais will probably have the modifier that gives extra tax and production. If they weren't taken, Normandy, Caux, Alencon, and Maine can be taken as well. From there, the player should take over the rest of the low countries and move their capital (Antwerpen is a good pick because of the coastal center of trade) there to prevent the Dutch revolts. Also, Dutch and Flemish are good cultures to accept for the bonuses. For ideas, Influence and Administrative are necessary, to lower the cost of annexation of PU's and provinces. Administrative also synergizes with Burgundy's idea for on lower mercenary maintenance. One can choose to become the Holy Roman Emperor, colonization, or European expansion.

(*) is supposed to signify that if the player wishes, they can add Charolais to the HRE by manually setting the date to 1821 and back to 1444, which expands the borders of the HRE. Then Charolais would not have to be given to Nevers.


The Burgundian Conquest icon
As Burgundy, own the Low Countries region as core provinces and have France and Austria as your subjects.
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