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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version of the game. It was last updated for 1.2.

Primary culture
Bornean (Malay)

Capital province
Brunei (636)

Despotic MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Tech group
Ideas and traditions

Notes: For countries with Malayan culture as well as Banten, Brunei, Cirebon, Demak, Malacca, Malaya, Pattani and Sulu.

Traditions.png Traditions:

-10% Ship costs
+10% Trade steering

Merchants.png Indian Ocean Trade

+1 Merchants

Tolerance heathen.png Sufi Legacy

+2 Tolerance of heathens

Production efficiency.png Spice Islands

+10% Production efficiency

Idea cost.png Classical Malay

-5% Idea cost

Naval maintenance modifier.png Trading Fleets

-20% Naval maintenance modifier

Prestige.png Heirs of Pasai

+1 Yearly prestige

Colonists.png Settle the Islands

+1 Colonists

Idea bonus.png Ambitions:

+20% Morale of navies

Brunei is a Malayan sultanate in Indonesia.

National decisions[edit]

Brunei can form Malaya.


Brunei, as well as other large states with Malayan culture (Aceh, Majapahit, Malacca) are capable of forming the Malayan nation. The strategy for all of them is somewhat similar, and should work always bar some unfortunate random events.

State of the Union[edit]

In 1444, there are no friends in Indonesia and Malaysia: all countries are hostile or declare rivalry shortly after the game starts. There's little point to seek alliances with any of them - swift conquest is the only way forward. The big players are Aceh, Majapahit, Brunei and Malacca. Makassar is a rich OPM out of the way. On the mainland, Ayutthaya holds two provinces with Malayan culture and Sunni religion, which can be claimed later. The rest of the world is not of concern (for now) for this distant corner of civilization.

Forming Malaya[edit]

To form the country, the territory of any two of the three countries (Aceh, Malacca and Brunei) must be owned, as well as the portion of Java not colonized in the 1444 start. Owning Majapahit or Makassar lands is not a requirement, but since they have zero possibility of forming meaningful alliances, they can be crushed in due time.

The Conquest of Malaya[edit]

First, claims. It is possible to forge claims on Makassar, Aceh, and Malacca from the beginning. There's no need to fabricate more than one claim for Aceh provinces, for reasons that will be clear shortly. Makassar should be vassalized as soon as possible, and in the meantime, some additional forces should be recruited. Ideally, a force of 12-13 units should be sufficient. Investment in cogs is crucial early on, to haul the troops around the islands and not be crushed while the expeditionary force awaits reinforcements.

As soon as Makassar is vassalized, Aceh or Malacca can be attacked. With some luck and a skilled general, Brunei should prevail against Aceh, but Malacca is the easier target. It's also possible that Malacca has lost a war to Aceh or Ayutthaya and is even weaker than usual. Vassalize them and move on to Aceh.

Defeat Aceh and force them to return any of Malacca's cores as well as claiming as many provinces as necessary to reduce them to a size that can be vassalized in the next war. It's possible that Malacca has claims on some of Aceh's provinces, they can be sold to them to reduce overextension. Keep in mind that Malacca will only buy one uncored province at a time, though.

Start thinking about integrating Makassar. If there's a Diplomat adviser available, that will speed up the process significantly. Improve relations with Malacca, until the integration of Makassar is complete they will be unsatisfied with their vassal status (They are almost the same strength as Brunei). Good relations with Ayutthaya are preferable to keep them happy, just in case. They will be outraged when Malacca is annexed, and with their allies command larger force than Brunei can muster at this point.

When the truce with Aceh expires, vassalize them and sell them the provinces previously claimed from them. Keep forces strong to avoid dissatisfaction, and annex them together with Malacca as soon as possible.

With that, the goal is almost complete. What remains is colonizing Java and optionally subduing Majapahit. Since it's not possible to fabricate a claim to Majapahit (the only possible province is their capital; however, they can forge claims themselves to Brunei), there needs to be a colony adjacent to them in order to attack them. Alternatively, it is possible to get the Trade dispute Casus Belli, but this is less certain than a claim.

On the technology side, it's crucial to get the first national idea as soon as possible, so all administrative points should go towards that instead of coring. Withhold investment in diplomatic technology and spend the points instead for the first two ideas in Exploration idea group to allow colonizing of Java and forming Malaya.

With some luck, Malaya can be formed in 40 years or so, with all island nations fully annexed by 1490.


From here you're in the prime position to completely dominate Far Eastern trade and become the Great Britain of the east. After formation, turn your gaze to the Siam trade node in which Ayutthaya currently resides and dominates. By now they should have annexed their vassal and are intimidating as a force at the moment. If they're still alive, ally yourself with Pegu and then declare war after claiming Pattani. There is sometimes a mission to free Pattani from Aytthayan hands as Pattani is both Sunni and of your main culture group. After taking him our and annexing the most important provinces, vassalize who you want and then take down the others. Vassal feed as much as you can and then create more vassals. These will be your buffs against Ming as you cannot even dream to go against future rival Ming in a land fight. After taking control of Siam's trade node, you should start, or continuing, colonization of the surrounding islands. These provide many eastern goods such as chinaware and more spices. As Malaya it's possible to get 5 colonists. 2 from exploration, 2 from expansion+policy, and 1 from the Malayan ideas. These will help in colonizing the various small islands and eventually Australia. Australia is fairly common to be untouched by the Europeans at this time as they are usually still creating a stable foothold in the new world. Colonize here and the new colony nation of Maustralia will be created! Ensure to funnel trade from here to the Philippines. As for the other venues of trade, taking from Hangzhou and Canton should be done with merchant fleets. Conquest of Japan is completely possible if you attempt to balance trade power to justify trade conflict. Your superior naval size should be sufficient in dealing with them with blockades and vassalization. Diplo annex them for control of the Nippon trade node ready to be funneled right into Hangzhou.

Strong allies will be scarce. Ming, the only other relevant nation, will most likely be rivaling you and threaten your expansion. Vassals will be your main source of allies. Attempt to vassalize as many nations as you can and feed them whatever provinces you have conquered. This will provide a private army that pays you instead (through vassal income). Lai Xang works best for their accepted cultures and buffer against Ming. Nepal should be prioritized as a vassal for their amazing land military based national ideas. Hopefully they haven't grown too much for a full vassalization in one war.

From here it's mostly peace. If possible leave a single island bordering one of your cores to allow for westernization. With the wealth you get it's possible to maintain 3 max level advisers and still gain a hefty profit of 10-20 ducats a month. Westernize and then expand into Ming if you so desire.


Westernizing as Brunei/Malaya is actually relatively easy to do. Should you go with Exploration and Expansion as your first two idea groups, you can "island hop" slowly across the ocean until you hit Africa. By the time you reach Africa, Spain or Portugal more than likely already has a presence on the continent, and by colonizing next to one of their provinces you can begin your westernization. Similarly, instead of island hopping you can always become buddy-buddy with Swahili and ask for fleet-basing access.