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Duchy rankAustria
Primary culture
Austrian (Germanic)

Capital province
Wien (134)

Feudal MonarchyGovernment monarchy.png

State religion

Technology group
WesternWestern technology group
Austrian ideas
Traditions.png Traditions:
+10% Morale of armies
+30% Better relations over time

Imperial authority.png Imperial Ambitions

+10% Imperial Authority
−15% Diplomatic annexation cost

Fort maintenance modifier.png Military Frontier

−10% Fort maintenance
+15% National garrison growth

Inflation reduction.png Fugger Banks

+0.05 Yearly inflation reduction
−1 Interest per annum

Diplomatic reputation.png Habsburg Dominance

+2 Diplomatic reputation

Missionary strength.png Edict of Restitution

+2% Missionary strength

Diplomatic upkeep.png Austrian Court

+1 Diplomatic relations

Reinforce speed.png Hofkriegsrat

+30% Reinforce speed
+3% Discipline

Idea bonus.png Ambitions:

+50% Chance of new heir

Austria Austria starts the game as the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire. It is up to the Emperor of the traditionally fractious German HRE states to unify the Empire as the famous Habsburgs and stake their claim on history as a world power.

Austria Austria is present in Central Europe, bordered by Bohemia Bohemia and minor German states to the north and west, Hungary Hungary to the east and Venice Venice to the south. They also start with an army of 37,000 troops, the largest army in Europe.

The Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire may be called into defensive wars against outside aggressors, and are also tasked with maintaining order in the empire and enforcing religious unity.


Main article: Austrian missions

Austrian missions are focused around uniting the Habsburg lands and uniting the Holy Roman Empire.


Main article: Austrian events

Austria's events deal with Austro-Bohemian relations, instability in Austria's holdings in Hungary, famous people of the time period such as Mozart and Metternich, and the Italian Wars.


Styria Styria can form Austria Austria if Austria no longer exists.

Execute decision.pngUnite the House of Habsburg

By uniting the Leopoldian and Albertinian lines of the house of Habsburg we will once again assert our influence over European politics and secure our place as the most prestigious member of the Holy Roman Empire.

Potential Requirements Allow
  • Is not in regency
  • Is not a subject nation
  • Is not a nomad nation
  • Is not at war
  • Austria Austria does not exist
  • Owns Wien (134)

  • Changes country to Austria Austria
  • Add +10 Prestige.png Prestige

Holy Roman Emperor Strategy[edit]

Playing Austria is very different from most other nations in the game and therefore could offer a unique experience. Austria must retain the title of Holy Roman Emperor in order to maintain their might as a continental power, which means playing the diplomacy and imperial authority game within the HRE. Thankfully, Austria's national ideas easily form the best set of diplomatic ideas in the game. Maintaining allies is also essential as all of Austria's major opponents (particularly France and the Ottomans) have superior military-oriented ideas.

As a note, economically Austria Austria is relatively weak in trade due to its home trade node being the inland node of Wien. However Austria Austria is unique in that it has one of the few Gold gold mines in Europe (Tirol) and starts out as Emperor with 8 free cities providing a Gold Icon.png20 ducat bonus as taxes per year.

Imperial Authority[edit]

In general, things to keep in mind for monthly Imperial authority.pngImperial Authority:

  • with more princes in the HRE +0.004 per prince over 25
  • up to 8 free cities +0.005 per city
  • peace in the empire +0.10
  • heretic princes -.01 per prince
  • electors that are vassals or missing electors -0.1 (this does not include personal unions, however there is a -50 penalty in elections

Other mechanics can be seen at Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire.

As an overview, to effectively secure the Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire mechanics Austria Austria should:

  • keep princes catholic (Enforce Religious Unity after the religious wars, Deus Vault religious ideas for border nations).
  • add princes where possible through demanding unlawful territory or war (the first reform allowing the Imperial Ban casus belli is helpful)

Minimizing the Reformation[edit]

To accomplish the first goal it may be helpful to let one province countries like Friesland Friesland or Oldenburg Oldenburg be annexed by larger countries to prevent Center of reformation.pngcenters of reformation and religious rebels from instantly converting princes.

Having Deus Vult in Relgious ideas will allow the Cleansing of Heresy casus belli on neighboring heretical nations to force a religion change.

Reign in Northern Italy[edit]

The second goal can be accomplished by preventing the Shadow Kingdom and must be completed before 1490.

The provinces in yellow must be added to the HRE by 1490 to prevent the Shadow Kingdom event.

To prevent the Shadow Kingdom and utilizing the Rein in Northern Italy decision requires that the listed provinces be under Austria Austria through direct or indirect ownership.

Nation Provinces
Venice Venice Treviso, Friuli, and Verona
The Papal State The Papal State Romanga, Ancona, Umbria, and Roma
Urbino Urbino Urbino

Successful completion of the Reign in Northern Italy decision adds all the listed provinces in to the HRE and depending up to Imperial authority.png0.012 Imperial Authority per month if the released nation of Aquileia Aquileia (Friuli and Görz), Urbino Urbino and The Papal State The Papal State are made into vassals.

  • As a note Venice Venice controls the Milan Milan core province of Bresica resulting in a penalty of Imperial authority.png0.005 Imperial Authority per month.
  • If the province of Dalmatia Venice Venice is brought under control, added to the Empire and Croatia Croatia released this will provide a bonus of Imperial authority.png0.004 Imperial Authority per month and reconquest of core casus Belli for Lika, Zágráb, Varasd, and Slavonia against Hungary Hungary.
  • Net change Imperial authority.png+0.021 Imperial Authority per month can be gained by all the above actions.

Territories in Burgundy Burgundy[edit]

Burgundy Burgundy through Personal Unions controls imperial territory in Holland Holland and Brabant Brabant .

Nation Provinces Releasable
Burgundy Burgundy Cambray, Hainaut, Namur, Luxemburg, and French-Comté Hainaut Hainaut with Cambray, Hainut, and Namur Luxembourg Luxembourg with Luxemburg
Holland Holland Zeeland and Holland none
Brabant Brabant Brabant, Antwerpen, Breda, and Limburg none

The strategies behind dealing with Burgundy Burgundy should have in mind keeping Imperial territory in Empire hands and protected from France France and England England. The strategy can be started from Sundgau via fabrication or a rival conquest mission. Ways to pull apart Burgundy Burgundy include:

  • Forcing Burgundy Burgundy to move their capital by annexing Bourgogne through French-Comté. Burgundy Burgundy may move their capital into Imperial territory automatically forcing Brabant Brabant and Holland Holland back into Imperial arms. (this is greatly increased by having Picardie and Artois in another nations hands France France has missions and England England generally fabricates claims. Up to an increase Imperial authority.png+0.012 Imperial Authority per month from princes and a removal of Imperial authority.png-0.055 from territory under the control of non-members (net change Imperial authority.png+0.067 Imperial Authority per month).
  • At least three wars releasing Hainaut Hainaut, Luxembourg Luxembourg, cancelling the subjects of Holland Holland, Brabant Brabant and reclaiming French-Comté. Up to an increase of Imperial authority.png+0.016 and a removal of Imperial authority.png-0.055 Imperial Authority per month from territory under the control of non-members (net change Imperial authority.png+0.071 Imperial Authority per month).
  • through the Burgundian Succession Crisis (a luck based event) which can give direct control over the territories of
Nation Provinces
Burgundy Burgundy Cambray, Hainaut, Namur, Luxemburg, and French-Comté
Holland Holland Zeeland, and Holland
Brabant Brabant Brabant, Antwerpen, Breda and Limburg
Flanders Flanders Vlandereen and Gent

This provides no increase in Imperial authority.pngImperial Authority as no new nations are released into the Empire. However, the action removes of Imperial authority.png-0.055 from territory under the control of non-members (net change Imperial authority.png+0.055 Imperial Authority per month).. Note though that France France will generally receive control of the listed provinces.

Nation Provinces
Burgundy Burgundy Bourgogne, Picardie, Artois and Charolais
Nevers Nevers Nevers and Rethel

Territories under Provence Provence[edit]

Provence Provence at the start is the suzerain of Lorraine Lorraine (Metz and Lothringen) and controls the Imperial territory of Barrois for a penalty of Imperial authority.png-0.015 Imperial Authority per month. Lothringen can be fabricated on by Austria Austria from Sundgau. A war releasing Bar Bar (Barrois) and canceling suzerainty of Lorraine Lorraine will yield an increase of Imperial authority.png+0.008 per month from the increase in the number of princes and removal of Imperial authority.png-0.015 Imperial Authority per month penalty (net change Imperial authority.png+0.023 Imperial Authority per month).

Territories under Teutonic Order Teutonic Order[edit]

Neumark a core of Brandenburg Brandenburg starts under Teutonic Order Teutonic Order control at the start for a penalty of per Imperial authority.png-0.005 Imperial Authority per month. Early on there is no direct way for Austria Austria to take the province back. However, allying Poland Poland or Brandenburg Brandenburg as both go to war with the Teutonic Order Teutonic Order early. This may enable reclaiming of Neumark and potentially adding Danzig Danzig to the Empire. The net change is up to Imperial authority.png+0.09 for both actions and a denial of Poland's ability to westernize.

Alternatively if the first Imperial Reform is passed and Neumark still has not come back into Empire the Imperial ban casus belli may be used to secure Neumark.

Idea groups[edit]

Diplomatic or Influence are strong contenders for first idea group due to the importance of holding onto the Holy Roman Emperor title. Both grant an Diplomatic upkeep.png+1 diplomatic relations and Diplomatic reputation.png+2 diplomatic reputation (+10 modifier for elections and +5 per point for supporting Empire reforms). Influence is enables faster expansion due to reduced aggressive expansion (Aggressive expansion impact.png-20% and reduced diplomatic annexation costs (Diplomatic annexation cost-25%. Diplomacy however, may have better events (including one that could give Imperial authority.png+5 Imperial Authority), better improved relations (Improve relations.png+25%, free royal marriage breaking (from Icon stability.png-1 stability and Prestige.png-1 prestige).

Offensive or Defensive are both helpful to Austria as a major land power that must repel hostile invasions on the HRE. Offensive is slightly more useful due to the need to wage many small wars within the HRE to free annexed states as improved siege decreases the length of siege times Siege ability.png+20% and provides a larger force limit Land forcelimit.png+20% to win battles against the French, Ottoman or Polish armies.

Religious or Humanism may be essential by the third idea group in order to counter the heretics during the Reformation. It is in the Emperor's interest to remain Catholic and convert ProtestantismProtestant/Reformed.pngReformed princes back to CatholicismCatholicism which makes Religious a strong choice. However, if the Reformation starts right next to or within Austria Austria, Humanism may be necessary to prevent the religious turmoil disaster. Alternative, the Religious-Offensive policy (Anti-Heresy Act) offers a powerful bonus (Religious unity.png+20% Religious Unity, Global heretic missionary strength.png+3% Missionary Strength vs Heretic) for a Military power.png-1 monarch point upkeep cost.


The pen is mightier than the sword icon
The pen is mightier than the sword
Have three unions at the same time as Austria.
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